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The Next Four Years Will See World War Three

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:35 AM
I am only using history as an example here. Subsequent to each world war that has plagued the earth, we have experienced some sort of economic depression. I am relatively confident that what I am about to say is one hundred percent factual: WAR IS BENEFICIAL TO A NATION'S ECONOMY.

I will start with World War I. Prior to the first world war, the United States experienced what has been deemed the Panic of 1907. This crisis is also referred to as the 1907 Banker's Panic. During the year that preceded this event the stock market was reduced to roughly fifty percent of its previous value. After entering the conflict that was World War I, the United State's economy was bolstered. This was followed by a period of hyperinflation similar to the economic situation the United States has found themselves in after being involved in wars with both Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not saying that the American occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan are similar in magnitude to World War I, I am simply pointing out the similarities. So far we have concluded that, in the United States, World War I was preceded buy an economic downfall that was remedied by our involvement in said war. World War II allows my point to heard more clearly.

Succeeding the second world war, the Great Depression was felt on a global scale. If you happen do doubt the ability of economic depression to cause nations to come to war, this is event that may transform your ideals. The Great Depression is the event that allowed Adolf Hitler to enter his political position and consequently initiate the second world war. That aside, for approximately a decade following 1929, the United States, as well as the world, experienced the worst economic malady in the history of the stock market. In 1941 Roosevelt and the intelligence community anticipated and welcomed the attack at Pearl Harbor as a means of entering the war. We did. Not so surprisingly the economy flourished. The New Deal was ushered in, and the United States was once again a place of economic prosperity.

The United States is currently in a state of economic malaise. It seems only proper, if things get a bit worse economically, that we are looking at future military conflict on a global scale. The issue that frightens me most about this prospect is not war. However, it the manner in which this war will be fought that causes me concern. World War I began conventionally in relation to previous wars, and then saw military advancements that were utilized in the second world war. After these military advancements were practiced during World War II, the war came to an abrupt halt when the United States used the most devastating of all military advancements: the nuclear bomb. It is my contention that, if another world war is to occur, which I am entirely convinced will happen in the next four years, the advancements of the previous world war (i.e.: nuclear weaponry) will be the primary weapons implemented. For those of you say "no one it crazy enough to do it," you don't have to be crazy. If the individual pressing the button can maintain there life, nothing is too extreme.

We are living in touchy times that are being constructed to allow for a world war. Nothing is too farfetched; everything is possible. If you want to say that this is a prediction, so be it. There will be war on a global scale within the next four years. These four years will be followed by a period of unprecedented harmony in which most of earth's inhabitants are dead.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:45 AM

Originally posted by o22a6arWAR IS BENEFICIAL TO A NATION'S ECONOMY.

Absolutely..agree 100%..

War has always been followed by great prosperity.

I believe the reason for the financial crisis is largely due to the fact we havent had a major world war in over 60 years. Instead of war correcting the anomalies in the financial system we have had to try & correct it ourselves..and its not working.

War is due and in fact its needed. No doubt about it.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:48 AM
the World Wars were advantageous for the US economy for a few reasons, primarily because there was high employment in the arms industry due to the war effort and because they weren't bombed to all hell.

in a third world war, america would be bombed extensively and, because of the legacy of the cold war, the war on terror and the war on drugs, the increase in employment would be negligible.

on the other hand, a bad economic situation breeds extremist political sentiment, this may well lead to a more unstable world. however, this crisis feels as if it was caused by extremism which might push people toward harmony and moderation in response.

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