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JFK Jr Parentage Question

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posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 09:10 PM
Several years ago, me and a co-worker looked at this newspaper article featuring the Kennedy Clan and we remarked that JFK Jr. really didn't look very much like his dad, or his other sibings for that matter. In fact, he looked much more like Aristotle Onassis than JFK. In fact--JFK Jr. looked like a Greek God. The hair. The face. This was not the typical "Kennedy" look.

We got all "X-Files" about this and started doing internet research and photo comparisons and so co-worker even called "Star Magazine" at one point--needess to say, we had a lot of time on our hands at the job. But it was an exciting, paranoid 2 days.

Is it possible that JFK Jr. could have been the secret son of Ari Onassis? There was a period of time before she had John-John that she went on vacation on Ari's boat, to get over depression--they were friends way before they got married. And remember, didn't Jackie O. say she had a sealed document regarding a deep dark family secret that she won't have opened until like 90 years after her death or something? I mean no disrespect to JFK Jr w/this--if he was indeed Ari's boy he got some helluva great attractive Greek genes.

I realize that this might be the totally bogus mind-wanderings from refugees of a Kevin Smith movie, but what do you all think?

Compare photos:
Ari O

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