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The Pleiadians Sent Me, A Message To The World.

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:34 PM
I thought the OP's message was to get away from electronics and toxins, and either cut out or cut down on meat and enjoy nature as much as possible and reconnect to our roots. Along with asking for help.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by StarMessenger

I see lots of problems with all of this.

I was told that if more people believed or were even aware they exist that the collective subconscious of our species would awaken and this would be the only way some of the outside forces would be able to interfere and help.

1. If they want to help so badly, why do they not do something on a larger scale. Instead of just contacting the odd insignificant person(no offence). and verbally spilling, why not contact a larger group of people at one time.

How about handing over some physical evidence or as others have suggested some star charts or something related to their home.

2. You say there will be a war here on Earth soon, and that Lighning and other weather occurrences are actually alien weaponry. Why are they using these weapons now, before the war starts.

3. they want to keep us down and stupid/keep us from evolving. Why are they letting us build a space station, go to mars, send satellites etc.?
Seems this might be a problem should we discover something.

4. Since world leaders constantly change through election or death/illness. How is it that every leader of every nation on earth reports directly to some reptilian. That seems awfully complicated. So when exactly does Obama get to meet the reptiles?

5. Our own primative science tells us the reasons animals from ancient history are designed the way they are for the sole purpose of killing and eating meat. Tell me a T-rex was supposed to eat leaves and berries.

6. If we were created by the Ananaki(sp?) who are from another planet. Using their DNA, then I guess we are not really native to Earth. So how is it then that we all are so closely connected to Mother Earth and all her creatures if we are not even from here?

7. So who exactly is going to kill us? Mother Earth or the Alien War?

8. These reps live below the Earth by the 100's of millions, and yet with all of our drilling and discoveries of ruins buried and even recent crystal caves found underneath south america/mexico etc. we have never come across 1 single piece of evidence?

9. If they created our mythology's why would they make themselves the bad guys right off the bat? Why not make us think big scarey and ugly is actually quite pleasing to the eye. Its funny how scarey = bad guys. Beautiful = good guys. What purpose does this serve.

10. Why is there going to be a war on Earth? Who is fighting and if there are thousands of alike planets and situations like this in the universe. Why does the war happen here? Thats like attacking Americans while they are on vacation in Spain? Doesn't make any sense.

So much more......

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:47 PM
I see this as just another attempted scam to raise interest to sell crap.
It is nothing more.
It is more than likely the same people behind all the other ones.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:48 PM
So I am come they only told you this message but forgot to mention most of these parts to any other contacted?

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:52 PM
If she really has a pleiadian message, and the message is consistent with many, then actually she should write a book, or even as I've thought of, start a magazine that could be made on the computer with scribus and open office and free programs, and put some videos up on google and youtube.

I just wish they would start to provide more proof for groups of people. If the message was so urgent, many won't hear it this way. If they were truly in danger of being shot down by the renegades and our government, whats the best way to convince a large number of people?

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:08 PM

I have turned vegetarian suddenly after my encounters because now I know that it was the reptilians that taught us to hunt and slaughter animals they knew that if we continue doing this we will never properly evolve on the planet

I have a few issues on this that I hope you could help resolve. Namely, how many of us actually hunt and slaughter animals for food? Not many. Also consider also the many species of animals, that have found a balance on this planet that do precisely that. Are lions accursed because of their tendency to hunt in packs? Are killer whales straying because they play with their food? The argument makes little sense to me. For the rest, as you will.

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by 5seawarrior5

Pleiadians (and any other race) have a hard time interfering in the matters of earth because at this point our governments and other races are so watchful that they must be very careful as to whom they contact and what they do. Some say pleiadians bring hope while others would claim them to be hostile enemies of earth. I myself am unsure at this point what races to trust, even my own.

Renegades? I am unsure as to what this term means in the ufo community but if by "renegade" you mean working outside the hierarchy of the established order of our planet then I suppose you could be right. (not an expert.) They are able to live outside this reality with the aid of advanced technology and are of a different mindset than our world.

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Oscitate

That is the point I think. We have become so lazy and so unconscious that we aren't even able to fend for ourselves. How many people do you know who grows their own crops? We must depend on others and machines to survive. Machines we don't control, people we don't even know. We are an impersonal race at this point. Unknowing and unwilling to know.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 09:40 PM

Please provide me with a response to the questions I posed on the thread listed above.

If you were actually contacted, there are some things I would like to know.


posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 09:47 PM
for sure, those guys visited me 16 times but told me that i couldnt release
the information that they shared with me!! damn, those lil bugers!

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by NobodiesClone63

The actual point to evolving technically, as in say, the venus project, a high tech moneyless resource society, would be that we would be freed up from the brute work and able do the creative inventive things and spend quality time with our families, as ets do. They do not live back to the basics either. A reset button, with survivalist skills and women dying in childbirth, is not a desirable world.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:39 PM

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by mystiq

I agree with what you say 100%. Creation and Destruction do not go hand in hand(in a ideal world). That is a reality we have made for ourselves as a whole.

As far as money goes. If we stripped ourselves from that particular shackle we would be left with either a utopia or a controlled, plague ridden, and starved populace. It is really up to those who control the planet which way that would turn out. At the end of the day it is not up to us to decide. If it were then our utopia would have been created long ago.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:55 PM
OP. I suggest you make a DVD of a lecture of this. Sell them on a website. Or write a book. Then contact Coast to Coast AM. George Norrey would certainly interview you if you made some money from a website because you would be an expert then. Then you could really get this message out to all the peeps. the way, you aren't Nancy Lieder are you?

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 02:19 AM
Heres an idea for all you abusive skeptics we have seen on this thread. Maybe, just maybe, the reason benevolent extraterrestrial species dont contact the majority of people is because there are so many JUST LIKE YOU. Being skeptical is a good thing, being close-minded out of fear or arrogance is not. You all need to learn the difference. As far as I am concerned, the only reason you all are making such a big stink over this OP, and comparing it to the Goodchild Galactic Federation stuff, is because you have a vested emotional interest in one of the two. It seems that many of you feel very slighted that humanity wasnt suddenly saved by the Galactic Federation when Goodchild made her predictions, because otherwise you would not be here attacking someone who you fear might fool you again.

If you bought into something like Goodchild which had nothing of real substance, nothing to compare to any other mythologies or contact reports, than thats your problem. If you take it out on any and every person who says something even remotely similar from now on then the forces behind the false statements of Goodchild wins. You are forever close-minded because of their actions. You can be and think whatever you want, but you should be wary of any force who is motivated by your blind faith, on either side.

As to why E.T.'s havent come out in the mainstream yet, Ill give you an analogy. Say you were walking along and noticed a group of people killing and eating each other. Would you attempt to simply talk to them, try to help them realize what they are doing? No, because you would be fearful of how they would react. That is half of it. The other half is the forces that control humanity are very violent and would love any excuse to further turn humans against benevolent E.T.'s and this would be counterproductive to those who want to help. Humans are already so unaware of what is really happening on earth, any more would just be adding to the pile.

By the way, the sheer ridiculousness of one previous poster stating that they wasted their time reading the thread and so had to respond is funny. That poster is expressing what so many of these previous posters have expressed, that they feel slighted because they dont believe what the OP is saying. I wish a mod would come in and remind people that THIS IS THE GRAY AREA. PROOF IS NOT REQUIRED. It seems mods are the only ones these angry people listen to, however valid the views expressed are.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by quetzalcoatl13

What you say is true. Why introduce yourself to a population of people who have been taught to fear not only the unknown but themselves? ETs don't visit those who are or are not skeptical, they don't go around abducting random people. In most cases they abduct those they are linked with, bloodlines and such.

I know nothing of any galactic federation or alliance. I'll look into that tho. I've heard a few people talk about it but to me the existence of aliens and life on other planets is person and the idea of a interstellar group dynamic isn't something that I ponder on.

Don't waste your time fearing the future and hoping that someone else is going to save you. Sit back and take in the world for it's wonders. If we're lucky then maybe someone will step in and give humanity a guiding hand but why would they do this if we don't even try doing it for ourselves?
When the time is right and enuff of the populace wakens to a world they've let pass them by and realize "how did we get here?"..

Maybe that's what they are waiting for, waiting for that moment that we are simply willing to ask rather than assume.

I am sure some may say "Why would we give answers that you yourself can not obtain."
I would leave those people with this question: "How do you obtain the answers you seek when you are unsure of the question itself. Further more how do you find answers to questions you aren't aloud to ask?"

When the truth is cloaked in darkness and the truth of your own essence is in fact a lie... where do we as a people go from there? A true civilization is built up of individuals and we don't even have that. How can you survive as a group when you can't survive as a person? It isn't possible. To me survival is more than having water, food, energy, and friendship. To me survival is having a full awareness of oneself and being able to know in an instance what truth is.

IMHO a society is a group of individuals who are open with each other and freely share their knowledge. A free and open society has no need or want for a lie, it is a hindrance to the well being of all within that society. No true government lies to it's people, no true civilian fears or plots against it's government. This "free world" and it's governments has no need to plot against each other because the agenda is the same for all. Life, Love, Peace, Happiness, and most importantly Knowledge.

Eh think I got WAY off topic but/ had to be said.

-Wonder, just wonder. Life is a beach chair. sit back in amazement of how so much life could dwell in such a small world.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 03:41 AM


The Pleiadians seem like a popular bunch that are contacting people left and right. There's a a and they're so well known they even have a wikipaedia page. A search on google give 115,000 hits and a search on youtube almost 1500. On top of this they seem to contact someone here on ATS every couple weeks.

there are many other good extraterrestrials out there willing to help us on earth but that they will not interfere unless we are conscious of them

Oh, that's all? Ok, so there's no problem then, right?

and have intent for them to help.

I could continue with my sarcasm, but it's interesting how you chose to phrase that. "Intent for them to help?" Is this your choice of phrasing, or theirs? "Intent" has all sorts of connotations in new age circles, and one possible interpretation would be that they have chosen a feminine role and will accept use by us, but will not act of their own accord. If that's really how it is, then great! When can we start? I apologize if I seem greedy, but and where do we submit a list of requests?

Here's my own take on it: Honestly, it's not really important to me whether aliens come down and help, or Jesus comes down and helps, or if nobody comes down to help and we humans manage to get things working nicely on our own. These are just methods. The method isn't really that important. I'm more interested in this whole "ascension" thing, and the practical end result of it. I'm tired of all the stupidity here on earth.

However, if there really are a bunch of benevolent aliens or extradimensional beings out there who are really willing to genuinely be of service to humanity, without eating us, and are just waiting for an invitation...


Please...I have no interest in tiny specs of light in the sky. The ouija board thing is sketchy. Prayer is both subjective and prone to interference. Crop circles are neat, but have serious limitations, and honestly I don't understand most of them. Please just show up in a great, big, massive blaze of HELLO-ness and let's start talking. Shall we? Would you? Will you? Hello?

I realize it's possible that for some reason announcing yourself to the whole world at large could have consequences which are unacceptable to you. So, would you manifest clearly and definitely to me personally? Would you teach me the secrets of the universe? Would you give me massive, tremendous power so I can fix the problems myself? Would you at the very least show up and answer questions? No, I'm not going to mindlessly repeat verbatim everything you tell me here on ATS like somebody seems to do every couple weeks. But I am generally the sort of personality who would be willing to take massive, creative action, and I won't waste our time together with thousands of hours of "channeling sessions" about atlantis and blood lines and other historic trivia.

So please, aliens/beings/consciousness/Jesus/etc with a genuine willingness to be of benefit and service to humanity, please come and announce yourself clearly and definitely either to humanity at large, or to me personally, or to both.

and have intent for them to help.

Any other hoops I need to jump through?

Seriously...if this whole alien intervention thing is going to happen, let's go. I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of reading threads about it.

Let's go.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by pieman

has disease ever been created by nature or has it always been the ones that control us? i mean the black death was a bit of a cock up if it was the controllers idea, it pretty much ended the feudal system and started the enlightenment.

Disease comes in many ways and for many reasons, they told me it has come from wars, starvation, pollution and inhumane acts and especially in the waters that the earth can be responsible for some of the natural diseases out of consequences for our actions and even for the slaughtering of humans and animals. I was told some of our health problems and disease come from eating of the animals and that if we were to eat humans it would be the same, we would also be getting cancer and disease. Then I was told that some of the disease were created in laboratory and by the reptilian order to intentionally destroy some of our species and for the purpose of disrupting the vibratory or frequency on earth.

the other thing that occurs to me is that there are lots of hunter gatherers on earth, in africa, austrailia and south america, they don't have all the answers. how come? don't the pleiadians think they're worthy of the wisdom of the tree of life?

They told me the wisdom of the tree of life cannot be given to any human on earth and never was given. They also told me the tree of life was the answer to immortality and creating all life forms and that all life ever created in this universe came from that knowledge and that only the creators of the 3rd dimension of the universe have that knowledge. They also told me that I had been in contact with them before from a previous life that was the reason they came to me. I am not sure why they do not contact others or how they choose who to contact. They did say they were in contact with other people on earth because it is getting close to when the timeline of our 3rd dimension will change.

the next time they communicate with you do me a favour and ask them to give you a mathematical question that hasn't yet been asked on earth. it can be completely useless and abstract, it just needs to be new. instantly you would be able to convince 90% of the people of the earth that you are genuine.

I don’t believe they expect me to convince the people of earth they just said it was ok for me to share some things I wrote down on the visits with them. Before they told me not to share with anyone until my last visit when they said if you want to share with family and friends or others because they could read my mind and I was always thinking about this so I told them yes I did so they said it is ok. I think if they really wanted to contact everyone they would do it. They have said the problem is the level of negative on earth they told me that if there was an intervention made by the benevolent one’s watching that those who have controlled us for so long have threatened to destroy the earth and everyone. They said that if enough people were ready and aware of what is going on and wanted an intervention that by law of creation they could intervene and help us. But that if they would do it now prematurely before anyone is ready that they would only put the lives of everyone on earth more at risk. They are contacting people but more in a private way for only some individuals. They said there are detectors placed all over the earth for any extraterrestrial that is not in the order of the reptilians and that they are attacking any that interfere with earth. They told me that the reptilians claim earth and all life on earth to be their property and they are the rightful owners. They know this is not right but we need to be aware of what is happening and consciously want help. This doesn’t mean to pray to them for help but only in the back of our minds if we are aware of those who rule the planet and wish it to change that would be enough. They can read the intent of all man on earth and they can see that most of us are not even conscious about them or know about them and who is running the planet.

I was thinking a lot about that before myself. I think if you look at it like this as a parable it would be like. Your neighbor is a farmer and he has many animals cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and they are all unaware that they even are being controlled by the farmer and are not free because for them they only know what life they live since they are born and it seems normal to them. I was told that if for instance the goats became aware that they were held prisoner and wanted to be free living in the wild on their own that if they consciously realized that these farmers had them under a system of control then by law of creation that would be enough for the neighbor to intervene and tell the farmer these goats want to be freed they do not choose to live the life you have given them. Now I know this might not be the best analogy because we are not animals to the extraterrestrials but it is the point that we must become aware that we have been living under control of a system by those who farm the earth and keep it under a monetary and control system with control over wars and everything that happens on earth.

They told me that the most important law of the universe and all of creation is free will and that if any life form is conscious of something they do not want and choose to not accept it with intent that by law an outside force could intervene even the creation itself would intervene if that group did not let them go. So if more people became consciously aware that were are living in this type of farm and aware of the rulers who have controlled it who are like the farmers then if we in the back of our minds wanted out of it earth itself and the force of creation would interfere not only the benevolent one’s watching but the earth itself could help stop those farmers because it also is conscious and it connects to us all. So if we are conscious then the earth also will become conscious of our intent. Maybe this is hard to understand but I am doing my best to explain it. They told me that when they can see enough people on earth are conscious of what is going on that the reptilians will try and stop us by force or mind control but that when this happens they will intervene. They said that they could stop the reptilians and send them out of earth if enough of us were consciously wanting a change and help but we must know what situation we are in or we are accepting remaining living on this type of control system or type of prison.

If we willfully choose to remain here then that is our free choice and nobody can help us even many of them feel sorry for us. They told me that many people remain like this on earth and that we have been consciously programmed to remain living the way we do through education, religions and being brought up with the wrong desires of gaining wealth and riches. That is the system that the reptilians use, they said in all other worlds there is equality in all things that everyone shares and is equal nobody greater than another person and they all help each other in unison. They said that is how it should be but that the reptilians have their own system and it’s only purpose is to divide us and keep us from ever knowing our capability as a species they want us to remain blind so they can continue using us for their own pleasure of control.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 05:01 AM
and of course there is no proof... just the rantings of a storyteller, ho-hum, for once could someone just SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! JEERRRYYYY!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 05:02 AM
I would like to believe you, I really would. This sounds like the good you are talking about is "god/Jesus and his angels". I am a vegetarian and have great respect for the earth and all it's inhabitants. I do believe everything has a conscious and a soul. I do believe we are in a virtual state of unawareness with most things and that complacency has become a normal way of life for us.

To be honest, I hope this earth doesn't continue like it has been. There are too many evil people in this world that only seek to hurt others.

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