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Anyone else notice Obama's tone today @ 1st Press Conference?

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by Jazzyguy

I wrote a post exactly on the comment you made. But it went over like a dud. No one seemed to care. Anyway, I agree with you.

Here's the link in case you're interested:

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by whitewave

It is funny that you say that about bush leaving him with the bag.

Apparently bush has bought 99,000 acres in paraguay and is
looking to not be around when the 1 quadrillion USD derivatives
mess totally blows up and makes 1929 look like a picnic.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by Jazzyguy

Originally posted by whitewave
That or he finally realized that he was put in power to be the fall guy.

He's not the fall guy, it's just if he "fails" than other people of color will also fail along with him. The burden is heavy with him. This is what's most of european descents never considered.

What??? If he fails it is because he took on more than he could handle!...Other people of color fall with him? What kind of # is that?!?

Playing the "Race" card when you have nothing better to say is keeping right in-step with the "minority" mentality...You do know he's half white don't you? Do you think if he fails as president that will cause derogatory standings for all Milato Peoples...or how about whites?...

Give me a break!!!

Whitewave may be on to something-Obama is getting handed a bag of feces and being told it's ALL his...

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 04:13 AM
I thought the same thing, that he was out of character and looked disturbed, less confident altogether. From there I thought, maybe because during the upgraded CIA briefings he found out about the existence of aliens and every other government secret. But then I thought ... we can't really expect him to speak in the same way as president as he did during his campaign speeches right? I mean for the most part anyway.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 06:10 PM
This was an unusual election, for an unusual time in history. At any other given moment in the last 30 years things weren't too bad. This time though, look at what the WINNER of the election gets. He gets to clean up America in one of the worst messes it has been in since ... welll, who knows. A long time. Maybe that reality finally just settled in and that look and tone just means "Oh, s**t what have I gotten myself into?"

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 07:01 AM
Jazzy Guy,

Im with Daddy Max and White Wave on this.

From early on this thread...Page 1.

He's not the fall guy, it's just if he "fails" than other people of color will also fail along with him. The burden is heavy with him. This is what's most of european descents never considered.

I actually think he knows exactly who's the real power, the same power that makes him the president. I think he's just a little bit disillusioned, seeing how daunting the task really is, and how he has to help and cooperate with the people he disdains.

What nonsense. This man is the President Elect of all Americans not just people of colour. Contrary to what is posted by our very Whorish and Tabloid like news media...there are Many Many of us Americans who know this....and we are not all just of European decent.

Something else for you to know...Leadership..real leadership is not just something one learns in a pre spoon fed college courses...with pat mantras issued by some college professor with certain letters or degrees. IF these people/teachers/professors were that good teaching these college courses they would be in positions of leadership ...not in the cheap seats...which is precisely what our media often seats. No different than many college professors.

Obama is no martyr here. Many a president elect or up and coming leader of a country has found that the real deal is not what is taught in colleges and universities...nor what is spoken in the idealistic media..same as colleges. In the long colour is not going to get it here.

And No...I don't think so called leaders elect...really know who or what is the real power in politics. Politics is a very occult...meaning hidden concealed business...religion if you like. I know of two local leaders in state government who only served one term as a local representative in the state legislatures. They were shocked to learn of the extent to which certain groups would go to insure that certain legislation got passed or not passed. These people were happy to serve their terms and get out ...of office. They were no longer interested in remaining in office in order to sell the souls of hard working peoples to gain power and control for others.

This is obvious to what happened to Winston Spencer Churchill. The powers that be used him to win the war...wrote books for and about him..but when the war was over and he ran for office again...he was rejected. It is obvious to me that Winston Churchill knew to much about the dirty laundry of who was in real power behind the scenes. They wanted someone in office who was more easily malleable, controllable,..not someone who knew to much about them...someone new and more ...inexperienced.

Even John Kennedy made statements to this effect once he was sworn in..about how much real power..the President did not have.

And yes..I am with Whitewave on this ..I think President Elect Obama is the fall guy for what is coming. When it comes the rest of the people will be long gone and their positions secure....while everyone else is floundering.

This job is going to require real Leadership..not political posturing...or slick campaign rhetoric..but leadership. This is going to eliminate most of what passes for politicians today and also most of our whorish media and educational system. No difference in these and politicians.

If all one has is a race chip on ones is going to show up not having leadership potential. Even the dumbest American can figure this out.

The question in my mind and soul how many souls of people in America and around the world...will Obama wind up selling for power order and instruction of his controllers. Just like so many Presidents before him?

Souls...Jazzyguy..not race..but souls.

Area 51,
Interesting post you have linked on this page. I read it and am considering. I think with the state of corruption of this and other positions of leadership People like Ron Paul don't stand a chance in a rigged system. I personally like Ron Paul and much for which he believes and stands.
It is also obvious that the nature of the corruption/whoredom/ignorance being promoted in this country is rigged by the whorish media shilling for a fixed and corrupted two party system.
Like Martin Luther..back in the middle ages...change could not come from within the system ..once corrupted to the extent as was the Roman Catholic system. The corrupted system needed to be overthrown or another system set Exodus from the existing corrupt system. Either way one winds up with a new system...contingent on the concept that one gets real leaders....Leadership....not hack politicians who can only set up another version of the olde corrupt system. Martin Luther chose to Exodus.
Notice this is not what one reads in most history books but it is obvious that this is what happened.
This is one of the functions of leadership...real leadership...something we have not seen in this country for some time. This is also why people like Ron Paul will never be elected...they are not sufficiently malleable and controllable to the corrupt system currently in place. People like Ron Paul are not willing to sell the souls of so many people as is being currently done in this corrupted whorish system. I also think Ron Paul knows this ..but the media/education will not sufficiently cover it or let the public know.


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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:44 PM
In my opinion, i would venture to guess that he just found out the reasons why congressman murtha is annually identified as the major source of corruption in washington year after year; yet he is never charged,indicted or prosecuted for anything.
Could be related to charlie wilson and gust avrakotos and some missing suitcase nukes and anthrax. and 911 and al qaeda, and so on.
But then it could be related to china and the w88 missle tech sold to china by -ahem- during the clinton years. now that china is holding trillions of dollars worth of US debt bonds, they can collect hundreds of billions a year in interest and fund their defense industries. we can have anew arms race - american taxpayers can fund americas defense budget of 500 billion a year, and chinas 3or 400 billion a year defense budget with interest bearing debt bonds.

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