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NWO Believers! Let's Talk FEDERAL RESERVE

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:52 AM
It is my firm belief that our strongest weapon is sharing information.

Since we don't want to overwhelm the uninformed we can only do one subject at a time.....I submit that we should focus on talking about the Fed.

The Fed is something tangible and provable. We can speak about it in terms of real laws that were passed. Real people that can be researched that had influence in 1913. Real links to outside forces playing a role. Real talk about the history of central banks. Real talk about what the Constitution means and how the Fed is illegal.

And if we can reach critical mass on the Federal Reserve conspiracy...I firmly believe the whole NWO house of cards will come tumbling. Ron Paul knows it. That's why the Fed is his big subject.

So, Please, for the sake of our Republic and for Mankind....



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