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How a non-economist speaks of better policies

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 06:37 PM
The problem is how economist are yet taught something which only serves bound failer in a system of capitialism.

Dont think of me as an economist. Think of me as a simple wise man concerning money and value and worth.

My list of "How things should go just inside the American world":

1. Price range: 1-99 cent cap.

2. Minium-maxium wage range: 1-99 cent an hour cap.

3. Legal tender range: The new 1 cent penny only.

4. Salary, commission, and tip range: Uncapped.

^^With such, the following should apply just for the American world and in the American world for 1-4 in matching...

1. No item or property or ticket or bail should cost over 99 cent. No rent or lease should cost over 99 cent a calendar month. No one-time service service fee just for a day or less should cost over 99 cent. No continueing service service fee should cost over 99 cent a calendar month. Note: The worth of every thing listed lowers for the price cap only since the value of the penny is then raised so. Yes, lil pennies can and should pack a punch, and end the self-worth in ppl, so then, ppl dont look to hold the most peices and stacks of money just to act like their's is bigger in comparison to your's. All other money should be burned if not melted for THE NEW PENNY since all other money should put null and void. And the worth assigned things listed should not become compared with today's worth. The value of the penny should not become compared with today's money value. For it all should become NEW assigned so it is no looking back into the same ol values and same ol worths that did no good with capitalism. The right monetary system should work right with capitalism. I havent said anything about spreading wealth amongst. I'm talking about killing the current worth and current value and current legal tender in exchange for what in total shall work better with a system called capitalism. And yes, certain things would be yet sold in kinds of bulk with my monetary policies in place... For example: You can buy, say, a cheeseburger and small fries with a small coke, just for 1 cent. For example again: You can get, say, several arcade game attempts just for a 1 cent worth token.

3. The cap means, no legal tender such as the nickle, the dime, the quarter, the half dollar, or the paper money period. Just the penny only. And a person can earn or inherit as many pennies with no legal restriction.

4. Paid in pennies only.

So this ideal monetary system means no outrageous prices. And it means more ppl can get put on to work for companies at minium-maxium wage, and get paid decent without all the hours or even all the days in many cases. Extreme example just for a point: If you can make 99 cent an hour within each week, and live decent, then you the company should not require to work more since it can let more ppl have a share at working for a decent living income.

Like Pac said: "I know you glad to see the strategy of making these chips come so easily."--Soon as I get home

Share your 1 cent for the implications or for better monetary policies and better economic systems.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 06:57 PM

Best of luck with that.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 07:11 PM
My list of "How things should go just inside the American world" CONTINUED:

A. No property tax of any kind for any home owner or any one leasing or renting property. No rechanneling it some other way either.

B. Not only should a laywer not get paid after your case doesnt win, but the laywer should have to pay you or your next of kin or someone you wish the money to go toward automatically. The money paid out should be yet, say, 1-99 cent per in court hour it took, depending on what exactly the laywer charged upfront that you didnt have to pay for upfront since the case wasnt won yet.

C. The penny's manufacturing concerning financing America a new way... The workers there go in and out, making their share the very pennies they all for the shift made together and divided up for each hour... This keeps them new spenders which pump money into America like how worker bees help pollinate. Their job requirment is also to be yet sure they spend the money since it flows steadily enough for a growing population that needs money. And here in America they must be yet required not to spend it all in the same place.
At least till after the calendar month is over with.

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