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**Important Message to ALL my fellow Conservatives** (please read)

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posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by Gateway

Sorry, I never claimed that the markets are the cause of this problem, the problem is the government's failure to prosecute crooked business practices.

As far as your claims that I support the bailouts, sorry, you can look at my posts on the bailouts. The solution is to arrest the crooks and make them pay back all the money they stole.

Basically, your argument in favor of free markets is the same as communists in favor of communism. Every time you point out the failures of communism, their response is that this was not pure communism. Just as there is no such thing as pure communism, there is no such thing as a free market. Your complaints that this isn't a free market system is the same as the communist claims about communism.

There is no way around putting government in charge of the banking system. Either we have a fed reserve like we have now, which is one step away from government control, or we have the U.S. Treasury issuing currency, which is how the system should operate. In both circumstances, the goverment is in control of the issue of currency.

Don't tell me you think the concept of corporate script is superior.

When corporations run government, and have armies of lawyers to support their positions, yes, then government regulations are written to prevent entry into business. This is a result of the government being controlled by the super wealthy, which is the direct result of trying to create a free market system which will never exist. You run into the exact same problem when people foolishly try to create a communist state. Neither system can be achieved, and never will, and both systems wind up with terribly corrupt governments controlled by elites.

Nothing will pretty much self regulate, that is a completely preposterous belief. It is like saying if we get rid of the laws and the police, people will naturally act morally and not commit crimes, and those who do commit crimes will be taken care of by the community. Yeah, that system works great. The real fact of the matter, it is far more difficult to root out crooked business men than it is to police other types of crime. The honest businesses get cheated out of existance, and the crooks thrive.

The failed system we have now is the direct result of attempts to create a free market system, a system that will never exist, and can never work. Say what you will, Reagan and the rest of the Neocons all claim to be for the free market, and that is their goal. The problem is that establishment of a free market is a foolish and completely unrealistic goal.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Obama has been given everything on a silver platter. The country is ready to accept some drastic change. I personally think the change will be positive and that all segments will end up looking upon the changes as beneficial.

Maybe taxes go up a little bit for the wealthy. That 3% increase isn't going to kill them or their incentive to make more money. I don't expect longterm cap gains to go up, but do expect short term gains to rise above the normal income tax rates in order to encourage investment. I also expect that the corporate tax rate will be lowered significantly. I expect that the Federal reserve wil be replaced with a sovereign agency allowing us to control our own money supply and money spent on building infrastructure and fixing the economy will not lead to inflation of the new currency. I expect that a govermental agency will take control of all primary home mortgages in the country leading to immediate relief for the nations economy. I expect that the gm, ford and chrysler will get bailed out but will have to completely change their cultures in return.

I expect the FDA will stop being run for thee exclusive benefit of the big pharmas. I believe that alternative, natural approaches will be looked at seriously. I believe that a college education will be available for all who want one. I believe we will stop wars of aggression and only go to war as a very last resort. I predict peace in the middle east. I expect disclosure. I expect justice for those who have seeked to destrot us. I expect treason will be punsihed by death. I expect that everyone whois willing to work will be able to live a quality life.

I expect that we will unite under Obama and advance our country beyond what most could imagine. No matter what happens though, I will never give up hope.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by disgustedbyhumanity

I expect that the Federal reserve wil be replaced with a sovereign agency allowing us to control our own money supply and money spent on building infrastructure and fixing the economy will not lead to inflation of the new currency.

Could you kindly explain what makes you think that the Federal Reserve will be replaced?
Bernanke, himself, endorsed Obama. I seriously doubt that he would have done that, if he felt his position was in jeopardy. In addition, every move that Obama has made has been to support the actions of the Federal Reserve. Why would he eliminate it, when he has been such a staunch supporter of it?

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