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Germany celebrates Kristallnacht + 4th REICH

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 05:45 AM
* * * New World Order News * * *

Here is a link to an article in today's news. It is mundane news, typical national commemoration events. Only the same country is commemorating 2 things the same day. This can hardly be a coincidence. Especially as the more recent of the 2 events commemorated was a deliberately chosen date. Creating once again the New German Reich was programed on the same day as the Night of Crystal.

Apparently a Nazi continuum was set up in 1943 by Hitler's handler Martin Bohrmann, funding over 700 multinational companies with the huge Nazi war treasure, investing in the military/industrial complex and spreading the 1000 year Reich through corporate globalization.

How wonderful it is indeed that the Vaterland is celebrating today this beautiful double event. After all, the 2 Germanys were separated as a result of the ghastly murderous genocide launched on Kristallnacht. So it stands to reason that this same date was chosen to avenge their temporary failure, or should we call it a light delay in their plans?

For the Kristallnacht can be expected to return, in a new and improved form graciously extended to all peoples in all countries. This special celebration date and the cozy ceremonies surrounding it can maybe become our own new International Holiday, maybe the date upon which next year or shortly thereafter we will officially proclaim the NWO.

Here is the article:

Germany marks shameful history and golden hour on single date

BERLIN (AFP) — The anniversary of one of the most shameful chapters of Germany's turbulent history and one of its most euphoric both fall on Sunday, prompting commemorations and celebrations throughout the

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jewish leaders will gather at Germany's biggest synagogue to pay tribute to the victims of the Kristallnacht pogrom of November 9-10, 1938 and to the miraculous rebirth of Jewish life in recent years.

Because it shares the same date, the fall of the Berlin Wall will also be marked and the victims of communist East Germany remembered at low-key events ahead of the 20th anniversary next year.

The leader of the Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, said she hoped a reminder of the atrocities 70 years ago would rekindle Germans' commitment to tolerance.

"This important day heavy in symbolism is an opportunity to show that Germany is a diverse and vibrant democracy," said Knobloch, who was six on Kristallnacht.

The pogrom, also known as the Night of Broken Glass, saw Nazi thugs plunder Jewish businesses throughout Germany, torch more than 200 synagogues and round up some 30,000 Jewish men for deportation to concentration camps.

Some 90 Jews were murdered in the orgy of violence, whose pretext was the murder of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris by a student, Herschel Grynspan, who sought revenge for the expulsion of his family from Germany with about 15,000 other Polish Jews.

"From that moment on, Jews knew that those who could must save themselves," survivor Betty Alsberg, an 88-year-old who now lives in Israel, told AFP.

The pogrom was a prelude to the Nazis' extermination campaign launched three years later in which they murdered six million Jews.

After national unification in 1990, Germany began accepting Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet states and the country now has one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in the world with some 120,000 members.

The main ceremony Sunday will take place at Berlin's Rykestrasse synagogue, which reopened in August 2007 after a major restoration as a defiant symbol of a Jewish revival in the city where the Holocaust was planned.


posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 05:53 AM
Germany marks shameful history and golden hour on single date


The 1,200-capacity house of worship was one of the few Jewish institutions in Berlin to survive Kristallnacht.

It was only spared because it was between "Aryan" blocks of flats which might have caught fire had the synagogue been firebombed.

But its precious Torah rolls were damaged and rabbis as well as congregation members were seized and deported to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

British violinist Daniel Hope will give a memorial concert Sunday headlined "Do Something!" at Tempelhof Airport, the hub of the Berlin Airlift which closed last month after 85 years.

"'Reichskristallnacht' took place 70 years ago and yet its consequences are still reflected in today's society," said Hope, whose family was forced to flee Berlin and the Nazis.

"Situations that require civil courage, individual or collective, continue to arise, whether it's an individual attack on a defenceless fellow human being or the brutality of groups such as rightwing radical skinheads."
The same evening, a German doctors' association will honour Jewish colleagues who were first stripped of their right to practice medicine and later killed at the camps.

At Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin, a guided tour will recount the story of 6,000 Jews interned there after Kristallnacht.

In Munich, where Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels issued the call for the pogrom, the names of 4,587 Holocaust victims who lived in the city will be read out in public.

And two new synagogues will open, in Goettingen, northern Germany, and in the southern city of Loerrach.

It is a kind attention for those of us who are to succumb to the current wave of the NWO that we can find solace in the remembrance that our sacrifice will not be in vain. The Reich will prevail, and we will be cherished just as are those who took part in the first stage of the Final Solution, not to be confused with the genocides allowing it to take place.

Those in this forum know full well that the Final Solution IS the New World Order, the Thousand Year Reich. The plan is well underway. It is a day to celebrate!


posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 06:56 PM
Here is some additional information regarding the Nazi connection to the NWO.

Many have heard that the former Pope worked at I.G.Farben which was central to the Nazi experimentation and producing gas for the final solution, before reportedly being ex-filtered to Poland by the Vatican, where he settled in for many decades preparing for Rome.

Also, many know that the current Pope, former Nazi youth party member Ratzinger, was ordained on April 19th, 2005 and assumed his office as Pope on Hitler's birthday, April 20th. In an anecdotal coincidence which of course has nothing to do with who is behind the 9/11 attacks, this same Pope visited Ground Zero on Hitler's birthday.




His presence in Rome apparently cleared the way for another leader with ties to the 3rd Reich, also active in advancing the agenda of the 4th one, designed to last a thousand years: Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany.

You will say, which ties to the 3rd Reich? Angela Merkel was admittedly in charge of agitation and propaganda with the Young Communists of Lenin University in East Berlin and is said to have been a Stasi agent, but what does this have to do with WWII Germany?

Angela Merkel is reported to have been born by the artificial insemination of Gretl, Eva Braun's sister with the frozen sperm of Adolph Hitler. She would thus be Hitler's daughter, and recognized legitimate heir to the "Vatican-Paneuropa network" and also to the broader Nazi continuum, launched in Madrid in 1943 and extended by operation Paperclip to many other regions of the world. The former East German secret police Stasi files now in Russian possession show her birth record to be on the 65th birthday of Adolph Hitler, the 20th of April 1954. Yet another coincidence.

Here is a link with more information and revealing pictures which speak for themselves:

Such information sheds new light on the rumor that two key NeoCons in the soon to be former Bush government are also born of such dubious procedures at similar times and parallel circumstances. Namely Dick Cheney whose common characteristics with Heinrich Himmler are quite obvious if you observe the features of the genitor and the offspring at the same ages; and Donald Rumsfeld who from his high school wrestling days all the way to running the Pentagon shows many common traits with a possible paternity from Martin Bormann, Hitler's "handler" and founder of the Nazi continuum's globalized corporate network.

In this light, one understands the advancement to high positions of the Bush family of Nazi sympathizers, lest they actually be German born infiltrators with false identities, which would indeed be in character with the rest of the farce. The joke is on US.

So let's not fail to celebrate this great moment of joyous Nazi commemoration marking the 70th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom of November 9-10, 1938.

We can better realize what exactly is unfolding before us in the movement to unify Europe and then the world under a single political and economic control. It only takes a brief moment of observation to hear the echo of Sieg Heil...

[edit on 9-11-2008 by Getsmart]

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 06:04 AM

Just so that you know, given my militant opposition to the Illuminati Satanists, I have escaped several attempts on my life, and have received warnings posted on the building where I live as well as one found yesterday on the windshield of my car. So if I no longer post here, you can conclude what you may, but in all likelihood there are those who would want my voice silenced. That painted 666 Illuminati Pyramid preceded an attack by a Man in Black who dowsed me with anthrax, requiring treatment by a leading toxicology institute. We shall see whether this latest similar warning bears any significance. Hopefully not, or that this posting will deter them.

Earlier painted warning

This week's snow carved warning

So if you don't hear from me again you'll know what is up and draw your own conclusion as to the relevance of my posts.


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