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PRUFOS -´Police Report UFO Sightings´Organisation.

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 02:43 PM
Not too many years ago the was a recent listing of UK sightings of
lights in the sky on the web. The word then was Chinese lanterns.
Agents are on the ready to come up with answers for any lights in the sky.
Just no one tell them Tesla ships might do the same.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 01:03 PM
Great ATS police UFO thread from Kandinsky

Two Cops, a UFO and an Alligator

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by karl 12

Wow there's alot of great cases in this thread

I'm making this post to let you know I found an enhanced version of the UFO picture taken by Chief Buchert during the Portage County incident. Thought I would share it with ya

The Portage County Ohio, Police UFO chase 1966 - Close range sighting of large bright object by two sheriff deputy's - object seen by numerious witnesses and chased 86 miles by multiple police officers. case status - unsolved

The Portage County UFO Chase was an unidentified flying object encounter that began in Portage County, Ohio on the morning of April 17, 1966, when police officers Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff observed a metallic, disc shaped object flying in the skies.

They pursued the object for about half an hour, ending up in Pennsylvania before losing sight of the UFO. Several other police officers became involved in the chase, and several civilians reported witnessing the same object, or a similar object in about the same area, during this time.

Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and Mounted Deputy Wilbur 'Barney’ Neff had left their scout car to investigate an apparently abandoned automobile on Route 224. Spaur described the sighting in these words:

“I always look behind me so no one can come up behind me. And when I looked in this wooded area behind us, I saw this thing. At this time it was coming up . . . to about tree top level. I'd say about one hundred feet. it started moving toward us.... As it came over the trees, I looked at Barney and he was still watching the car . . and he didn't say nothing and the thing kept getting brighter and the area started to get light. .. . I told him to look over his shoulder, and he did.

"He just stood there with his mouth open for a minute, as bright as it was, and he looked down. And I started looking down and I looked at my hands and my clothes weren't burning or anything, when it stopped right over on top of us. The only thing, the only sound in the whole area was a hum . . . like a transformer being loaded or an overloaded transformer when it changes.
Search results for Portage County Ohio UFO Chase 1966

Chief Buchert - Deputy Sheriff Spaur - Deputy Neff

Police Chief Gerald Buchert of Mantua saw the craft and photographed it. The pictures turned out badly, an odd fuzzy white thing suspended in blackness. Today, Chief Buchert laughs nervously when he speaks of that night.

"I'D RATHER NOT talk about it," he says. "It's something that should be forgotten...left alone. I saw something, but I don't know what it was."

Chief Buchert's photo - digitally enhanced by Paul Hynek
image source

Taped Interview with Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 02:23 PM

Originally posted by easynow
The Portage County Ohio, Police UFO chase 1966 - Close range sighting of large bright object by two sheriff deputy's - object seen by numerious witnesses and chased 86 miles by multiple police officers. case status - unsolved

Great, great post matey and that truly is one fascinating UFO case - the witness descriptions of the object (and the enhanced photograph) certainly don´t look or sound like the planet Venus to me.


posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 08:24 AM
Interesting 'boomerang' UFO police report from Israel:

Israel - 1991 Dec 6 - Police Follow Boomerang UFO To Border

Beth Shean, Israel, to the Jordanian border

Evening. Israeli police and the IDF followed a boomerang-shaped UFO from Beth Shean, Israel, to the Jordanian border.

(Michael Hesemann, UFOs: The Secret History)


NICAP Chronologies

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 11:39 AM
Great police UFO thread from Lowneck involving a Danish policeman photographing a UFO.

Originally posted by Lowneck

On August 13 1970 police officer Evald Maarup (above) was driving home in his patrol car at night near the border between Denmark and Germany when a bright blueish light shone down on his car, stopping it and its radio. The temperature inside the car shot up and Maarup was able to capture several images of the phenomenon with his official police Fujaxa camera:

Danish policeman photographed beaming UFO that stopped his car

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 05:39 AM
Another Interesting ´disc shaped´ UFO multiple witness police report from Wigan, Lancashire, August 1th, 1967:

Police Constables Lionel Haw and Steve Parsonage, stationed at Hindley, reported seeing an unidentified flying object at 0043 BST. Several newspapers carried full reports of the incident, including the Liverpool Echo, from which the following report is taken:

P.C. Parsonage said: “I was on the beat when I glanced up and saw this saucer-shaped object in the sky. There were no clouds and I could see it very clearly.

“It wasn’t moving and was glowing white. I was amazed and couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked up the road and saw P.C. Haw driving a Panda car.

“I waved him to stop and he came across. We stood looking at it and suddenly it started to move.”

P.C. Haw, a member of the force for eight years, added: “We watched it moving across the sky for two minutes. It certainly wasn’t a comet, plane or weather balloon. I have seen all these and know what I am talking about.

“It was as big as an orange and very high. I would estimate its size as well over 100 feet in diameter. It was very bright and didn’t flicker.

“I drove to Hindley police station and phoned Jodrell Bank to see if it was a satellite but they assured me it could not possibly be as there were none in the area.

“Then I checked with Manchester and Barton airports just to make sure and was told that no planes were in the vicinity.”

Inspector Albert Jordan, in charge of the Hindley section, said: “Both men are very reliable and policemen are trained observers. They wouldn’t say they had seen it if it wasn’t true.”

MUFORG Bulletin, August 1967

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 01:23 PM
As your such a Star Karl,

For one of the most important and best threads on ATS,

Oh and of course and just being you!

Every post of yours on this thread has one now * lol.

Bumpty Bumpty

Kind Regards,


posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

A ha Mishevious elf, many thanks for the kind words my friend -certainly didn't think there'd be this many police reports when I started the thread many moons's probably only the tip of the iceberg.

Although officialy the USAF would like people to believe it was swamp gas, it seems there's also a lot of strange police testimony, object descriptions and bizarre flight characteristics being described in the Michigan case from 1966, it states in one of the reports that officers even got their patrol car 'buzzed' by one of the objects - sounds very similar to the Red Bluff case, the Exeter New Hampshire case and the Portage County incident all from the same decade but I don't suppose we're any nearer to finding out what these objects actualy are.

Michigan police UFO activity -1966:

"This is the strangest thing that [we] have ever witnessed. We would have not believed this story if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes. These objects could move at fantastic speeds, and make very sharp turns, dive and climb, and hover with great maneuverability. We have no idea what these objects were, or where they could have come from."
Washtenaw County deputies Bushroe and Foster

"It would swing back and forth like a pendulum, then shoot upward at tremendous speed, hover and then come down just as fast."
Washtenaw County deputies B. Bushroe

March 17, 1966, Milan, Michigan. 4:25 a.m. Sgt. Nuel Schneider and Deputy David Fitzpatrick saw top-shaped objects making sharp maneuvers. They alternately hovered, rose and fell quickly, darted around at jet-like speed, their light dimming and brightening periodically. In a report to NICAP, the officers stated that two objects were operating together, circling and flying in formation, while a third object hovered at lower altitude.

Dexter patrolman Robert Huniwell said he spotted an object in the sky at Quigley and Brand roads between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m.. He said the flying object with red and green flashing lights, came close to the ground, hovered above a scout car and was joined by a second vehicle on its ascent.

Officer Robert Hartwell of the Dexter Police Department saw a luminous object buzz his car. Robert Taylor, Dexter Police Chief, and Patrolman N.G. Lee came to the farm in response to Mrs. Mannor's call and heard the noise. Taylor said he watched an object in the field from Frank Mannor's home on a knoll overlooking the area. It appeared as a pulsating red, glowing object. Through binoculars he saw "a light on each end of the thing." "I thought it was an ambulance," Lee said. The chief's son, Robert, 16, also saw the red vehicle in the sky at about 10:30 p.m. "It was going on in the east pretty slow, and then it sped up and went west," he said. "It was flashing red and white."

Washtenaw County Deputy Sheriff BuFord Bushroe also observed it. "It looked like an arc. It was round. We turned around and started following it through Dexter for five miles. It was headed west and we stopped. We lost it in the trees. Either the lights went off or it took off with a tremendous burst of speed. It was about 1,500 feet above the ground. It moved along at about 100 mph. We were doing 70 before losing it near Wylie Road."

The Michigan 1966 UFO Flap - Was it Swamp gas?

All the best mate.

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 06:18 AM
Interesting UFO case from Flora, Mississippi in 1977 where two policemen reported a strange object hovering over their patrol car:

Newspaper article:


posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 05:30 AM
Two police officers, C. C. Wilson and John Wynkoop, chase a UFO in Hollenbeck, Los Angeles and describe its 'unbeleivable' speed:

"Lawmen Chase UFO To No Avail”, 13 November 1973

Newspaper Article

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 08:51 AM
North Carolina Police Officers describe (and attempt to chase) V shaped UFO with a row of blue and red lights travelling at roughly 200MPH over Robeson, Hoke, Sampson and Bladen counties.

“N.C. law officers report seeing UFO”

Police officers in several parts of Eastern North Carolina reported seeing a soundless UFO on 3 April 1975, according to the St. Joseph Gazette:

Newspaper Article

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 08:04 AM
Police officers in Mexicali chase UFO travelling at 'dizzying' speeds - object possibly caught on airport surveillance cameras:

Police Engage in UFO Chase - Mexicali, Baja California

"A UFO with white lights, blue and yellow flashes" -- The first report was received from the airport area, and the object was even seen by C-4 operators manning the safety cameras that appear to have recorded it. The sighting prompted the mobilization of police officials. Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the western sector, was able to see it with his own eyes, but it was too fast and it was impossible to follow.

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) prompted an intense mobilization by elements of the Public Safety Forces of the City of Mexicali, arising from citizen reports about the presence of a strange device in the air.

Alejandro Monreal Noriega, general commander of Patrols in the Dirección de Seguridad Pública Municipal (DSPM) reported that the first news item was received from people living in the vicinity of the airport.

Even C-4 operators, responsible for urban security cameras, saw the object in their systems and it appears to have been recorded. Furthermore, hundreds of phone calls were received at the "066" number, reporting the flying object's presence..

Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the DSPM's western region, saw it and stated that it was a sizeable round white object with visible blue and yellow flashes. He added that the object was seen high in the sky and moved up, down and sideways at very high speeds, vanishing from sight after heading south from the valley of Mexicali.


posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:34 AM
Polce officers and many, many other witnesses report UFOs over the Mid-West in 1996:

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 08:01 PM
The 9th Annual PRUFOS Police Database Report:


posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 05:10 PM
Pretty crazy UFO case from Costa Rica in January, 1980 involving multiple police officers and EM effects:

The San José metropolitan area was hit by a powerful UFO wave in mid-January 1980. Official documents from the Ministry of Public Security, obtained by the Vilchez brothers, acknowledged that engines and radio equipment of police cars malfunctioned during the UFO sightings. This is popularly known in Ufology as “electromagnetic effect” or EME.

Official Report:

A signed report by Sergeant Elias Sibaja to Col. Marino Donato, director of the Costa Rican Radio Patrol Unit, described the incident [see document]. Sgt. Sibaja was on his patrol shift in the suburban city of Desamparados at 1:35 a.m. on January 17, 1980 when, he wrote in his report, “the car engine stopped and the lights went off; suddenly I saw many multi-colored lights and was able to observe through the windshield a gigantic disc, from which came all the lights; with great astonishment, I realized that it was an unidentified flying object which stopped over us for several seconds and then continued west, searching the side of Alajuelita.

Only after the UFO reached a certain distance from the car did the radio function and Sgt. Sibaja was able to communicate with other units. “Seconds later the engine worked again and several police vehicles reported they were seeing those lights on the hills of San Jesucito de Alajuelita,” continued Sibaja’s report, “so the task of locating such craft was undertaken by all the vehicles, but it was impossible to achieve. A strong interference was heard on the [radio] network.”

The 1980 UFO wave was just starting. At 2:30 a.m. on January 19, police Captain Daniel Arias saw an object in the sky 300 meters above the ground, with intermittent green, yellow and blue lights. The whole country was affected by a power blackout shortly after midnight on January 21. Another memo by a police Sergeant reported that during the blackout, “I observed an unidentified flying object in space, a very powerful beam of light descending towards the ground.”

Yet another police officer from Belén informed his precinct had received that night a report from a “Mr. Rodriguez, who saw the descent of a luminous object with flashing white and red colored beams; the light was so strong that it didn’t leave a shadow and illuminated everything totally. The object had a crackling noise, making noise as it emitted these beams; it was like turning on a TV set without the image and noise on the screen, but it was a strong noise. Mr. Rodriguez was coming from Puntarenas and his truck lights went off about 100 meters from his house.” Other witnesses saw the phenomenon too, and the police officer added that experts from “the power plants in Belén were unable to explain the blackout since everything was working perfectly.”

Costa Rica UFO Dossier Part 2

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 04:15 PM
Clip about Navajo Rangers and their UFO files.

The Navajo Rangers provide law enforcement, public education, preventive patrols, and regulatory enforcement to the Navajo reservation in Arizona. They also investigate paranormal reports including UFOs and big foot.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 12:21 AM
News article about the Eastern North Carolina UFO flap of the 3rd to the 9th of April, 1975:

"We're talking about reliable law enforcement officials who say that these things have gone directly over their cars, 50 to 100 feet away. When you don't hear something that does incredible maneuvers, makes 90 degree turns, starts and stops and accelerates at hundreds of miles an hour, then you have to start considering that maybe we are dealing with something that is not made on this earth".


posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 03:19 AM
Police officer reports supersonic UFO sighting -Birmingham, December 2012.

PC claims flashing blue light was moving at supersonic speed.

A police officer has claimed he saw a UFO moving at supersonic speed while driving off-duty near Birmingham airport.

The PC reportedly spotted the UFO near Birmingham airport.

The unnamed officer, an acting sergeant with West Midlands police, saw a ‘light with a bluish tinge’ that ‘pulsed rhythmically’ and zoomed off.

A colleague called air traffic control, but workers there said they had seen nothing.


posted on May, 9 2013 @ 02:58 AM
Gary Heseltine from PRUFOS testifies at the Citizens UFO Hearings:

Over 900 British Police Have Witnessed UFOs

WASHINGTON—British police officers have been personally involved in at least 430 UFOs sightings, including one that was three times the size of a football field, a hearing of six former members of the United States Congress heard on Thursday.

Gary Heseltine, a serving police officer in the United Kingdom, is the creator of PRUFOS a police database [] he maintains in an unofficial capacity. The database, which he launched in January 2002, caters to serving and retired officers who have been involved in British UFO police sightings.

“Sightings have been taking place the length and breadth of Britain at all times of the day,” he told the six member committee.

Heseltine said when he started the database 11 years ago he had records of six cases involving 11 police officers. Today he has 430 reported sightings of UFOs involving over 900 police.

Heseltine said about 70 percent of the cases he had on his database involve multiple witnesses. “In one case, 24 police officers observed one object,” he said.

Many police have observed structures or craft “of large proportions” Heseltine said. He described one report in Middlesex in March 1984, where officers described a “silent black object the size of three football fields.”

Heseltine said British police officers were “seeing actual structured craft, physical in nature.”

“Many officers have seen objects that appear to move in ways that defy physics,” he said..


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