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Strange Places

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posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 12:29 AM
Recently I've come across some information reguarding a place in Utah... called the Bigelow Ranch. So I thought I might share the info that I've found with the ATS Community... all of the info I found was 2002 and older...

Some reports from UUFOH:

Top of the page to near the bottom... also good for any other paranormal type place:

This 480-acre cattle ranch in central Utah was so plagued by UFOs and other strange phenomena that its one-time owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman, were eager to get rid of it. A willing buyer was found in Las Vegas real estate tycoon Robert T. Bigelow because he was intrigued by the mysterious goings-on. He brought in a team of investigators and set up arrays of surveillance equipment to find out what was taking place. Some have dubbed the ranch "the strangest place on Earth."

Story's surrounding Bigelow:

an Additional Artical:

This is just one of the places that are very strange... then there is La zona del Silencio or what the people in the US Call... the Zone of Silence...

Some information and insite:

There exist a number of "accursed sites" on the surface of our planet. Some of these locations are the sites of gravitational or atmospheric disturbances that still remain unexplained by twentieth century science. Such anomalous areas possess properties which interfere sporadically with humans and their equipment. One area worthy of mention surrounds the Mediterranean island of Elba (famous for being Napoleon's first place of exile), and is the bane of maritime aviation in the Mediterranean; another spot is Mt. Stredohori in Czechoslovakia, where an unknown force drains car engines of power throughout the length of a 75-foot stretch of road.

An additional link:

I think it's safe to say... there are still a lot of things we don't know... is it aliens... is it reptillians? We don't yet know and won't for a while...

Here is a story I heard from a friend about the Zone of Silence summarized:

"The USAF heard about the ZoS (Zone of Silence) they wanted to find out what was going on there... see if there was an underground base. The told the Mexican Government that they had lost a rocket in the Zone... and requested to find it. They allowed the USAF to dig for it. The USAF stayed about 60 days before the Mexican Government asked if they had found it... USAF said no... they were allowed 30 more days and not any longer. They never did find anything at the Zone of Silence... under or above the sand that was out of the ordinary. The classified it one of the most suspicious places they've ever been to."

posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 01:43 AM
go to Kazaa, go to Video Search and type in "UFO Crash", thats a film clip of a UFO crashing in what appears to be the 'Zone of Silence'

posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 02:31 AM
utah and alot of other states in the middle of the country are basically haunted, infested with sightings, or either filled with mothman incidents. you all wonder why, lets just remember all those wars in the u.s and how many people have died on our soil?

posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 04:27 AM
Looks like a great place for the Western USA Chapter of Above Top Secret to hold a get together.

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