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The Future of Humanity, Grace, and the Moderate Majority

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:27 AM
I believe war should be outlawed. I believe we can feed all of the starving people with the money we save. I believe we can provide health-care to every human alive. I believe we have much more in common than we have any differences. I believe that GOOD works should earn a person currency, not employment for the profit of the elite. I believe we can explore and colonize space and other planets, together. I believe we can stop pollution, the extinction of species, and ecological destruction in its path. I believe there is a reason to hope, to dream, to believe that we have what it takes to work together for a perfect future, without the need for bankers' criminally greedy influence in the marketplace. Christ didn't let money-changers into temple, and we shouldn't let them exist in society. Bankers are truly mentally-ill psychopathic sociopathic megalomaniacs, and need help recovering from an illness not your enabling trust. Believe me.

We need these bankers institutionalized, not encouraged.

I think I speak for the majority when I say that we are not a people of extremes, but a people of moderation. We can't figure out how to fix the dichotomy of the political spheres' extremes. We do our best to elect a representative who will do the least damage and encourage the most moderation.

The bell curve seems to be accurate, and if you divvy political opinion by three equal lengths, there is a small red (fascist) right and a small blue (socialist) left and a significantly huge majority of purple (democratic) in the middle. But, it's hard to write law that works one way for people who believe one thing and works another way for people who believe another way.

I'd like a call, from Obama and all the world's leaders, to all of the philosophers and political scientists in the world to scientifically analyze all of the Democracies of the world and figure out which form is working best and how to best analyze the opinions of the populace and FORM or CREATE or PICK a candidate that best fits the ACTUAL beliefs of the MODERATE MAJORITY!

I think of the yin/yang symbol as politics today, but actuality the reality of opinion has wedge of gray through the middle. I think we should all come to the realization that any extreme is crazy and moderation is truly intelligent.

in Liberty,

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