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Real Estate Truth gives me hope for 9-11 Truth acceptance

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 05:26 PM
I live in Vancouver, Canada, one of the most heavily effected cities in the Real Estate Bubble of the last decade. We are estimated to be approx. 2 years behind the U.S. when it comes to feeling the effects of the bubble.

As a transplant from the prairies I was shocked at the difference in price of real estate between my former province and Vancouver when I first moved here 8 years ago. As I became older and started a family, the idea of owning a home became more important to me.

As young friends and coworkers began purchasing homes they couldn't afford, I began to do my research. To be honest, I did not have the credit standing at the time to make a purchase. At the time I felt upset and was buying into the hype. My girlfriend at the time began to get worried that we would be "Priced Out".

As time went on, I felt the pressure from co-workers and friends and media, that we were wasting our money and missing out big time.

I had always been interested in alternative news since my youth and eventually because of and Alex Jones, I became interested in 9-11 truth about 3 years ago. I will never forget when it hit me, like many of you, it changed everything.

I began to watch all the news through a different lens....the lens of scrutiny...the lens of truth.

And suddenly I found that ALL the news had to viewed through this lens. NOT just government news...but real estate....economy....history....everything.

I began to research Real Estate hype and truth. I began to realize that things were going to change.

I must admit I was a coward with this info. I would watch the news, with their endless hype telling us that Real Estate was the best thing ever and would never come down...and I knew they were wrong...and I did nothing.

I let my feelings out about two or three years too early and let me tell you that I was not very popular around dinner tables or watercoolers. I decided that I would keep my mouth shut, for better or worse, with my "doom and Gloom" reports about the real estate market. I stopped talking about it completely when I had a few drinks at a friends house and was basically surrounded by new homeowners who relentlessly hounded me about "equity" and such...not a good place to be...The funny thing is...these people were all trying to "help" me see the way....I know that they did indeed believe what they were pushing on me.

My girlfriend and I argued endlessly as she bought into the hype and wanted oh so badly to have a place "of her own"....

After a couple of years of her arming herself with "facts" from the talking heads on TV and her smart friends who all basically wrote me off as a pissed off renter, I almost gave in.


I knew the truth. I wanted to fit in. I wanted the arguments to end.

At one point, truth be told, I told myself that I would just go ahead and buy with my girl, just to stop the insanity. Even though I knew it may cost me tens of thousands of dollars, I would buy just to stop it all. Even though I knew it was stupid a part of me just wanted to buy and then when we lost everything, tell my girl "I told you so" (nobody ever said i was smart)

However I managed to hold off. The market suddenly....and I mean suddenly, changed.OVERNIGHT.

Now of course the media is starting to sing a different song. It is still not the truth, but they cannot deny the facts anymore. Of course the reasons they say this happened are not the truth. Of course they say it will be a shallow or short dip. But people can read between the lines.

Now we look back at the ads from only two years ago and chuckle..."WHO WOULD"VE FALLEN FOR THAT?"

My fiance's friend, whose husband is a real estate developer, had come back to her and said..."your man was right.."

Just as you feel the truth movement will not change anything...just when you fell like giving up...


The world will change and the truth will be accepted as obvious..


Keep the fight alive!

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by Game_Over

Your post is a very interesting one and I'm glad you said the things you said. I have a similar feeling about the situation, but I think it's going to be much more serious than a sudden outburst of "truth".

I personally think there is going to be serious unrest in the United States. I was quite dismayed by the popular vote in the election just past.

I am amazed that John McCain was able to get as many votes as he did. Obama's victory was decisive, but to tell the truth, I expected a massive repudiation of the Republicans after eight years of Bush, similar to the blow dealt to the Progressive Consevatives in Canada after the retirement of the hated Brian Mulroney. I think the PC's had only two seats in parliament after that debacle. Obviously presidential politics is not the same as parliamentary politics.

American society is very divided. I think a growing segment of Americans have had it with the oligarchs. Americans don't want to turn into Mexico North, a country bled white by it's aristocrats.

If something isn't done about this paradigm, there is going to be real trouble. 9/11 truth will be one of the pieces of kindling on a much bigger fire.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by Game_Over

Thank you for sharing your experiance.

Back in 1998 a "Friend" told me all the great stuff about Interest only loans and ARM loans trying to get me one. I passed up on that and didn't buy property until Oct 2005. Something valued at a third of what everyone would say I could afford, on seller financing.

I felt the same pressure as you, from everyone. Especially my boss who would constantly ask when I was going to buy a house. My feeling was he wanted me to be trapped to a house payment so I would need his job more. I didn't buy a house, I didn't get married and I don't have kids. I quit my job and went into business for myself and have been happy and in better control of my own future ever since.

My opinion is this is the start of something more
Alan Greenspan said we have not seen the bottom of the realestate market yet.

By design or not (I believe it's by design) the corrupt/predatory lending practices created the realestate bubble. The bubble is bursting affecting the rest of the economy. The debt based economy slows and the stock market plummets. Fear grips the baby boomers so close to retirement as their 401k's are cut 30-40% in a month. 1 1/2 trillion tax dollars are stolen by our government and given to the chosen ones, Americans let them do it because their scared. We say "OK we'll sell out our values, just save our 401k's and jobs."

But the "Bailout" hasn't saved our 401k's, has it? It's not making it easier to stay in the home they can't afford, is it?

It's not over.
Layoffs on a large scale are coming.

Want to know how they get us next?

Reverse Mortgages (RM's). (77% increase in one year)

401k's aren't coming back up. Baby boomers are retiring, the largest group of 401k contributors will no longer contribute and the younger work force cannot and will not make up the difference.

Baby Boomers will outlive the 401k money and be forced to reverse mortage the home (at a diminished value) to supplement their SS checks.

Gone will be the days of leaving an estate to your children. The reality will be the children will inherit the debt of a reverse mortgage or be forced to let their parents estate be taken to settle this debt.

What am I doing about it?
I'm investing in companies doing RM's. Real crappy of me right? Profiting off the the corrupt system causing people so much pain is immoral? I'm a survivor, this is modern day survivalism for me. I'm warning everyone I know about this and I call on everyone to do the same. I hope we can defeat this corrupt system but until then I will try to grow stronger the same way our oppressors do.

As you probably know, you can tell most people this info until you are blue in the face and they won't listen. But if the right talking head on TV tells them, they'll repeat it like it's gospel.

I encourage everyone to avoid the "crowd", as hard as it is sometimes. Following the crowd has led many to their own demise, I guess they can take comfort in not being Alone though.

Case your interested
Metlife (MET): Snoopy getting into Reverse Mortgages (brilliant! Cute dog on his little doghouse is gonna take your home in the end!) How could I not buy stock in that?

Genworth Financial (GNW): bought a reverse mortage co. last year. Analysts negative on it but never mention they're into RM's and the explosive growth in that area. Downgraded a credit rating even though company is well capitalized. Stock 95% institution owned. I bought at $5 and $4.75, if it drops to $2 Nov 6 (earnings report) I would buy as much as I could but, that's me.) I think it's a $12 stock in 2 years. But, what do I know, except I bought IndyMac after the FDIC took it over @ .08 and sold it 2 months later @ .18

Probably against some kind of T&C rules here to mention stock buys but, I really do consider this survival.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by Game_Over

I began to watch all the news through a different lens....the lens of scrutiny...the lens of truth....

The world will change and the truth will be accepted as obvious..


Keep the fight alive!

Dude. You belong on Oprah.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 01:28 AM
Forget Oprah...

...I'm on ATS. So are you.

I may be passionate and emotional but I am sharing it with you to perhaps give a little glimmer of hope to someone out there who may be going through a tough time and wanted to give up.

I started the thread because I had been reading many old logs of the comments sections from various real estate blogs and was impressed with the webs powerful way of looking back in time. You can read through the years as the sentiments change from positive spin to sad truth.

I believe the same will happen with 9-11 truth.

Yes they are completely different.

But in the end they are completely the same.

A media/govt that tells you the sky is purple, a people that don't look up.

so forget Oprah...

Im on ATS.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 07:19 AM
When purchasing properties one should use common sense,depending on your age I'm sure you have been taught can't get something for nothing,think the loan companys are nice guys,go ahead and sign the contract,think about it,who's wages will double in the 2 yrs that your loan deffered payments are due


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