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PARA: What You Should Know About Lower Astrals

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by chickenshoes

That's why there is this cool little feature which enables you to save it to a draft so that you can come back at your leisure and work on it untill it is complete. Try it sometime. It works. It saves people from creating multiple posts over an extended period.

And to all of the people who keep using the "gray area defence" Unless I am mistaken, this thread was MOVED to the gray area by a MOD. Not the same.SORRY!

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:05 PM
it sounds like cbass limp towers is as excited to hear the rest of the story as the rest of us and hopefully with cbasses guidance we will be protected enough to understand what he find acceptable

or maybe people like him are quite sucessful at scaring people off by being rude
and wanting to censor and protect full grown adults from harm

besides i sense with my spidy power that he has at least another 20 posts in him

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by cbass

Face it....You want to hear the rest of the story just as bad as anyone else

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by raptorinvictus

I have already addressed that point. Yes I want to hear the rest of the STORY. But that is all it is.... a STORY.
Am I the only one who noticed that under the OPs name it says "writer".
That is something that does not come easily here. YOu have to write alot of "stories" to be considered a "writer".
That may be why the "STORY" she is telling sounds like something out of a novel or piece of literature rather than a first hand account of something terrifying that happened to one of our fellow Atsers.

Come on people. I am not the bad guy here. I have good intentions. Help me help you.I can appreciate this story for what it is, a nice piece of fiction.
If you can do the same it will make my day. But, please don't lay down your head at night thinking that inter-dimensional entities are primed to take over your soul and conquer the world anyday now so you had better arm yourself with the power of light.
It is just a fairytale.
I'll bet you the good guy wins in the end and the guy gets the girl and the black guy dies. Just like every Hollywood movie/screenplay.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by cbass

Yes. You have made your point already. you dont need to repeat yourself after evrey post.
i am not saying you are the bad guy here. If it is fiction just enjoy it.
If it is real no one is going to kill anyone for it.

The fact the thread is in the grey area means that whatever is written here does not have to be true

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by carole9999

Thanks for the reply there. It answers my question well.


posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:41 PM
I have been here for the past hour and a half reading all of your posts and am floored by the intelligence and intuition presented here. I am much less shaky as I feel the support of my fellow light workers.

I chose this forum to post in because it would not have to be picked apart and derailed as I tell you what I have to say.

I have no problem w/ cbass or any others who feel strongly as they are already showing us how this works in the real world. This forum is a microcosum sometimes, a reflection of a larger picture, and this picture is disturbing and yes frightening.

I will continue, I promise. Check back later.

BTW I am still light headed and shaky from the telling. There are forces that would love to stop me from sharing, but if I died right now, there are others who even though they do not realize it are capable of the same ability to close these gates as I am am. I am not alone this I do know.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by antar

Ohh Jesus tapdancing Christ now that's enough.
I want an honest answer to this.
Are you just being melodramatic for effect or are you serious?
Are you telling this story as a peice of fiction or are you suggesting to all of these good people that it is based in reality?
Please answer this as I am serious.
I do not know how to take you at this point.

To me, in my view you are clearly and laughably playing off all of these people emotions and being melodramatic in order to sell the story a little more, and I actually got a chuckle out of your last post.
But, are you actually suggesting that any of this has a basis in reality?
I thought you were just playing around for a minute there, but now I think
that you may actually believe this story yourself.

Master of the New Paradigm

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by cbass
reply to post by antar

To me, in my view you are clearly and laughably playing off all of these people emotions

And to me, you are clearly attempting to do the same but in a different manner.
I hardly think she is playing off of our emotions, I think she is playing off of our similar experiences. I personally dont agree with the perception of it being something scary or things to fear so to speak, but thats just me.

Cbass, go learn to meditate, do this for like a week, when things start happening in your mind that you think are real, you can either shrug it off as insanity, or learn how to harness it so it doesnt shake you from meditation, then read into what it means and learn from it. This is basically what we are talking about here.
OP has obviously opened some inner doors of perception either intentionally or not, either way, it doesnt matter. It is what it is. And even if it is a story, so be it, if you really had your eyes open, you would see what the universe is saying through it, a message applicable to aspects beyond the 3d experience . Love ya cbass.

[edit on 11/9/2008 by psychedeliack]

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:09 PM

Originally posted by cbass
reply to post by antar

Ohh Jesus tapdancing Christ now that's enough.
I want an honest answer to this.
Are you just being melodramatic for effect or are you serious?
Are you telling this story as a peice of fiction or are you suggesting to all of these good people that it is based in reality?
Please answer this as I am serious.
I do not know how to take you at this point.

To me, in my view you are clearly and laughably playing off all of these people emotions and being melodramatic in order to sell the story a little more, and I actually got a chuckle out of your last post.
But, are you actually suggesting that any of this has a basis in reality?
I thought you were just playing around for a minute there, but now I think
that you may actually believe this story yourself.

patience is a virtue my friend. My emotions are not being played off and I don't feel any negativity towards Antar or anyone else.

Syd Barret once said that all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.

To me it seems as if you are missing the point of the message.

There is a battle going on between higher forces and lower forces. Its a struggle for energy and you can see it every time you open your eyes and experience reality. Observe your fellow human beings and you will find that most are disconnected from the universal source of energy. There are quite a few who may appear religious but are actually more concerned with stealing energy and robbing others of it.

It is not so far fetched to realize that there are gates to higher and lower realms.

Even if only a fraction of the story is true, it doesn't seem like that is the point of the OP. To me it reminds me of several different but complimentary lucid dreams I have had in the past.

Already I feel as though I have somehow evolved and that I am lighter than I was before opening and reading this thread. Simply to know that I am not alone in my varied and at times abnormal experiences in life and with multidimensional entities.

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:30 PM
Maybe it is a lack of understanding on my part.
I am confused as to what the op is saying.
Is she saying that she physically had these experiences or is she saying that this is what happens when she meditates?

As with anything, it is less about what you say and more about the delivery.
I don't agree with forecasting doom and gloom. All it serves to do is scare people which can lead to depression and science forbid...suicide.

I mean what if there were someone reading this who was bound and determined not to let the evil, nefarious,sinister,forces behind the thin veil of illusion that we call reality, get him/her or their family so they decided to end it all in a huge murder suicide that leaves the whole family dead? All the while they think they are doing the only thing they can to protect their family from certain doom, and hey,....heaven,nirvana,shambala,70 virgins,mecca or whatever make believe place, waits on the other side, so why not end it all?

It is the doom and gloom aspect that rubs me the wrong way. Only because it can make simple minded people feel helpless and afraid.
Those qualities are not of Love or light.
This isn't exactly a messaage of Love and Hope here people.

So back to my question.
Is this something that happens during meditation or is the op suggesting that she experienced this in everyday waking reality?

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Are you really seriously suddenly surprised that so many people actually can sit and discuss a topic that is being shared that is real like this?
Oh my, you haven't been around a group of women talking about everything from their unusual experiences, dreams, mystical experiences, the problems with the world, and even men, I see!
Not that this conversation is confined to women. But my friends and I, and many others, have freely discussed unusual things for countless years. And you'd never guess who the most enlightened are? Sometimes they are middle class, but the most amazing stories come from
all kinds of poor and struggling women. They are amazingly spiritual and resilient. This story isn't the most unusual I've heard in my times.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:46 PM
As I said things in my life seemed to be going down hill fast, my car broke down and was probably tampered with, I lost my son to my ex husband on trumped up charges, my Mom was told I was doing drugs anonymously and had me set up for intervention which turned out to be untrue and I was not on drugs.

No doubt I was becoming tattered and worn looking, I could barely sleep and the dark underworld seemed to be my only refuge at the time. The last straw was when I lost my job of 3 years from stories which had come to them about me which again were not true. The worst part was that no one would tell me who these anonymous lies came from that they were believed over me to those I loved most.

It became apparent that I was on my own and in all actuality it was best that my loved ones were kept at bay. Far away from my plan to understand what it was I was thrown into and what I was supposed to do.

**I had had many strange and complicated experiences in my life and through those experiences have been given certain insights which are not at all shared by very many others similar to myself.**

The strange man asked me if I would come stay at his estate near the abandoned buildings and caretaker for his Grandparent who was at one time the founder of an elite religion world wide.

I was under some kind of control (survival mode) due to lack of energy and options, I accepted the job offer. I also wanted to try and find out more about the things I had seen as everyone I loved had me almost convinced that I had lost my mind and perhaps I had just imagined the experiences of the past few weeks.

The dark man had changed and become so sweet and kind and soft that I even considered that I had imagined what I saw in his eyes. Wanting just to bury my head in the sand and make believe I was not caught up in a plot so sinister that it shook the very foundation of my soul and of all worldly light.

During the days I continued to care take both the rose gardens and his Grandparent. It was there that I first began to become agoraphobic, and found it harder to leave the premises. All my material needs were met and I had suffered my reputation in the town from vicious rumors to where I had little desire to continue the social life which was once abundant. Old friends would look at me with sideways eyes as if they knew things about me which I was not aware but that would not share.

One afternoon I found myself on the far side of the roses and was attempting to not see what continued to catch my eye, back by the buildings were shadowy figures running back and forth carrying the boxes to the buildings. If I looked directly I saw nothing it was only in my peripheral that I could watch.

That night I woke to the sound of the drills and saws. Stepping out on the porch the strong stench of urine and death filled my senses and fear cradled my chest like a dark omen of what I was about to witness.

Just as the first night again I saw the Giant busy at work in the window of the building, I would see him face pointed down pass by the window and then disappear off to the side of the room where I could not see, only hear him at work.

Shaking with fear I went back inside from the chilled night air and went to check on the Grandparent, entering the dimly lit room found the Grandparent sitting beside a window looking out to the moon.

I asked why are you not asleep and the Grandparent told me "Because I am enjoying the good moon." I asked why do you call it the good moon? And the Grandparent said, "It is always good to see the moon, there could come a time when you will not see it, and you will know that is not good."

I helped the Grandparent back to bed and stepping out of the room remembered I had forgotten to close the window blinds, as I turned to face the blinds they slowly closed on their own!

I asked the following morning how the Grandparent had done that and my answer from the Grandparent was this, "How do you know "I" was the one who closed it?"

The Grandparent rarely if ever spoke, and so the conversation about the curtains was finished. It left me wondering if my intent had closed them or what?

While dusting the fireplace and its decoration sitting on the mantle, I was suddenly shocked by his presence sitting in a an overstuffed arm chair behind me. Smiling at me he stood and went over to the object on the mantel and said "This is my family". It represents who and what we are and the direction we are headed.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by carole9999

"They are below us (relative to 'time' which is illusory in and of itself), though the law of progression assures advancement. Your first line of defense is during an attack--they feed from emotional energy/sexual energy/prana, etc. You are most likely to be targeted when you are dropping down to theta prior to sleep, i.e. unfocused, and they are not only highly telepathic, but can be extremely powerful. Your first line of defense is in realizing when these thoughts are not in your character/personality, etc.--completely foreign to you, at which point you can stop the attack. Astral Dynamics has physical countermeasures which diminish their energy. You must build your own energy (bioenergetic) as well. I have much experience with these, denying their existence is only a limited defense (I was an extremely close-minded debunker for years until events occurred that I could not dismiss). I am an open minded skeptic, and am neither supportive nor dismissive of any experiential event. I have written on these matters extensively on another site, but it is up to each to believe or not based on their research and experience."

This is very insightful, in case anyone is wondering... this illustrates someone with some experience, as I can equally attest. Thanks for the post.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:23 PM
These are the types of posts that make me concerned about just how much I can tell without some very evil repercussions.

That said I will continue, but I will not expose the entire truth at least not in terms of names, dates, organizations and businesses, what is done is done.

Now whomever is prying my third eye region I will ask that you stop as the headache I get is annoying, not real but annoying...

It also gives me vertigo, and I am not telling this so that I can get light headed. I am telling this so that many will be saved the horrors of the agenda. You know this can be thwarted and so do I.

Lower astrals are streaming in even as I write, they and their plan for the higher light beings will not succeed, look into the future.

It is of the highest and most respected orders that have the most to loose, I ask that you continue to send your light and love.

There are forces that are on to me now and do not want me to finish. We are stronger, and we will win. Light will over come the dark and they will not have this earthly plane for very much longer, they are scrambling to gain, but they are consuming their own chance like a snake who eats his own tail to quench the hunger in his belly.

They may have this plane, not this planet, once we move into the higher realms, not before.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:47 PM
He reached over with genuine love to the object on the mantel, stroked it gently and said again, "This is my family." I said, your family is an antique oil tanker? He said, "The name on the tanker, the name."

"It's just an average German name as far as I know right?" He seemed irritated at my ignorance. In all reality I had heard the name before, of course I had...

Again he reminded me of what organization his Father had worked for in his lifetime, as if testing my conspiracy tendencies or perhaps to invoke any paranoia about that which few understand. I was not there to ask questions, not yet anyway and I honestly did not trust this man, not a single word he had to say. I felt like a rat in a cage, being taunted and teased by the caretaker. He announced that the man I had fallen in love with was moving in too and walked away.

I watched from the kitchen windows as 'he' moved into one of the carriage houses beyond the main house. My heart sunk each time I saw him walk past with his few belongings. I had to find out more about him, I had to know why he had such a strong hold on my heart, my body my senses.

His scent was enough to render me helpless, as I took the sandwiches and drink out to him at the carriage house. Something about the way he smelled was like a mother with a newborn, it was like the smell of pure prana, of the divine, or at least that was my interpretation...

He told me that he was not to be with me anymore. I somehow knew that he was also in love with me, or at least what ever the energy equivalent in the lower astrals was. I knew he was a higher demon of some kind, one that had unfortunately stolen my love for a more deviant and dark purpose than I suspected at the present. He would never eat in front of me, but when I returned for the plates I would take him they would be empty. He did not thank, just ignored. He especially loved sweets...

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:49 PM
I have to agree with cbass, this is only a story. Now, I might actually be more inclined to believe it, if the author didn't claim to be a writer. Writers do not relate personal experiences in this stilted manner.

Look at some of the lines, and ask yourself who relates a personal experience like this:

With head aching slightly and heart pounding I sit down to write what I have seen while being next to one of the many gates here on the planet which are normally guarded and in places so remote and inconspicuous that most would never venture to find or even know where they were if they did not as myself by chance stumble next to one at just the right time of day to see it.

Wouldn't you write something like this instead?

"My head aches and my heart is pounding, but I am going to write what I have seen in my experiences with these gates. From what I understand, these gates are normally guarded and located in places so remote and inconspicuous, that most would never stumble upon them."

The style is all wrong for relating a personal experience. Here are some other statements that I find problematic:

Being an outdoor adventurer in my younger days I happened upon a place where one bright and sunny afternoon I spied some crates in the back of an old abandoned set of buildings.

In my youth, I ventured outdoors often alone. One afternoon, I came across some crates in the back of an old abandoned building.

Have you ever used the term "spied" when writing a personal account?

Other statements which don't ring true to a first person account of a genuine experience:

strange looking man appeared with piercing dark eyes

He spoke softly and with a quiet sort of gentle voice

I realized that again my eyes had deceived me

my senses were on heightened alert as I said my goodbyes and left

You would expect more statements like, "I saw"; or, "I heard"; maybe, "I had seen the crates there earlier, but now they were gone."

These are not first person experiences, which tend toward how a person felt, what they observed or experienced. There are many conclusions drawn which this person wouldn't know:

He had an easy going demeanor -- how would you know this in spending five minutes with the guy?

They turned out to be most probably the barrier between realities sort of like a safe zone. They kept not only prying eyes away from what I had discovered but there was a definite feeling or sense of safety when I was near them. Note the author doesn't say, "I concluded that they were probably some sort of barrier. . . to keep others from discovering them."

My eyes went huge as I stared at his pittiful broken and bruised cheeks, swollen eyes and dirty greasy blood dried hair and face. C'mon, "my eyes went huge?" Try, "I was shocked to see. . ."

he stepped out with a cheshire grin on his morbid face. But wait, wasn't he merely "strange looking" before, "with an easy going demeanor"?

He looked like a vampire in the moment, hungry for my flesh or wose yet my soul. His eyes became inhuman looking, red around the outside, yellowish and sick on the inside untill slowly they faded into a bottomless pit of mirror like quality.

I don't mean to criticize the author, but the story needs work. I could probably post more, but I won't. This really needs to be labeled as FICTION, otherwise, it would seem to violate the T&C in that it is purposely trying to deceive others.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:54 PM
i fear no gates
show to me the entrance and i shall step through

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by antar

I have a serious question which I would like answered.
I want to know if you have ever had a mental health evaluation.
It is not a joke and I am not making fun of you.
I think that I would be benefitial to at least get a mental health evaluation by a professional.
In this country,USA, It is very rare for a man to get full custody of a child unless the mother has SERIOUS issues. The courts almost always side with the woman.
There has to be some very serious accusations against you for you to have lost a child to an ex-husband.
This coupled with the fact that your own mother is accusing you of drug abuse which is a very serious accusation, and co-workers making up stories about you that leads to you getting fired from a job.
These are all warning signs.
Not warning signs that evil,sinister,nafarious forces are hellbent on destroying your soul or trying to conquer the planet throught he use of "gates" which only you can see.

No, these are warning signs of delusional paranoia, or Schitzophrenia.
It would be interesting to see what a psychiatrist has to say.

Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?
Have you ever seen a mental health professional?
Will you even answer these questions?

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 04:02 PM
Antar, thank you so much for sharing everything you have. I would love to learn as much from you as possible.

Is anyone else getting the idea cbass is a dis-info agent? Somehow this dude has had the time to sit here, all day and night, and wait and monitor for any post.....
If he does not like your thread, why does he keep coming back with a strong need to make it sound as though Antar is mentally ill? He's someone's agent... Or something. .. I am so confused.

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