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posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 11:59 AM
I decided to start from the beginning of the story and work my way through the chapters i began years ago before i joined the forgive the innacuracies as i wont change them as they spoil the original text.

I followed the General's aide into the office and as i stood infront of him at attention and saluted, the General nodded and pointed me to a chair beside the desk. I sat down and heard the door close behind me and a screen go over the door window.
" Lt. Your being transfered tomorrow to Cheyenne Mountain Complex. I'll brief you on all the aspects of your job details and then let u go as you have a serious amount of work to do before you are picked up tomorrow at 0600hrs."
He handed me the files and began the briefing on my new assignment as 2IC of Medical Staff and as the new medic to the top team in the SGC. A couple of hours later i left with a box full of files and headed back home to pack and organise other details with family and friends. Later that night I was busy packing up the last of my cases and boxes when the phone went off, finding it ontop of the cabinet i answered to a male voice saying my name.
" Danial!! I thought you were in Egypt on that massive survey??"

The next morning i left Washington DC and headed from Andrews AFB to Cheyenne by car. We arrived early evening and drove to the complex past heavly posted guards and numerous security checkpoints. The Airman took took me down the checkpoints and handed me the main ID that i required to move around freely in the base, we ushered through a busy corridor and several minutes later we arrived outside an office. He knocked twice and a voice called for us to enter and close the door, we stood to attention and saluted.
" stand easy Lt. Jackson," he said waving off the Airman.
" Thank you Sir," i replied.
He walked around and shook my hand, handing me a glass of water he sat opposite me and we had a small chat before we actually began talking about my new assignment. For the next 3hrs or so i sat there listening to numerous details and signing many forms, finally i had found the one place i knew i would belong.

Around 20 minutes later, after being given clearence and the General having my gear moved down to my temporary quarters, he gave me a personal tour of the main parts of the base that i would need to know about for 2morrow. We headed into a large area which turned out to be the main gym area, 2 men were sparring on the thick mats and i smiled as i saw the smaller man defend himself against the large bulk of the other man.
" Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c," shouted the General.
Both men turned around and removed there gloves and helmets, saluting to them both the Colonel Saluted back and the other man bowed.
" Jack, Teal'c. This is Lt. Royan Jackson, she is SG-1s new medic and also Doctor Fraiser's 2IC."
I smiled and we stood there and chatted for a little while before we split up again and the General too me down the elevator again and into a level that was designated 23 and Labs. We headed along and the next room we headed into appeared to be some sort of mech lab with many assorted computers and other gadgets kicking about in various stages of bits and bobs. A woman came out of a small storage cupboard near the end of the lab, she never saw us until the General gave a little laugh as he saw her sit down and fiddle with a peice of technology i had never seen before.
" Major Carter!" he said.
Standing up and facing us, i smiled and saluted her, she saluted back and grinned.
" Major Carter, this is Lt. Royan Jackson. The new medic for SG1 and Doctor Fraiser's 2IC. I have somethings to take care of, would u please give her the rest of the tour around the base, and then collect her when its time for chow?"
" Yes Sir, would be a pleasure," she replied.
The General left us there and Major Carter put away her instruments and equiptment and then grabbed her passcard and we headed down the elevator again and into the Infirmary and many other places before heading to my quarters so i could get organised. As i stood outside the elevator waiting for it to arrive, i turned to the Major and asked her a question.
" Whats the Stargate?" i inquired as she smiled.
" Ahhh, that will have to wait till wednesday. Tomorrow we are going house hunting and we organise your new gear and get you brought up to date with all the new aspects of the base and anything you are not sure of ok."
I nodded and smiled back.
" Oh, one rule. My names Sam!" she said
" Cool, Royan then," i said back grinning from ear to ear.
We laughed and headed to the commisary for a late dinner and then back to my quarters so i could rest and get some sleep. i said this was done a few years back and kinda sucks..both spelling wise and grammer but hey...its me.

lemme know if u can stand more of it


posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 12:07 PM
intriguing....i likes...well written..barring the few minor errors, which i didn't even notice any
...continue please.

posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 12:54 PM
An SG1 story ! - excellent. I rarely have chance to watch TV anymore and missed most of the latter episodes, so its good to be able to read about the SGC here on ATS.

posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 04:42 PM
Here is the next installment.........*drum roll*

Later the next day after hours of gettin supplies organised and finnally finding a house for me in the town, we were sitting in Sam's lab and she was talking to me while tinkering with a piece of technology when the door opened and in walked Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c. They looked at us and smiled as they saw us chatting away with big grins on our faces.
" Eh, Colonel! Better get out of the way of the laser Sir!" Sam called to him.
The look on the Colonel was pricless as he saw where the laser was pointed, he backed of slowly and i stiffled a laugh at his antics.
As the day progressed I was shown around the place in more detail and was finally shown where the locker rooms where for changin and where we kept the main weapons for our missions. It was gettin late at night and we both headed to the elevator and headed to our quarters. As i stood outside Sam's quarters, she called to me.
" I will come for you around 0700hrs, we leave at 0930hrs but we brief first and then go for our pre-mission check up. Were gonna meet the rest of our team on the otherside."
" Alright. Goodnite Sam and thank you!" i replied.
I headed off down the corridor to my own quarters where i changed and promptly fell asleep.

Sam came a bit early the next morning but i was up anyway due to being a bit excited; We were briefed by Sam and then we headed down for our check-ups and then to get changed. We met the men outside of the Gateroom and when the doors opened i was mesmerized by what i saw, all of a sudden the Technician called out and this large 'wave' came out the stargate.
" Wow!!!" i near yelled,
" Beautiful isnt it?" the Colonel asked.
All i could do was nod in agreement and we headed up the ramp after a go-ahead from the General in the Control Room. Closing my eyes i took a deep breath and headed through to land on a woody path. Opening my eyes i looked around and up as the Colonel pointed to the sky.
" Bi-lunar system right?"
She nodded and we headed off the pedastal and down to meet the MALP and other gear we had brought through.
After about an hours hiking throught the woods we came to a sand dune and started the steep accent to the top, after a few minutes we arrived and i looked over an encampment of army tents and assorted man made hatches with a dozen people wandering around the place. The Colonel stood beside me as we both put on our sunglasses and looked over it.
" One of our team is down there, he is the head of the research project. Lets head down and meet him shall we?" he said smiling.
The base was further away than shown, it took us a further 20 minutes to get there and when we came into camp we were greeted by SG3 who was on patrol around the area.
" Colonel O'Neill, welcome to Maris'li. Follow me, he's upto his eyeballs in sand and artefacts again." the Captain said laughin.
We all headed over and when the Colonel called to him he came over and i stood there with my mouth hanging open. The man saw me and inquired to O'Neill to who i was.
" So. who's the new guy?"
I walked over with my mouth still hanging open catching flies, i couldnt believe my eyes. He looked at me, slightly amused.
" Daniel?" i said.
" Yeah, who're you?"
He didnt recognise me as i had my hat and sunglasses on, i removed them and his facial expressions changed very suddenly to complete shock,
" ROYAN!!"
The Colonel and SG1 were pretty confused at our behaviour so O'Neill stepped in.
" You guys know each other? College??" he inquired.
" Eh, no exactly Jack!" Daniel replied.
O'Neill and Carter looked at me and i explained.
" No Sir, Daniel is my brother."
Everyone stood in a near shocked silence, looking between us both, half very suprised and the other concerned.....

Thats writers block at the mo...more to come


posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 06:30 PM
Nice story being a fan of Sg1 i found myself hearing the voice's of the actors in the tv seris weird i know but when you say it i hear it .Its good and has a long way to go hope you get rid of the writers block ...


posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 01:20 PM
Here is the next chapter...*gulps*

We stood there facing each other and finally after a few seconds we both snapped out of the shock of seeing each other on an alien world.
" Daniel, i thought u were in Egypt?"
" No! I've been gone...working with these guys for the last 2 years. What the hell are you doing here?" he demanded back.
" HELLO!!" shouted a very confused O'Neill, waving his hands about.
We both looked at him and saw that he was really confused looking and that Sam had headed off to go check something out.

As Daniel and myself explained to them, Sam headed over to a clearing just outside camp, she gave a shout for help as soon as she went outside our view. We ran over and saw her leaning over someone, i knelt down and removed my backpack.
" What happened?" i asked the man.
" I ate one of the apples the chef found this morning," he replied pointing to the tree's in the orchard outside camp.
He passed out, quickly checking his vitals and breathing I gave him a small dose of wide range anti-venom.
" He's stable but we need to get him home so i can run further tests."
" Alright, we'll get a stretcher," replied one of the men who had come over.
" I'll go get the Chef and check if anyone else has eaten the fruit," O'Neill called to us as we got the man strapped into the stretcher and two soldiers carried him to a small clearing out of the way.
Grabbing the apple i put it into a sealed bag so i could run tests on it in the Labs when we got back home. Around 10 minutes later, another 5 people were down with the same symptoms as the first man and i was sure that would be the maximum amount of people infected. By this time Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c had headed to the Stargate to inform the SGC of the problem and i knew we were stuck on this planet until Doctor Fraiser could determin the toxin in the apple that was making our men sick. I had gathered a group of soldiers to help me take the unconciouss soldiers to the infirmary and begin some basic treatment by IV and blood work to try and help Janet along.

Two hours later we were busy in the infirmary when Janet and her team came in clothed in Hazmat suits and carrying several containers full of equiptment and supplies.
" Alright! Standard Procedure and Royan, i need all your available data and recent blood work and other lab results from all patients. If you are clear then i can safetly guarentee that the toxin is not spread by physical contact."
I nodded and gathered up all the recent data and headed over to where she was setting up her equipment. Handing it to her i sat down and sighed as she began.
Later that day after checking every person on camp we had permission to begin to move the patients to the SGC. One by one we took them through and the orderlies and nurses on the other side helped them onto the guerney's and wheeled them down to the Infirmary to begin the treatment Janet and myself had agreed on. As I headed down to the Infirmary with the last of the patients, SG1 informed the General of the situation and then headed down to the Infirmary to get they're Post-Mission check-up.

Much later on that night i sat in the Commisary having a late bite to eat and reading my book when the door opened and in walked Daniel, he grabbed a cup of coffee from the counter and headed over to me, sitting down he looked at me. Marking my place in the book, i put it down and looked at him, he didnt look very happy, well no suprise there after the first time in seeing him in 5 years.
" Were you even going to tell me you were involved in something this amazing?"
I looked at him and smiled, he pulled off his glasses and leaned back sighing.
" About two and a half years ago i was approached by a woman by the name of Catherine Langford, to study an artifact discovered by her father in Giza in 1920's. I thought it would be an easy job, i took it and i was so enthralled with what i discovered. When i had decrypted the code on the Coverstones, the men in charge organised a mission to go and discover where the Stargate took us. I begged to go along and did so, much to the protest of Jack and a few others. After the mission and we had destroyed one of the biggest threats to ourselves and the people of Abydos, the planet we arrived at, i stayed and married a local girl. Jack and the team agreed to say that i had died in a fight and i had to seal the Stargate back up to prevent them coming through again."
I sat there half dumb-struck at what he was telling me, i nodded and he began to continue after a swig of his coffee.
" It was just under 16 months ago that an enemy came through our Stargate and captured one SF and killed or wounded several more. We never knew who he/it was and thats when the President and Joint Chiefs sent out someone to go and collect Jack and bring him back to Active Duty. After some persuassion, he came out of retirement was handed the only team comprised of who you already know and sent back to Abydos to get me and bring me back. They ended up staying and after a fierce fight and several members of the tribe i lived with being captured, i was forcably removed and taken back here with the wounded. Lets put it this way, Hammond wasnt very trusting of me when we first met. I think he blamed me for getting some of his men killed or injured. What was annoying me was i now couldnt tell anyone about the mission or see my wife again!"
Taking a couple of seconds to absorb all the details i leaned back and thought of a few questions.
" Why couldnt you see your wife again?" i inquired.
" She was one of the people taken when SG1 and myself were discovering some new information on the walls fo the temple inside the Pyramid. We ran back just in time to see the Chevrons on the Stargate."
" Oh god, Daniel! I am so sorry!" i whispered back.
Before he could answer there was a loud beeping noise and a voice came over the Intercom wanting me to get to the Infirmary. Standing up i kissed Daniel on the cheek and gave him a hug, promising i would get to see him later. Walking off i sighed and pulled my swipecard out at the elevator and composed my face again as i hit the button and walked in.

There...its done...

*prepares to get strangled*


posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 05:18 PM
nice next peice to your story like the background info on daniel and the lead into the next part big thumbs up from me

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 05:22 PM
really good stuff..please do continue with more

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 08:24 PM
Great stuff gryff!!

Very intresting read...

look forward to reading more....

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 09:55 AM
Here we go again lol

Around five minutes later i walked into the Infirmary to see Janet working away beside the computer, heading over i pulled up a seat and sat down.
" Whats wrong Dr Fraiser?" i enquired.
" I just finished getting the results back from the Academy Hospital. It seems the apples have trace amounts of Hydrazine in it, which would account for theyre symptoms and slow return from the quesiness. We have them started on the correct treatment and regular bloodwork and related tests are coming back promising."
" Do you want me to go over there and perform some more tests?" i replied.
She shook her head and said that she has the Lab Techs workin on it. Stiffling a large yawn she smiled and i handed the files back with a slight blush.
" You better get some sleep, you disembark within 12 hours, its probably gonna be a long mission!" she said laughing as i stiffled another yawn.
Nodding i smiled and headed out the Infirmary and down to my quarters.

The next morning i got up a couple of hours earlier and decided to head out top-side to go and watch the sunrise and get some fresh air and a feel for the layout of the local area. After havin a short walk up the side of a mountain on an old well worn trail, i stared up at a bright flash that caught my eye. A few minutes later i was coming up behind O'Neill looking into a Telescope at the sunrise stars.
" Good morning Colonel!"
" Good morning, couldn't sleep?" he inquired.
As i stood beside him i smiled as he tinkered with the control on the scope. Staring out above the moutains i suddenly smiled and pointed to a moving object in low atmosphere.
" There she is Sir!" i said trailing the comet with my fingers.
Looking up at the trail the comet was making, i smiled as the sunrose above the mountains and lit up the sky for miles. Patting my back we packed away the scope and headed back down to his office and then down to the commisary for breakfast with the rest of the team.
For the next few hours we spent in the company of the team with them bringin me upto speed on the daily routines of everyone on base and any inportant details or meetings that i had to be made aware of. At one moment i cracked a joke that even had Teal'c killing himself over, which i hear is near damn impossible. The time came for us all to begin our shifts, we cleared up our table and began to head our seperate ways through the base. Before we departed for the labs with Sam and Janet, O'Neill shouted to us to remind about the briefing at 1130hrs.
Nodding we headed along the corridor, giggling at a comment O'Neill had made.

Thats it for now...probably gonna edit it soon...

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 10:08 AM
Good stuff Gryff, keep it up.

posted on Apr, 11 2004 @ 03:54 PM
My day was mostly going to be in the labs with Sam and Janet doing some research and tests on new biological specimens on some vegetation brought back by SG-5, from the Tolland homeworld. We had just finished running some tests in the Mass Spec's, when Janet recieved a call saying she was needed at the Academy Hospital. Leaving me in charge of the Infirmary, she scooted out of the labs and i headed over to where Sam was checking on some other results.
" So, how many civilisations have you come across so far?"
" Emm, i would probably say around 20 so far. Every team comes across a new one when on a mission, some can be very advanced or some very primative. Even then, its hard to tell," she replied smiling.
" Take it with us being the flagteam, were givin high priority missions? Or does everyone get a turn at being shot at?" i said grinning.
She looked at me and burst out laughing as we headed out the labs to the small changing rooms. A few minutes later we walked into Daniel's lab and he looked up smiling.
" Daniel, Royan is curious to the actual job we do, wanna give her the heads up, i have to get this to Hammond!"
He nodded and closed his book, sitting down he began the long story.

The next morning i woke up to hear a thumping at my door, getting up i plodded over to find Sam standing at the door in BDU's.
" Get ready, we have an emergency meeting in 20 minutes!"
By the time i had rubbed my eyes, she was half way down the corridor.
" Its only 0230hrs...whats going on?" i yelled after her.
It was too late, she was already around the corridor. Groaning i headed for a quick shower, changed then grabbed my passcard and headed up to the Briefing Room to find the whole of SG-1 and Hammond waiting on me. The Stargate activated and we all headed down to the CnC and awaited on confirmation of who was coming through. A few seconds later it came, we all headed down into the Gateroom and awaited as the Iris slid open and we faced the wormhole.
" Colonel, who's coming through?" i inquired.
Just as he was about to answer two men came out of the wormhole and down the ramp, i saw Sam's face, the man greeted us all and hugged Sam tight.
" Hi dad!" she whispered huggin him.
We headed up to the Briefing Room with the two men and sat down, i was looking a bit confused so the Colonel and General introduced us.
" Jacob, this is the newest member to SG-1, Lt. Royan Jackson. She is SG-1s medic and 2IC of the Infirmary. Doctor Jackson, this is Jacob Carter, host to Selmak. Jacob was dying of cancer in the Academy hospital 2 years back, he agreed to become a host to cement the two races together." Hammond informed me.
" Nice to meet you Jacob..Selmak!" i replied.
Shaking his hand his head bowed and his voice changed, startling me a little.
" General Hammond, we have a very serious problem that we need to discuss. It could be a matter of great importance to the ranks of the System Lords!"

The next hour or so was taken up with Selmak telling us of the predicament that had caused so much worry within the Tok'Ra. After agreements between Jacob, Hammond and the rest of us, we agreed to go with them and remedy the problem.
The General asked me if i wished to stay behind, looking at him i replied.
" Sir, with the amount of times that SG-1 has to drag theyre butts back here on a stretcher, im not suprised u need a medic!"
Everyone looked at me and began laughing at my joke.
Letting us ladies go first to get changed into our gear and weapons we headed off, looking at the other Tok'Ra who had come with Jacob, smiling i followed Sam and headed to change.

ok...thats it...more later lol

[Edited on 11-4-2004 by Gryffen]

posted on Apr, 11 2004 @ 04:51 PM
I like the part where Jacob..Selmak comes into it very nice also being kept on tender hooks as to what your going to sort out next cliff hanger installment great work thumbs up from me

posted on Apr, 11 2004 @ 08:59 PM
Also had a thought do we get to know what the problem is on the outher planet and to settle my trigger finger im hopeing for a good fight or battle or a scurmish
with some goa'uld

posted on Apr, 12 2004 @ 09:58 AM
this is really getting good, thanks for adding more

i'm expecting some sort of battle too or scurmish and we get to see you do your medic thing... keep it coming

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 03:09 PM
Around 30 minutes later after collecting all our ammo, weapons and assorted other gear from the SF's who were in line in the Gateroom, Carter and myself waited patiently on the men coming from the changing rooms with Jacob and the other Tok'Ra, Tolgarn. As the technicians dialed up the Stargate, i smiled as i was still awed at the beauty of the whole device, with the doors opening i snapped back out of it and saw the men arrive with the General in tow.
" Alright, this is the plan. Teal'c, Daniel, cover our sixes. Carter, Jackson, take point while i sweep the left flank of trees. Jackson, break form and find a place up the path for us to hide in, radio its co-ordinates in incase we need to seperate."
" Yes Sir!" we all replied.

As the General wished us well, we all headed up the ramp and through the Stargate onto a very woody plateau where the gate was balanced on a clifftop. Seconds later we came under heavy fire, all scrambling too the nearest cover we could find we began to return fire and locate how many Jaffa were firing at us. From my position i could pretty much see a clear view of where the Jaffa were hidden and after firing off a few rounds off to cover Carter moving, i radioed in to O'Neill.
" Colonel, Jaffa are coming from 2 o'clock, one off them just moved around the furthest tree, i cant see where he went too."
I could hear O'Neill over the radio, i knew he was going around us all to get to the last Jaffa, signalling my reply, i watched for a second and returned fire to cover Teal'c movement. All of a sudden a staff blast came out of nowhere and hit the Tok'ra square on the shoulder across the path for me, swining round i fired and took him out with a short burst of rounds to his chest; grabbing my med bag i ran across the path and dropped down beside Tolgarn. He wasnt moving, checkin his pulse i found it nice and strong, shaking his other arm he stirred, turned over and then grabbed my throat.
" Tolgarn, its me!!" i croaked.
Staring up at me he released me and winced as he moved, hearing the last shot of a staff blast, i knew Teal'c had killed the other Jaffa and was making his way back to us all.

Helping Tolgarn into a sitting position i looked at his back and winced at the burns covering all his right shoulder, he told me his symbiote had put up pain blockers and i could proceed in helping him. Pulling out a field dressing, i cleaned off as much dirt and blood as i could without damaging the tender flesh and strapped on the field dressing, tying it off around his shoulder and chest.
" How does that feel?" i inquired as i watched the others search the local area for anymore Jaffa.
" Better, thank you Lt. Jackson," he replied.
Nodding, i cleaned up the mess of wrappers and washed my hands with the field kit and slammed everything back into my pack, looking over to where everyone was, i nodded to Jacob who called to me. Heading over i saw they had laid out a plan of the local area the UAV had taken the previous day. For the next couple of minutes Jacob and O'Neill agreed on a quick route to our destination and we took formation and headed up along the path. Around six hours later we all wearily arrived at our destination and slumped down on the ground, dawn was fast approaching and we saw that the suns shadow on the mountain was a deep blue colour, looking at Jacob, he nodded and confirmed that the sun was actually a deep blue colour early in the morning. After making a campfire and checking Tolgarn's wound again, we all sat around the campfire chatting and waiting on O'Neill, Jacob and Teal'c coming back from patrol of the area. Finally after about an hour, they arrived back and Jacob could begin explaining the whole background of the mission in detail.

well...thats it again....sorry its been awhile...kinda busy lol

hope u enjoy


posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 04:06 PM
A very nice next installment Gryff looking very forward to the next chapter seems like you still have a long way togo with some surrprise twists I hope.

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 04:07 PM
Good story Gryff, I really enjoyed it

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 03:36 PM
Great read Gryff!
Keep it comming, can't wait for the next chapter.
Exellent story!


posted on May, 9 2004 @ 06:59 PM
great story gryff !
keep em coming!

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