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A New Angle on the JFK Assassination

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by Oldnslo
reply to post by fmcanarney

started in early 1930's with Fascist's attempt to overthrow FDR and finally succeeded November 22, 1963. On January 20, 2009, debt owed by PTB, for that action, will have been faithfully fulfilled. book will be closed as we now step into new era of Obama.

insightful reply & your entire post (reinforced by WTC/911, which was also orchestrated by interlocking directorate of NWO one-world-government one-world-currency private owners of Fed/City of London/Bundesbank in an ongoing financial coup against publicly owned U.S. Treasury.) Actually, we already do in effect have a one-world currency, it's just represented by a lot of different currencies and arbitrage -- central bankers are in control of much of world,

Here's a fellow that advised Hitler and Roosevelt at same time:

note:Burnham comments on DeMohrenshieldt.
“Abraham Zapruder …White Russian affiliation …32nd degree Mason …also, active member of two CIA proprietary organizations, Dallas Council on World Affairs, and, Crusade for a Free Europe. Membership of these two CIA-backed domestic operations in Dallas included ...Abraham Zapruder …Clint Murchison, owner of Dallas Cowboys at that time …Mr. Byrd owner of Texas School Book Depository …Sarah Hughes, who swore LBJ in as 36th President while Air Force One was still on ground in Dallas …George DeMohrenschildt, CIA contract agent and best friend of Lee Harvey Oswald …George Bush close friend of George DeMohrenschildt …Neil Mallon, mentor Bush named his son, Neil, after …H.L. Hunt …and, Sergei’s brother, Demitri Von Mohrenschildt.
“In 1953 & 1954, a woman named Jeanne LeGon worked side-by-side with Abraham Zapruder at Nardis of Dallas, a fashion design firm. Jeanne LeGon designed clothing, Abraham Zapruder cut patterns & material.
“Abraham Zapruder’s obituary mis-states date he left Nardis of Dallas, incorrectly citing 1949. correct year was 1959 …the same year his design partner Jeanne LeGon became known as Jeanne LeGon DeMohrenschildt, she married Lee Oswald’s best friend, to-be CIA contract agent, rabid anti-Communist Sergei ‘George’ DeMohrenshieldt.
“Lyndon Baines Johnson’s personal secretary, Marie Fehmer, who flew back to Washington on Air Force 1 with LBJ on Nov. 22, 1963, was daughter of Olga Fehmer, who also worked at Nardis of Dallas, with Abraham Zapruder and Jean LeGon DeMohrenschildt.
“Abraham Zapruder's co-worker, Jeanne LeGon and husband Sergei DeMohrenschildt introduced Lee Oswald to daughter of one of Sergei DeMohrenschildt’s close friends, Ruth Paine. Ruth Paine's husband, Michael, whose step-father, Arthur Young worked with Lyndon Baines Johnson’s personal pilot, Joseph Mashman, to develop Bell Helicopter of Fort Worth, Texas … was employed by Bell at time of assassination. About 4,500 Bell helicopters were shot down in Viet Nam, Bell’s stockholders made a fortune replacing them.
“Sep. 1976, Sergei DeMohrenschildt was subjected to nine electro-shock treatments at Parkland Hospital under orders given by Doctor DeLoach …first cousin of FBI Assistant Director Cartha ‘Deke’ DeLoach. DeMohrenschildt’s doctor of record’, Dr. Mendoza, ordered administration of intravenous drugs on DeMohrenschildt being committed to Parkland Hospital for mental problems’ but, it was DeLoach that ordered electro-shock therapy. This occurred when George Bush was Director of Central Intelligence …and, within weeks of DeMohrenschildt having written a manuscript, entitled, I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy! …which named names of various CIA and FBI personnel who framed Oswald to cover their tracks in JFK’s assassination.
Mar. 29, 1977... day DeMohrenschildt agreed to be interviewed by House Select Committee on Assassinations, Sergei DeMohrenschildt was found by his daughter, Alexandra ... dead of a shotgun blast through his mouth. His death was ruled a suicide.
Jeanne consented to a press interview. She said Sergei had once been a Nazi spy.
Robert Grodin and Harrison Livingston researched Baron DeMohrenshieldt.
“DeMohrenshieldt’s wife told Jim Marrs, a Dallas reporter, ‘He must have still harbored guilt feelings about his work for Germans during World War II, because he told me, ‘It’s Jews, they’ve caught up with me,’” Grodin said.
In 1964, a CIA report states, ‘Alexandra was being monitored by CIA’s James Jesus Angleton because she was having an affair with Mohammed al Fayed shortly after JFK assassination.’ James Jesus Angleton’s name is signed at bottom of that 41 page report. Under his signature is that of CIA asset, Jane Roman. Roman was CIA agent who record shows was charged with monitoring movements of Lee Harvey Oswald for two months preceding assassination.
“Sergei DeMohrenschildt was business partners with Mohammed al Fayed and Clamar J. Charles in Haiti …while working for Clint Murchison’s Haitian interests. He also worked for Murchison’s, Three States Oil & Gas,”
After WWII, Martin, Chief of U.S.A. Justice Department Economic Warfare Section …terrified that General Motors, DuPont, & rest of Warburg financial group ... had organized failed coup d’état against President Roosevelt

Now we see GM, who owns half of toyota, going for a bailout.
coincidence or conspiracy? …reign of Hitler & Roosevelt same …March 1933 to April 1945.

Great Depression beginning in October 1929, caused collapse of world financial system. Millions of people throughout world thrown out of work & faced prospect of starvation.... This "Federal" Reserve Bank engineered financial collapse [Great Depression] gave Roosevelt opportunity to usurp power in U.S....and Hitler used same crisis to become Führer in Germany. The New Deal or "new economic order" not creature of classical liberalism. It creature of corporate socialism. Big business as reflected in Wall Street strived for state order in which they could control industry & eliminate competition, & this heart of FDR's New Deal. General Electric, for example, prominent in both Nazi Germany & New Deal. German General Electric prominent financier of Hitler & Nazi Party, & A.E.G. also financed Hitler both directly & indirectly through Osram. International General Electric in New York major participant in ownership & direction of both A.E.G. & Osram. Gerard Swope, Owen Young, & A. Baldwin of General Electric in United States directors of A.E.G. However, story does not stop at General Electric & financing of Hitler in 1933.
In previous book, Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution, author identified role of General Electric in Bolshevik Revolution & geographic location of American participants as at 120 Broadway, New York City; executive offices of General Electric also at 120 Broadway. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt working in Wall Street, his address also 120 Broadway. In fact, Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, FDR Foundation, located at 120 Broadway. prominent financial backer of an early Roosevelt Wall Street venture from 120 Broadway Gerard Swope of General Electric. & it "Swope's Plan" that became Roosevelt's New Deal — fascist plan that Herbert Hoover unwilling to foist on United States. In brief, both Hitler's New Order & Roosevelt's New Deal backed by same industrialists & in content quite similar — i.e., they both plans for corporate state.

both corporate & individual bridges between FDR,s America & Hitler's Germany. first bridge American I.G. Farben, American affiliate of I.G. Farben, largest German corporation. On board of American I.G. sat Paul Warburg, of Bank of Manhattan & Federal Reserve Bank of New York. second bridge between International General' Electric, wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company & its partly owned affiliate in Germany, A.E.G. Gerard Swope, who formulated FDR's New Deal, chairman of I.G.E. & on board of A.E.G. third "bridge" between Standard Oil of New Jersey & Vacuum Oil & its wholly owned German subsidiary, Deutsche-Amerikanisehe Gesellschaft. chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey Walter Teagle, of Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He trustee of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Georgia Warm Springs Foundation & appointed by FDR to key administrative post in National Recovery Administration.

These corporations deeply involved in both promotion of Roosevelt's New Deal & construction of military power of Nazi Germany. Putzi Hanfstaengl's role in early days, up to mid-1930s anyway, an informal link between Nazi elite & White House. After mid-1930s, when world set on course for war, Putzis importance declined — while American Big Business continued to be represented through such intermediaries as Baron Kurt von Schroder attorney Westrick, & membership in Himmler's Circle of Friends.
Rockefeller & Morgan
Before WWI, financial & business structure of U.S dominated by two conglomerates: Standard Oil, or Rockefeller enterprise, & Morgan complex

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 03:40 PM
Great, great information! Here's some food for thought:

Allen Dulles dubbed it Operation Sunrise. He mounted it from his walk-up office in Bern, Switzerland, where, since 1942, he had maintained contact with key nazis. Operation Sunrise was conceived when these nazis decided, in the face of defeat, that they preferred to surrender to the Americans and British. The agreement, which double-crossed the Russians, was signed April 29, 1945.

The principle negotiator on the German side was SS Commander Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy. Wolff acted with full authority, for he was formerly chief of Heinrich Himmler's personal staff. Wolff’s relationship with Dulles spared him from the dock at Nuremberg, but when it was later discovered that he had dispatched "at least" 300,000 Jews to the Treblinka death camp he was handed a token sentence. In 1983 Wolff made the social pages when he and some of his old SS buddies sojourned on the late Hermann Goering's yacht Carin II of Hamburg. The skipper was Gert Heidemann, an avowed Hamburg nazi. The yacht belonged to the widow, Emmy Goering, whose estate attorney was the celebrated Melvin Belli. Belli has always had an eclectic clientele. He represented Jack Ruby after he shot Oswald. And he represented actor Errol Flynn's family interests. Flynn (once a close friend of Ronald Reagan) has been identified as having collaborated with the Gestapo.

When Wolff hammered out the secret surrender terms with Dulles, he had in the back of his mind a safe diaspora for his nazi compatriots. This is where the OSS, William Donovan and the sovereign state of the Vatican came in. "Wild Bill" Donovan was top dog in the OSS. Shortly before the Germans overran Europe, Father Felix Morlion, a papal functionary, had set up a Vatican intelligence organization called Pro Deo in Lisbon. When the U.S. entered the war Donovan moved Morlion lock, stock and barrel to New York and opened a sizeable bank account for him to draw on. The priest founded the American Council for International Promotion of Democracy Under God, on 60th Street. In the same building is the office of William Taub, whose name popped up during the Watergate affair. Taub is well-known as a wide-ranging middleman for such powerful figures as Nixon, Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis and Jimmy Hoffa, and his behind-the-scenes maneuvers were invaluable to Nixon in his 1960 run at the presidency. Taub was especially close to Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviania of the Holy See, who arranged Mussolini's 1929 "donation" of $89 million to the Vatican to ensure its neutrality with Mussolini and Hitler. The money went into a special fund in the Vatican Bank, and after the war part of it was entrusted to "God's Banker" Michele Sindona for investment. Sindona channeled a good chunk of it to the Nixon campaign.

When Rome was liberated in 1944 Morlion and Pro Deo relocated there. In recognition of Donovan's good works on behalf of Pro Deo, Pope Plus XII knighted him with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester. And before he flew off to Washington to cut his deal with the CIA, Reinhard Gehlen received the Sovereign Military Order of Malta award from the Pontiff. So did James Jesus Angleton, a Donovan operative in Rome who became the CIA's chief of counterintelligence.

For Dulles, Operation Sunset was a personal triumph, one that set in motion his rise to the top of the intelligence heap. In 1963, by virtue of that position, he became the CIA's representative on the Warren Commission.

The connections to Watergate through Traub are fascinating, because two of the tramps on the train in Dealey Plaza have been identified as E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, both involved in Watergate. I believe this is the key to unraveling the question of who was the true shooter team that day.

(continued below)

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 03:53 PM

Both Sturgis and Hunt were members of Operation 40, a project initiated by Allen Dulles to over-throw Castro. This project was headed by Richard Nixon

A quote from Sturgis on the function of 40:

""this assassination group would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members who were suspected of being foreign agents... We were concentrating strictly in Cuba at that particular time."

Due to its role in the Bay of Pigs, the members of this group would have had contact with the Clay Shaw/Guy Banister/David Ferrie/Oswald circle, as they acted a CIA recruiting front. After Bay of Pigs, Operation 40 was brought under the control of the JM WAVE CIA station in Miami, under the supervision of Ted Shackley. Here it became known as his "secret team".

According to Shackley's friend Carl E. Jenkins, this team was the one that assassinated JFK!

Evidence for this is supported several years later when JM WAVE/Operation 40 member David Morales was present at the RFK murder in 1968. His lawyer quoted him as saying:

""I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard"

As the Vietnam war flourished, Shackley and his secret team made their way to Laos, where they helped establish the Golden Triangle heroin trade.

Shackley also brought others into his drug operation. This included Richard L. Armitage, a US Navy official based in Saigon's US office of Naval Operations, and Major General Richard Secord. According to Daniel Sheehan: “From late 1973 until April of 1975, Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines and Richard Armitage disbursed, from the secret, Laotian-based, Vang Pao opium fund, vastly more money than was required to finance even the highly intensified Phoenix Project in Vietnam. The money in excess of that used in Vietnam was secretly smuggled out of Vietnam in large suitcases, by Richard Secord and Thomas Clines and carried into Australia, where it was deposited in a secret, personal bank account (privately accessible to Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines and Richard Secord). During this same period of time between 1973 and 1975, Theodore Shackley and Thomas Clines caused thousands of tons of US weapons, ammunition, and explosives to be secretly taken from Vietnam and stored at a secret "cache" hidden inside Thailand."
This money, with the help of Raphael Quintero, found its way into the Nugan Hand Bank in Sydney. The bank was founded by Michael Hand, a CIA operative in Laos and Frank Nugan an Australian businessman.
Saigon fell to the NLF in April, 1975. The Vietnam War was over. Richard Armitage was dispatched by Shackley, from Vietnam to Tehran. In Iran, Armitage, set up a secret "financial conduit" inside Iran, into which secret Vang Pao drug funds could be deposited from Southeast Asia. According to Daniel Sheehan: “The purpose of this conduit was to serve as the vehicle for secret funding by Shackley's "Secret Team," of a private, non-CIA authorized "Black" operations inside Iran, disposed to seek out, identify, and assassinate socialist and communist sympathizers, who were viewed by Shackley and his "Secret Team" members to be "potential terrorists" against the Shah of Iran's government in Iran. In late 1975 and early 1976, Theodore Shackley and Thomas Clines retained Edwin Wilson to travel to Tehran, Iran to head up the "Secret Team" covert "anti-terrorist" assassination program in Iran.”

(continued below)

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 04:01 PM

Following this, Shackley's team members became involved in Iran-Contra, starting with October Surprise:

Three weeks after Buckley’s disappearance, President Ronald Reagan signed the National Security Decision Directive 138. This directive was drafted by Oliver North and outlined plans on how to get the American hostages released from Iran and to “neutralize” terrorist threats from countries such as Nicaragua. This new secret counterterrorist task force was to be headed by Shackley’s old friend, General Richard Secord. This was the beginning of the Iran-Contra deal.
Talks had already started about exchanging American hostages for arms. On 30th August, 1985, Israel shipped 100 TOW missiles to Iran. On 14th September they received another 408 missiles from Israel. The Israelis made a profit of $3 million on the deal.
In October, 1985, Congress agreed to vote 27 million dollars in non-lethal aid for the Contras in Nicaragua. However, members of the Ronald Reagan administration decided to use this money to provide weapons to the Contras and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.
The following month, Shackley traveled to Hamburg where he met General Manucher Hashemi, the former head of SAVAK’s counterintelligence division at the Atlantic Hotel. Also at the meeting on 22nd November was Manuchehr Ghorbanifar. According to the report of this meeting that Shackley sent to the CIA, Ghorbanifar had “fantastic” contacts with Iran.
At the meeting Shackley told Hashemi and Ghorbanifar that the United States was willing to discuss arms shipments in exchange for the four Americans kidnapped in Lebanon. The problem with the proposed deal was that William Francis Buckley was already dead (he had died of a heart-attack while being tortured).
Shackley recruited some of the former members of his CIA Secret Team to help him with these arm deals. This included Thomas Clines, Rafael Quintero, Ricardo Chavez and Edwin Wilson of API Distributors. Also involved was Carl E. Jenkins and Gene Wheaton of National Air. The plan was to use National Air to transport these weapons.
In May 1986 Wheaton told William Casey, director of the CIA, about what he knew about this illegal operation. Casey refused to take any action, claiming that the agency or the government were not involved in what later became known as Irangate.
Wheaton now took his story to Daniel Sheehan, a left-wing lawyer. Wheaton told him that Tom Clines and Ted Shackley had been running a top-secret assassination unit since the early 1960s. According to Wheaton, it had begun with an assassination training program for Cuban exiles and the original target had been Fidel Castro.

Clearly, Shackley's "Secret Team" fits the bill for being the teams to assassinate JFK. This is supported by Sturgis and Hunt being present in the Plaza that day. Here is a quote from Gene Wheaton, who was involved in Iran-Contra:

"They felt that the government had betrayed them and that they were the real heroes in this country and that the government became their enemy. In the late 70s, in fact, after Gerry Ford lost the election in ’76 to Jimmy Carter, and then these guys became exposed by Stansfield Turner and crowd for whatever reason ... there were different factions involved in all this stuff, and power plays ... Ted Shackley and Vernon Walters and Frank Carlucci and Ving West and a group of these guys used to have park-bench meetings in the late 70s in McClean, Virginia so nobody could overhear they conversations. They basically said, "With our expertise at placing dictators in power," I’m almost quoting verbatim one of their comments, "why don’t we treat the United States like the world’s biggest banana republic and take it over?" And the first thing they had to do was to get their man in the White House, and that was George Bush."

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 06:29 PM
sorry somehow my post ended up here ...very odd.

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:06 PM
Whew. More great info, OP and counterterrorist!!! Extremely well written.

OP, in reading the link on your last post, I ran across this and thought it should be pointed out. It's something I did not know but has, and surely will, have relevence in the next administration.

Le Cercle is where the above listed Pilgrims Society member Paul Volcker re-enters the picture. As newly appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve System, a position Carter picked for him after having been advised by David Rockefeller and Robert Vincent Roosa (Rhodes scholar; trained Volcker and other at NY Fed; partner in Brown Brothers Harriman; Pilgrims Society; frequent Bilderberg attendee; founding member and secretary Trilateral Commission; director CFR; Atlantic Council; Atlantic Institute of International Affairs; chair Brookings Institution; vice-chair Rockefeller Foundation; governor United Nations Association)

The implications of this association with Brown Brothers Harriman, considering their sordid partners and their past activities, leaves me with much to ponder. It also answers questions I've thought about for years. The Reagan Administrations attempt to replace Volker as Fed Chairman is the first one to come to my mind.

In the last week, his name has been brought up in idle chatter about possible members of the Obama Administration!! The Fed Chairman again? Treasury?

Hopefully the OP or counterterrorist have more insight into this connection and its efffect on our recent past and our future. They are much better writers.

This thread deserves applause awards. Doesn't get much better.

Edited for a : on my

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:48 PM

Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won the endorsement of former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

I mentioned Paul Volcker a couple of times at a thread on the Carlyle Group and 9/11 ( ) which dove-tails this thread perfectly.

Paul Volcker, with his connections to the Pilgrim Society, Federal Reserve, and Le Cercle, also worked for the Barrick Gold Corporation. Barrick was founded by Adnan Khashoggi, who is an international arms dealer who got his start funding Osama Bin Laden. He was also involved in BCCI and worked in Iran-Contra. Another employee of Barrick was Paul Desmarais, whose compay, Total, made oil deals with Saddam Huessein. Why did this connection never come to light when the government was scrambling for connections between Saddam and Bin Laden? Because Desmarais worked for the Carlyle Group with George Bush Jr (other Carlyle Group members include Frank Carlucci, who also worked for Wackenhut, and Shafig Bin Laden. He was in a meeting with Carlyle in New York the morning of September 11th), and George Bush Sr. worked at Barrick!

This mention of the Carlyle Group also leads to the current administration:
Carlyle Group also counted Alan Gotlieb. Gottlieb's wife, Sandra, sat on the board of directors of Hollinger, which runs the Sun-Times Media Group. Other directors include Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Conrad Black (Conrad Black and Kissinger created a company called Trireme Partner LLP, a member of which is Richard Perle. Perle had a huge influence over the Bush administration, and is a friend of Barrick founder Khashoggi), and Zbigniew Brzezinski, which initiated the funding of the Mujaheddin to fight the Soviets. Look at these quotes from him:

"This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government. National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept."

"Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, we may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat."

Volcker, Brzezinski, and Kissinger all also worked for RAND. Take a look at this thread:

Now check this out:

WASHINGTON — Senator Obama is standing by one of his top foreign policy advisers, Zbigniew Brzezinski, despite concerns that aligning with the former aide to President Carter will undermine Mr. Obama's support with the pro-Israel community.

And this:

A former US national security adviser says President-elect Barack Obama may be tested by terrorists after he takes office on Jan. 20.

"I think that Obama has shown that he is very calm, very rational and very deliberate in his approach to issues and I think if he is tested he will respond cogently and rationally and effectively," said Brzezinski.

Brzezinski added that changing the substance of US policies is not as easy as it sounds and Obama may be incapable of bringing a 'dramatic change' to Washington.

Perhaps the Military Industrial Complex uses false flag terrorist operations to keep presidents on a short lease?

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:19 PM
Here's a link to the low down on JFK vs. The Fed, as I have always understood it...

Also, it is well known that JFK went up against Big Steel in a showdown that had the steel owners fuming.

So, you have The Fed, Big Oil, Big Steel, all p.o.'d and then all the machinations brilliantly provided on this thread.

Yeah, Operation 40... right on. The same black ops who had been in secret training to knock off Castro were probably on-the-scene in a big way.

My hunch 'though is that yes, the tramps were E. Howard Hunt, Sturgis and Harrellson, but my hunch is that they were as tramps, visual decoys to divert attention from "badge man", one of the escorting officers toting a 12 gauge that fired a slug or "sabot" round from picket fence area. That phony cop could have trotted over to the freight car where the "tramps" were and then when another phony cop joined them, they could then parade right through Dealey Plaza without much suspicion. They all could have just walked right out of the hornet's nest and dispersed.

Open question... have the tramps' escort cops EVER been identified?

Another hunch... daddy Bush was OSS in WWII and post-war, a career CIA covert op until going public as CIA chief. I also think Ruby may have been OSS. I read somewhere that the only record of a Jack Rubenstein in the military during WWII was a record of an "Army Air Corps Mechanic"... daddy Bush was Army Air Corps. Funny how the word "mechanic" is a mob term for a hit man, which is what Ruby, as we all know, was quite efficient as when called upon!

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 02:34 PM

Open question... have the tramps' escort cops EVER been identified?

Excellent question! I don't remember any mention of them in any of the books I've read, but we should attempt to track this down.

Another hunch... daddy Bush was OSS in WWII and post-war, a career CIA covert op until going public as CIA chief. I also think Ruby may have been OSS. I read somewhere that the only record of a Jack Rubenstein in the military during WWII was a record of an "Army Air Corps Mechanic"... daddy Bush was Army Air Corps. Funny how the word "mechanic" is a mob term for a hit man, which is what Ruby, as we all know, was quite efficient as when called upon!

Another great question... The Torbitt Document indicates that Jack Ruby was connected to the Solidarity Movement in Poland through his family relations to the White-Russian area. This is a fascinating connection, because Georges de Mohrenschidt introduced Oswald to many White-Russians when him and Marina came back to the US... Torbitt also states that Oswald's tutoring in Russian came from White-Russians, though I've been unable to confirm this. However, Ruby's connections to Solidarity after interesting because of where the funding came from. Large amounts came from the CIA, via the Vatican, through its bank, the Banco Ambrosiano. This bank, however, at the time was under control of the P2 Masonic lodge. Several high ranking P2 members have identified P2 as being controlled by the CIA, and its head, Licio Gelli, worked for the OSS at the end of World War 2! Banco Ambrosiano held accounts with Clearstream. Other banks that held accounts with Cleastream were the Bahrain International Bank, which is suspected of moving Osama Bin Laden's money, and the BCCI bank, which worked with Oliver North and Ted Shackley's Secret Team, which brings us back to Operation 40. One American mobster, Santo Trafficante, was also involved in Iran-Contra... and he is repeatedly linked to the the JFK assassination. Trafficante was a close friend of Carlos Marcello, who was connected to Ruby's Carousel Club.

Another more direct link is that the CIA officer in charge of overseeing the transfer of funds from the Vatican to Solidarity was William Casey, who was once an OSS agent but became the CIA director. He was close friends with another CIA agent, Albert Carone, who was a made man in the Genovese family (Genovese - Clint Murchinson - JFK Assassination). He was also knew Trafficante and Marcello, who in turn knew Ruby.

I don't think we'll be able to confirm if Ruby was OSS, but he was atleast peripheral to the American intelligence agencies via Solidarity.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 04:03 PM
I guess Castro killing Kennedy- after he said he would because Kennedy tried to kill him- wasn't intricate enough?

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 06:15 PM

Originally posted by SuperViking
I guess Castro killing Kennedy- after he said he would because Kennedy tried to kill him- wasn't intricate enough?
Castro's only role in this whole thing is that of another Patsy, as Russia and the communists are.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by SuperViking

Its really not that intricate of a theory. At the end of World War 2, the OSS created Operation Paperclip, which brought over many Nazi scientists and their research to America. This gave birth to an entity referred to as the "Military Industrial Complex", which consists of groups such as Permindex, Wackenhut, Bell Aviation, Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, RAND, SRI, the JASON Group, oil companies, and today groups like Blackwater, among others, acts as the financiers and hired thugs of the Globalization movement (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bildeberger, IMF, WTO, World Bank, United Nations), which seemed to have been established in the 1930s, and between the two World Wars became entangled with the Synarchist groups. Organizations like Le Cercle and the 1001 Club, along with the Knights of Malta, the OSS/CIA, Mossad and other intelligence organizations act as go-betweens for the Military Industrial Complex and the Globalization movement. This grouping is, I believe, what many conspiracy theorists refer to as "the New World Order".

JFK, it would seem, was a huge thorn in their side. Communism was a huge cash cow to them, as well as a threat to their fascist based system. JFK's ideal for the space race was based in cooperation with the Soviets, he seemed to be engaged in a "secret war" with Mossad over Israel's nuclear weapons, he refused to be dragged into a war in Cuba by the CIA, he didn't want escalation in Vietnam, and his brother was attacking the Mafia right and left. To make matters worse, he planned to shatter the CIA's power, thus destroying a vital part of the Military Industrial Complex.

A collusion between these various powers allowed the assassination in Dallas to be financed, conducted, and covered up. The group that pulled the assassination off went oversees, and established the heroin trade in Laos and Vietnam, and then became entangled in Iran-Contra. Things get even spookier here.

The group got even more power hungry. Look at this quote from Iran-Contra insider Gene Wheaton:

se guys became exposed by Stansfield Turner and crowd for whatever reason ... there were different factions involved in all this stuff, and power plays ... Ted Shackley and Vernon Walters and Frank Carlucci and Ving West and a group of these guys used to have park-bench meetings in the late 70s in McClean, Virginia so nobody could overhear they conversations. They basically said, "With our expertise at placing dictators in power," I’m almost quoting verbatim one of their comments, "why don’t we treat the United States like the world’s biggest banana republic and take it over?" And the first thing they had to do was to get their man in the White House, and that was George Bush.
Reagan never really was the president. He was the front man. They selected a guy that had charisma, who was popular, and just a good old boy, but they got George Bush in there to actually run the White House. They’d let Ronald Reagan and Nancy out of the closet and let them make a speech and run them up the flagpole and salute them and put them back in the closet while these spooks ran the White House. They made sure that George Bush was the chairman of each of the critical committees involving these covert operations things.

Now look at this:

Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. - four presidents in a row, all connected to this group. Only time will tell if the new administration will continues the sins of the old.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 06:46 PM
If you say so. I have a very high clearance and it seems rather apparent that Kennedy's assassination was the result of a rather free-wheeling and careless CIA under the charge of Wisner and Bissell. But whatever floats your boat.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 07:08 PM
Awesome reading material.I've been studying up on this subject as of late.I don't think we will ever really know,but infact we do know..we only need,or would like it to be acknowledged..and put in order.That would blow our minds wide open.

Imagine all of the people involved.Time magazine alone leads to so many issues *lol*

Great stuff guys.I enjoyed reading

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 09:23 PM
I've been looking at the Hunt family, of Hunt Oil. H.L. Hunt was very anti-Kennedy, and was a close friend of Clint Murchinson. His son Ray L. Hunt was a member of Halliburton, Cheney's company that financed Permindex, while Nelson Bunker Hunt is on the 1001 Club, which is closely connected to Permindex, also funded this mysterious company. However, at this point we digress greatly from the assassination, but shed some light on whats been going on over the last decade.

Using , I learned that Ray L. Hunt was one of the "Bush Ranger and Pioneers", which means he raised more than $100,000 for George Bush's presidential campaign. He is also connected to Condoleeza Rice, as well as sitting on the 9/11 Commission and funding Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also served as the chairman for the Federal Reserve in Dallas, as well as being on the Board of Trustees for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Other members of the CSIS include Edwin Feulner (Knight of Malta, Le Cercle), the mentioned above Zbigniew Brzezinski, and provides "information" on terrorism to Fox News.

Nelson Bunker Hunt, aside from 1001 Club and Permindex, also has interesting connections. He was implicated in Iran-Contra, is friends with John Connally, and did dealings with the IMF. He also sat on the National Petroleum Council, which is connected to the "supermarket to the world" Archer Daniels Midland. People connected to ADM, which was founded by a member of the Skull and Bones, include Bob Dole, George Bush, Hilary and Bill Clinton, Prescott Bush, Ronald Reagan, and NAFTA. Nelson Hunt also founded the Council on National Policy. Members of this include Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney, and Oliver North, which further connects Hunt to Iran Contra. Also connected to the CNP is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. As I pointed out in my "The Vatican and the Intelligence Community" thread, there seems to be a big connection between the Knights of Malta, the CIA, and the Moonie cult. Moon, who says that Adolf Hitler has been reborn in him, is a close friend of George Bush, financially supported Jerry Falwell, owns the Washington Times, is connected to Ronald Reagan, has been an outspoken supported of the War on Terror, and was implicated in Iran-Contra, just like about everybody else in this story. He is also a member of the Heritage Foundation.

Other members of Heritage include: Paul Wolfowitz, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Edwin Feulner (CSIS, Le Cercle, SMOM, IMF, member of the Foreign Affairs Research Institute or FARI), Richard Mellon Scaife. Scaife is the right hand man of Rockefeller pal Brian Crozier, who was the head of Le Cercle, which of course fellow Heritage member Feulner is involved in. Scaife is also part of the FARI with Feulner, as well as William Casey, the Knight of Malta/Le Cercle member CIA director. Financers of Heritage include Bechtel and Chase Manhattan, and it was connected to Iran-Contra.

The "Big Three" (JFK assassination, Iran Contra, and 9/11) are connected on so many levels.

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Knights of Malta assisted Nazis escape through the ratlines and of course, Operation Paperclip which brought over many Nazis including NASA's Werner Von Braun as mentioned earlier in thread. The space race actually sheltered many Nazis in the USA. In Alamogordo, NM near White Sands Missile Range, you can still find signs in German, German private schools and so forth.

Knights of Malta (by the way, Opus Dei --- Louis Freeh & Waco --- is a spin-off) who's who includes the following... J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace, John McCone, James Jesus Angleton, Henry Luce of Time/Life, William F. Buckley, several NFL team owners, possibly Walt Disney, Milton Hersey, Casey, Iacocca, Al Haig, and so forth and so on, anyhow here's a link that spells some of it out...

The Mossad, Knights of the Garter and the Committee 300 are all plugged in. Chilling how all the connections form a great big spider's web.

You've got Old Joe Kennedy buddying with the Italian mob through Costello and the others in the Five Families in order to run illegal liqour during prohibition. When RFK as AG sent Marcello packing, the New Orleans CIA crowd which included Bannister/Ferrie/anti-Castro Cubans/(plus Ruby as gun runner to Operation Mongoose) latched on to vengeful mob co-consprators through Marcello who through Chicago boss Giancana (who shared girlfriend Judy Exner with JFK) felt double-crossed because Old Joe's sons were not playing nice. The upshot: Giancana and Trafficante put extreme and I do mean extreme pressure on Ruby to silence whoever the guy was playing the part of "Oswald", the patsy, who was quite possibly going to sing in court if he ever got that far which thanks to Ruby no dice. Capiche?

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How can someone link that site with a straight face? is a joke of a webpage.

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I don't agree with everything on the entire site, but in my opinion there is something to the Jesuits and Knights of Malta connections. Explore the whole site and not just the page linked to (above) and you'll see that a lot of the "connect the dots" diagrams seem pretty accurate and not a joke.

P.S. --- I think Stanley Kubrick's heart attack was induced by black ops because EYES WIDE SHUT (although the film is a dream sequence from first frame to last) portrayed the rituals of certain real-life secret societies with uncanny accuracy. Just my humble opinion. I don't think it is any coincidence that Kubrick met an unexpected, untimely heart attack just prior to the release of that film (but O.K., that's a bit off topic).

What if... what if the following (purely speculative)...

The entire Oswald family history was a black ops produced legend with fake birth certificates and so forth. Then who are the characters in the "play"?

What if a Dupont/Ford American eugenics cadre sponsored American eugenics researchers to go to Nazi Germany before the war to study eugenics with state-of-the-art Nazi researchers.

These American scientists then become Nazis in germany and part of the overseers of the Lebensborn program to develop a pure Aryan race.

A semi-secret inner core of Lebensborn is the procreation of offspring (using volunteer German women of "scientifically" proven pure Aryan genetics) from the sperm of top Nazis Himmler, Goering and possibly others. Himmler was head of the project. Let's say this highest priority core group of offspring and controllers (eugenics scientists) are all about rearing these children to become leaders of yet unconquered countries around the globe that Hitler plans to take over eventually (USA and Russia included, of course).

Laboratory environments are built to give these children cultural educations in languages and social conditioning of the countries the scientists are from. "Oswald" born in 1939, would be the age of one of these control subject kids and a few years later, Marina, as well. They are taught English and Russian languages. The American Nazi scientist controller of Oswald is his "mother", etc. Notice the resemblance of "Oswald" to pictures of Himmler? Marina somewhat in facial features resembling Goering? Wild theory, I know.

Towards the end of the war, the OSS (with Dulles in charge) captures this secret Nazi Lebensborn camp. On the OSS team are G. H. W. Bush, Jack Rubenstein and others. Through Operation Paperclip, the kids and controllers are brought to USA and under deep cover are further developed by Angleton and others to become black ops agents. Whole families can be manufactured using these people. MK-Ultra is used to brainwash all involved.

Fast forward to early 1960's... the control agents are in place (further guided by DeMorenschilt and Paines). "Oswald" is programmed to think he is a low level CIA/FBI agent (he gets the fake agent numbers, credentials, alias --Alec Hidell--, and spy gear and fake missions, all the while controlled by his handlers). The marriage to Marina is faked. Travel to and from the Soviet Union is faked. Photos of Oswald and Marina inside Soviet Union are of doubles.

When needed, Oswald and Marina are positioned in Dallas to use as patsies. They are essentially Manchurian candidates.

Ruby is another handler, but is called on to silence the patsy after something goes wrong in the immediate aftermath of the assassination (Oswald was supposed to have been killed -- thus silenced-- immediately following the JFK hit but unexpectedly scrambles out of the situation and is then caught and poses a big talk risk).

The tramps were black ops visual decoys. Their only role was to divert attention from badge man (the real assassin). As they walked through the commotion, if stopped by other cops, they would say "we found these bums in the rail yard and we're taking them in for questioning to find out if they saw anything".

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I just read your entire article and I found it fascinating! you make some interesting connections between JFK's murder,Paperclip and the entire UFO experience furthermore,I have some books for you to check out:High Treason by Harrison Livingstone and Robert Groden High Treason 2 by Livingstone. Best Evidence by David Lifton and Conspiracy by Anthony Summers.

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Here is something interesting. Clint Murchinson and Robert Maheu were on the board of directors of FIDCO, which Danny Casolaro and Carol Marshall trace the "Octopus" to. Also on the board is a Mafia connected CIA agent, Robert Booth Nichols, who was involved in the Golden Triangle heroin ring with Ted Shackley's "secret team". Carol Marshall, in her book The Last Circle, talks about her encounter with Robert Nichols:!.htm

He told me to read it, appraising me silently. Inwardly, I recalled a conversation with J.M., in which she related a conversation she'd had with Ted after a dinner engagement with Nichols. Nichols had reportedly stated to Ted that he headed a 200man assassination team. Jackie had been too frightened to elaborate on this conversation, but had pointed out that Nichols once worked in the MKUltra (Manchurian Candidate) program during the Vietnam war. This program was part of the "Phoenix Project." Interestingly, numerous publications had mentioned that Earl Brian had also participated in the Phoenix Project during the war.

Nichols' sister was allegedly a professional hypnotherapist, and Nichols himself was reportedly trained in the art of hypnotism. According to Riconosciuto, they all called themselves "The Chosen Ones," wore skull and crossbones rings, and shared a common interest, if you could call it that, in the old German SS occultism, its tribal and inner circle rites.

So this brings us back again the Nazis. Nazi occultism and Nazi science seemed to be very closely intertwined, and Riconosciuto claimed that he and Booth was involved with Wackenhut in creating a 'race specific' bioweapon, a virius that targets only a certain race. If this doesn't sound like Nazi-inspired science, or a continuation of Nazi research, I don't know what does. And we've already seen that Riconosciuto was connected to Fred Lee Crisman, who was involved with Clay Shaw, the Maury Island UFO, and Operation Paperclip. Furthermore, Nichols was involved in MK-Ultra, which is the result of Operation Paperclip, and is linked to the Council of Nine channeling scenario, which in turn connects to Bell Aviation via Arthur M. Young.

Riconosciuto also drew Marshall's attention to the writings on psychological warfare by one Major Michael A. Aquino, which discusses ways to control people through ELF waves and the "ionization of air". Says Carol Marshall:

"Aquino, a psychological warfare officer who has worked in military intelligence, holds a top secret security clearance that allows him to handle information whose release would gravely damage U.S. security, according to Defense Department regulations.
"He maintains the clearance even though he has performed Nazi occult rites and has described himself as the `AntiChrist' in literature published by the Temple of Set ..."
Temple of Set literature described a coming apocalypse in which only followers of Satan would be saved.
Aquino conducted occult rituals patterned on ceremonies performed by Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler in a German castle once used by the Nazi SS for black magic ceremonies during the Third Reich. Nazis considered the black arts and satanic worship part of an ancient Germanic tradition.
Aquino, in his book, "Crystal Tablet of Set," wrote that he performed the rituals to recreate an order of Knighthood for followers of Satan. He even encouraged his followers to study the beliefs of the Nazi terrorist group, the Vehm, the Thule Gesselschaft, and the Ahnenerbe, two fanatic rightwing Aryan groups that existed before and during Hitler's reign.

More connections to Nazism. I am dismissive of the notion of a "Satanic Conspiracy", but surely this cannot be a coinedence:

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