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A New Way To Fight Back.. Using the Media!!?

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:19 AM
Hello everyone, my name is Ryan I'm from eastern Pennsylvania. I, like a lot of people, have to somewhat recently come to the "awakening" that many are coming to see. Its about 9:48am currently, I just got home from work and I turn on c-span to see coverage of "Campaign 2008" and the host is taking non-stop callers on the air, getting to speak their thoughts on the new President, or what they did/didn't like. Well in the 45 minutes I just watched, it was nothing but callers supporting McCain or Obama.

There is/was 3 seperate lines -
(202) 737-0002 - Obama supporters
(202) 737-0003 - McCain supporters
(202) 737-0205 - Other party supporters

I'm not doubting the fact that they aren't going to pick the "other party" line very often.

Obviously some of the people are calling are very ignorant and don't really know anything.. I was curious about how often they do these call-ins..

C-Span Phone-Ins Timeline

Well, something in my head clicked and I was like.. Why do we not use this to "our" advantage. If "we", and by "we" I mean everyone that has forth issues with government corruption, 9/11, and other MAJOR things, Military spending, Codex Alimenterius, Growing Fascism, the Income Tax, NWO, the Amero+North American Union.. the list goes on .. you know what I'm trying to say..

Why don't "we" all just plan a date to do a mass-call in and revolt the system.. Let them take disconnect us off the air.. ALL OF US.. Of course we will have to call under the correct number to even get acknowledged.. But it will have to be a MASS call in.. we will need participants. Participants who can bravely speak the truth and spread following..

If we could fight one point.. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the point to be to get largely-funded THIRD PARTIES into the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE.

I don't know maybe its crazy talk, but something needs to be done, and I know people can agree with me there. I would like some other opinions please..


[edit: was unsure of 1 phone number - now confirmed.]

[edit on 5-11-2008 by ryanlv]

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by ryanlv

You want a 3rd party to win anything when even a second party loses almost all power?

I can only see democrats for the next 50 years in power, so good luck with that.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 02:45 AM
My point is, the presidential debate is controlled BY the two main political parties..

If we can spread the word enough and get a 3rd party into the debates maybe people will wake up and realize the good they are trying to bring about..

I'm not saying I want them to win, but lets at least give them a chance to!!


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