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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 06:42 PM
Chapter 7

Everyone sat around the fire and warmed up while we waited for Jacob to arrive back from settin the permeter alarms, handing out the coffee i took another look at Tolgarn's wound and applied another dressing to it. Tying it off around his shoulder, Jacob arrived and took a deep sip of the coffee and leaned against a tree, stretching his arms and legs.
" So Jacob! You want to explain exactly what were planning to do? I know were going to get Intel and retrieve this woman if possible, but more info is a major plus here!!" O'Neill inquired.
Jacob looked at him and smirked.
" As you know, Kartaya has just recently been announced the bride of Her'ure. She is the daughter of Sokar and one of his mistresses and her host has just recently been replaced because the other was severly wounded in a battle with Apophis. Know, Since the host is Nox, we arent very sure if she will have the same abilities as the other Nox, if she does and she comes of age while being possessed by the symbiote, then it would be disastrous to all."
Having missed the details of the story earlier when patching up Tolgarn, i chipped in and inquired to the other details.
" So i am taking it the plan is to get some intel of Her'ure's plans and then retrieve Kartaya before she can come of age? How exactly do u plan to do that?"
" Well she is heavily guarded on her homeland under the protection of her personal guards from her army, she is awaiting the marriage in private and is under orders to stay inside so no danger to her is present. At present, her army is a mixture of Serpent, Horse and Horse guards, they are highly trained and very protective of there masters. At last count, she has 5 legions of Serpent guards and 2 of Horse guards."
" I cant believe she managed to get Horse and Serpent guards to join forces, they are sworn enemies. I know some joined forces with Her'ure after we killed Apophis, but i didnt realise that many!" Carter replied.
He nodded and sighed, leaning against the tree trunk.

A few seconds later we had finished our coffee and had stomped out the campfire, dealing with the sensors i put them away and then headed in the direction that everyone had walked in. Ten minutes later we hit a junction at crosspaths, takin a left into the deep forest we walked for around 3 hours before we came across a open clearing hidden by the darkness of the forest and amount of trees. Jacob came out the trees and walked upto the main clearing area, sayin a few words, a large craft appeared out of nowhere. Gettin a bit of a shock i stepped back and exclaimed in awe at the technology. Headin inside after them all i followed them into a large cargo hold and then leaned against one of the large crates before we continued any further.
" How about everyone gets some sleep for a couple of hours? I will wake u around 0300hrs EST and make sure ur brought upto date with our latest details from the spy on Phallix ok." Jacob replied to me yawning.
" Okay Jake! Well get 4hrs sleep and then we take off ok...we need to keep to a descent schedule and get in contact with ur operative so we know whats going on." O'Neill replied.
Jacob nodded and we headed off to snuggle down on the crates to get some sleep and well deserved rest. Trying to sleep on the floor i couldnt and Tolgarn pulled me in and let me rest my head on him...i soon found myself cuddled in and fast asleep.

thats it for the now...will post more in a couple of days ok so ok

c u soon


posted on May, 18 2004 @ 06:51 PM
thanks for the much awaited didn't dissappoint one bit..too bad you're so busy at the moment, your story is quite riveting...looking forward to more as usual.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 07:04 PM
Nice Gryff i liked the part where Jacob just walked over to the clearing and said his words I could just see him doing that in real life on tv if you catch my drift job done well

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by SE7EN]

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 06:21 PM
Chapter 8

I was awoken by a strange feeling on my head, opening my eyes i looked and saw Tolgarn running his fingers through my hair and over my scalp, smiling he smiled back and kissed my hand.
" Good morning Royan, did you get enough sleep?" he inquired.
" Yes i did thank you. How about you?" i replied.
He nodded and helped me up and after a quick stretch and shake off we headed to the cockpit and found everyone else there and we were heading towards the planet in the distance. Heading towards the back again i went and freshened up a bit and then made sure i had everything ready incase i needed anything the moment we landed. Ten minutes later Jacob called me through and we landed in a small hidden clearing and cloaked the Tel'Tac before turning to us all. We all headed back through to the main cargo hold and Jacob activated the other two large containers that we had all pondered about earlier when we first entered the ship. Pullin open the lid he handed out some large clothes containers and told us to take a seat.
" These are your disguises for when we are going to infiltrate Her'ure's palace and wedding, We are pretty much going to be infiltrating his whole servent detail and other people who are going to be attending his wedding. The men are going to be slaves, Jack you will be a slave to Her'ure, newly transported to Phallix. Daniel, a scholar who is from the local area and Teal'c a body guard for Sam and Royan who will be acting as daughters of Hathor. Please, get changed in the back and then meet me again here so i can prepare you for the next details."
We all headed through the back in groups and twenty minutes later Sam and myself emerged wearing this very skimpy looking dress and jewellery. The Colonel's eyes light up and Daniel's, Teal'cs and Tolgarn's jaws dropped.
" Okay then, my little sister is in a skirt that isnt military issue" Daniel joked.
Beeing sarky i curtsied at him and smiled as Tolgarn as his eyes kinda glazed over and he looked so damn cute like that!

After about 10 mins of Jacob explaining the roles a bit further we all watched as he brought out another small container and laid it out on the cargoboxes. Pulling out a small device i recognised as a Tok'ra Injector device, he walked over to me.
" Royan, as you know Major Carter has already been a host to a Tok'ra, she has a protien marker and can sense naquida and other Goa'ulds around her. For this mission to work, Anise and our healers have come up with a temporary Protien marker which will enable u to be disguised as a host and have all the atributes that one requires to prove it. , ie, glowing eyes, the voice and the ability to enable any Goa'uld weapon. For this to work i must inject u with this solution and allow it to take effect within the next 12hours, then you will be able to masquarade for 72hrs, possibly more.
" Alright, lets get to it!" I replied.
Walkin over to Jacob i shook myself off and stretched my neck to the left so he could aim it for the vien. He looked at me and i nodded, taking a deep breath he put it upto my neck and hit the Injector.

All i could feel was a sharp sting and then the world going fuzzy and black......

Sorry its been so long....just really hectic work...hopefully this will get updated every 2-3days now ok


posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 04:13 PM
Nice update gryffen been wait for this for a long time
keep up with the good work lookin forward to the next chap from you
cya around ats SE7.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 05:23 PM
oooh getting drugged up now for a covert op....this is getting really good, look forward to reading more

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 07:45 AM

being a BIG Stargate fan i thought that was great.

Please keep it up and keep us updated with it.


posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 01:58 PM

*yes...its finnaly here!*

A soft push on my shoulder roused me enough to breathe deeply and gasp as a sudden cramp hit my neck from when i fell onto the floor. The place was so dark, i felt the hand push me again..grabbin the hand i bit down hard.
"ROYAN!!!" came the scream.
Letting go i shook my head and looked up to see a O'Neill craddling his hand and looking rather annoyed.
"Colonel, im sorry i didnt know it was you!"
"So you had to take a chunk outta my hand that would rival a great white sharks!!"
I looked up at him and smiled innocently; helping me up i took a quick look at his hand and deemed it to be superficial but gave him a clean up and dressing to cover it incase.
"Ok Sir, you'll be fine, just em...please dont wake me like that again?"
He looked at me and grinned as he saw my goofy look i was givin him.

A call from outside broke the moment and we sheepishly looked at each other before we both headed outside to see everyone around a campfire with Jacob holding on to a golden glove looking piece of equiptment and Carter fitting a same object onto her hand. Giving a curious look at them Jacob came forward and talked to O'Neill as Tolgarn beckoned me over to him and Carter.
"Royan, you already know that Major Carter has been a Tok'Ra host and she carries a genetic marker which allows her to sense and use Goa'uld weaponry and technology. Now for you to complete this mission without having to place yourself in serious danger, we have already administered the marker via the injection you recieved a few hours ago. Now we need to make sure you can successfully use the marker to its full potential.
"Alright..lets get this show on the road!" i replied as we moved over to a clearing to practice.
He nodded and for the next hour or so Teal'c, Jacob and Tolgarn took us through some basic functions of the more sophisticated technology and give me a beginners course on how to use the Hand Device to its full power...and blowing some major holes in the countryside while we were at it.

About another 30 mins or so later we were having a small break when Jacob came running from the Tel'Tac and handed Tolgarn a data pad.
"Whats wrong dad?" Carter inquired.
"Some of the plans have changed for the wedding. They fear an attack on the bride and groom so they have moved the time of the ceromony forward. We need to move out in the next 20 minutes to be ready for the sudden changes."
We all looked at each other and then Colonel O'Neill stood up and sighed.
" Alright campers! Grab your gear and get ready to move out in 10 minutes. Jacob we need to inform the General of the details then we go. Lets get to it!"

At that we all scrambled towards our gear and got ourselves prepared for what was to become one life changing experience for more than one of us.


Sorry for the delay..the war n all was gettin in the way!!

Hope u enjoy or just debunk it

[edit on 21-9-2004 by Gryffen]

posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 02:07 PM
Yayyy !!! all getting ready to storm the wedding nice update gryffen been a while keep it up.

posted on Sep, 26 2004 @ 10:31 AM
Chapter 10

*drum roll*

Five minutes later we all met up at the Stargate and made sure we were all properly attired and in the ranks of society that Jacob had informed us of. As we waited on the co-ordinates being punched up on the DHD, Tolgarn did some last minute checkin and made sure we were comfortable and all prepared; the gate opened and off we went. Walking through the event horizon we walked off the small platform the stargate was embedded in and we all gasped at the size of the palace.
"Wow!! Think were gonna need maps Jacob!" O'Neill remarked.
"Dont worry Colonel, the reception area is smaller and well guarded, you'll find your way around with ease. Now, we had better move out before someone suspects something." Selmak replied.
He nodded and off we headed down the long well worn track towards the palace.

After about a miles walking we stopped for a second and made sure we were all organised again and got into formation so the Jaffa could not suspect us in any foulplay or suspicious acts. Teal'c took the lead with the men on the outside and Carter and me in the inside, takin a deep breath i took the lead and we headed into the main complex.
"Kree!! Who goes there?" shouted a loud voice.
We all stood very still as a Jaffa in ceremonial dress came towards us, glancing at O'Neill he nodded at Teal'c and signalled us to be ready.
" I am Nat'lyan, First Prime to the daughters of Hathor. We have passes to enter the celebration of your masters wedding feast," he said handing the man a special data pad.
The Jaffa looked at it and scanned all the information before looking at us and agreeing to let us pass peacefully, He pointed in the correct direction and we all moved forward as one unit until we came onto the enterance of the main banquet hall. We all stayed in the formation and glanced around at what we were seeing, the place was huge and everyone noticed the large garden maze down the valley slightly. Taking a deep breath we all moved again and suddenly were stopped again by more Jaffa.
"Only the daughters of Hathor may pass now, for they are pure and no danger."
" I cannot allow my mistresses to go without an escort, what if danger?" Teal'c replied, his strong voice unwavering.
"They will be well protected. The daughters only!" the Jaffa replied.
Looking at the Colonel he blinked signalling they would be in the gardens, nodding we followed the Jaffa into the large banquet hall.

The hall was so large that even the whole of the bottom level of the SGC couldnt have filled the place up, hundeds of people could easily fit in here and still have space free for a couple of dancefloors. The Jaffa led us to a pile of cushions on the floor beside a low table where food and wine were laid out for us beside other tokens of allegience. Looking at Sam, she took a quick sip of water and nodded saying it was fine to drink it.
For the next half an hour or so we took in as much details as we could then suddenly a huge horn was sounded and everyone around us bowed to the floor as people came into the hall from behind some silk curtains. Looking up i saw Carter gasp as she saw the woman and man.
"Sam, whats wrong? Carter!!" i whispered harshly.
She looked at me and shook her head signalling we had to get back to the others to report ASAP. Nodding we went through the ceremony and around an hour later we managed to leave the banquet hall and find the others in the maze down the gardens.
"Major, Captain. Anything to report?" Tolgarn inquired.
"Yeah, we have a problem!" she replied.

For the next few minutes we explained to them what happened after we seperated at the door and what other details we had taken in of the layout and possible guard details. Sam then began explaining about the wedding.
"So Kartaya married Her'ure..whats the problem?" asked a puzzled O'Neill.
" Kartaya wasnt the bride...Ammonet was, she married Her'ure."
Danials head snapped up and O'Neill just gave that look to Jacob and Tolgarn saying 'and you tell us our intel is bad!!'
"That woman was Ammonet? I thought she was Apophis' wife?" i inquired.
"We killed Apophis last year, she must have made the allegience to keep herself and her Jaffa safe and within the ranks of the lower system lords." Teal'c replied.
"So now what do we do? Since the Intel was wrong, what can we do?"
"We can go in and get Ammonet! This is a great oppertunity to get her!"
" Danial im not going down this road again with you! Even if we could capture her there is a possibility we cant remove the symbiote." Jack said annoyed.
"Jack please! You have to let us try!" Danial begged.
"NO! And im not having anything more to do with this conversation. Lt. Jackson, get back to the recon point and head to the Tel'tac, inform the General of the recent details and then stay there until we come back tomorrow."
"Yes Sir," i replied heading off.
" Royan wait! Jack, let me go too, better in pairs incase anything goes wrong," replied Danial.
"Alright but Royan is in charge." he replied.
Nodding we walked off towards the stargate and unknowing to me, Danial had a little plan at work which would change both of our lives forever.

posted on Sep, 26 2004 @ 12:46 PM
Nice one Gryffen, more to come soon I hope.............

posted on Sep, 26 2004 @ 06:29 PM
Chapter 11

*pulls pint and hides*

As i hid in the Tel'Tac gettin changed and talking to the General, updating him on recent Intel and other relevent details, Danial was on watch outside. A few minutes later i emerged back outside in my gear and we secured the ship and made a beeline to the stargate again as the General wanted us back ASAP. As i covered our backs as he dialed the coordinates he signalled he was ready to go and we headed through the wormhole; landing in a very dark room i immediatly brought my weapon upto mast and scanned the area. Looking at him i frowned and followed him up with my weapon loaded and aimed at the main entrance; as we went up the ramp and along the corridor i gasped as we walked outside.
"Ok..we sure aint on Earth!" i stated with my jaw trippin me.
I looked at Danial and he winced slightly as he knew i was pissed off.

I followed him for about a good twenty minutes over sand dunes and rocky outlets until we came across a large settlement over the next dune, he took the lead and waved to some boys who were playing at the bottom. They looked up at us and waved back, shouting to the others that we had arrived, a few mins later we had entered a main tent and Danial bowed and they let us sit down. Over the next little while they brought us in food and drink and Danial kept on talking with this elder gentlemen, he kept on lookin at me and then i heard Danial mention Ammonet and the mans facial expression changed dramatically. He looked at me and asked me somthing in what i could faintly recognise as Egyptian.
"He asked if your truely my sister?" Danial translated for me.
" Diao," i replied.
The man looked at me and smiled.

It must have been an hour or so later that i was sittin ontop of a sand dune watchin the sunset over a mountain range when Danial sat down beside me. I didnt look at him, he knew i was pissed and left it as it was.
"So...this is Abydos then?" i inquired.
"Eh yeah, it is. The man you met before is Sha're's father."
"Ammonet is Sha're isnt she? Shes the Goa'uld who took control of her!"
"Yes. I am sorry for lying to you and the rest of the team but we have a chance here to grab and save her. I cant allow that to pass by!"
Standing up i shook the sand off myself and looked at him.
"You do realise that the moment the others get home and find out we arent there they will come back and hunt for us. You have ruined our careers in the SGC!"
He stood up and faced me looking rather mad.
"You have to calm down...ill take the heat for this!! Now u can go home all you want but im going after my wife."
With that he stormed off down towards the encampment again and left me at the top of the hill lookin rather miffed. Havin a quick think about it i turned around and headed after him and got him to stop.
"Alright! We go in tomorrow at dawn..i lead and we extract complaints and if i say so we scrub the mission and get the hell out of there!"
Looking at me he took a deep breath and nodded.

We both headed down to the encampment again and went to get some sleep in the living area we were given. From far up on the sand dunes a group of men laid on the sand overlooked the camp and made plans for an attack.

Hope you enjoy....*runs and hides*

posted on Sep, 26 2004 @ 10:14 PM
Nice two new chapters there gryffen getting really good now keep up with the good work.

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 03:16 AM

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