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Prediction: Bin Laden Will Be Captured Within Next Three Months

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 01:37 AM
This thread assumes that we know exactly where Osama Bin Laden is hiding, or can easily find him. I personally believe we have known for some time where Bin Laden is hiding, but have decided not to capture him in order to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now that we have a new President, it seems likely that Bush will discover Bin Laden in the last days of his Presidency, so he can leave office looking like he has accomplished his mission.

Otherwise, it will be a top priority of Obama's new Presidency, and one that he will quickly accomplish. Naturally, he will look great, and Bush will look like an idiot. Plus, finding Bin Laden will make it quite easy to withdraw from the Middle East.

Is this prediction possible? Or is it true that this country cannot actually locate this one critical target, after all these years?

I know many people will say that Bin Laden is well hid, but it doesn't make sense me. That argument seems to underestimate the power of multi-million dollar bribes and the collective brilliance of our best tacticians.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very simple prediction. If we find Bin Laden soon now, it is obvious to me that we have been completely duped by the current administration. Let's see.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 01:42 AM
I predict that Osama will be found a few weeks into Obama's presidency, further cementing the Trilateral Commission's illusion that he is a saviour.

But keep in mind, once he is captured then there must be a trial. And there is no evidence linking Osama to 9/11, so it could only be a trial for the 93 bombings.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 02:50 AM
Hey! Think you can get Osma that easy is a laughing matter. Just think carefully about how he could deal with his money problems without being traced by the world most advanced nation (USA) with their apparatus that consider to be out of this world technology. Guess you need to know about all his espionage systems and arms deals toget his work done. If he alone (to be known ) could attacked the WTC in New York, then you should think
and consider about how many men, technologies and associates(occults) that give him 'some' hand to do all the job. I believe that Osama do have some 'dangerous weapons'(may be some/a few)) that are going underway by waiting for a good moment tostrike.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 03:17 AM
Aye, the bombings. Sure, go catch him now.

People, all this talk about savior and stuff is a moot point. If someone go it into their mind to end the Trilateral Commission or any other "secret" organization" then those organizations would fall. Take a dose of bad for a dose of good, the world will keep on shuttling around sun...

Ya, it's all bad that which causes you just ignore it if you won't actually do anything about it? OH WAI this conspiracy stuff is better than just a Hollywood movie, so I guess that's my answer.

You know there are secret, and top secret, and super secret organizations around right? That is why the PATRIOT act was put into place, and all this thought crime stuff came up, and why Bush pardoned himself and his peons. King George...the ignoble son of an ignoble and dishonorable line of weak and infectious blood...should have been raised as a King and not a President - to whit, he wasn't treated like a baby as he should be until his parents pass away. Basically, I blame the whole NWO bloodline for this madness - true, they had collaborators (Bauer family, switched to Rothschild...funny) but they need to slowly taken out of the eye of the world and put down to the level of the poor working class. That sort of thing used to be common and that is why they are so powerful...they used laws that they wrote to bring down other Houses. That's it. The line should be purged but I don't condone murder of humans for any reason, so we should liquidate the estates and open the places they live to the public like the King of Sweden did in the 1970s.

Meh, rambling on! Sorry! GOGO Augmented Forces, Navy lead the way and Special Forces take the credit!

On a side note : I am so overwhelmed with joy right now - Air Independent Propulsion instead of nuclear power for our submarines and ships is closer than ever!!! Hey, civilian populations would benefit from AIP, too...

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 03:41 AM
Bin Laden is dead. According to Bhutto, (she was assasinated right after she was interviewed on the David Frost show), said that he was killed in 2001. Then I heard he died in 2003 from his kidney disease he had. Haven't you noticed that the last one they had on the news was so fake it was sickening.
You can go to , the interview is there, of course, under her name. Or just google the David Frost Show and I'm sure it is in the archives. Was November 2nd, 2007. It was a little strange after I watched that video, she had given the date when he was killed, then, I went back to check it out again, just to get the details, and within a week, it had been edited with only saying he'd been killed, they deleted the date. It is also on , tag is: Benazir Bhutto David Frost Osama Bin Laden. Check it out.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 05:40 AM
The OP makes a good point,i think Osama WILL be found either just at the end of the bush years or the beginning of the obama years.
Weather he'll be found alive is another thing,but i feel something bin laden will surface over the next few months

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 08:49 PM
Well, they might be able to find his skeleton ...

CBS News has been told that the night before the September 11 terrorist attack, Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan. He was getting medical treatment with the support of the very military that days later pledged its backing for the U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan. Pakistan intelligence sources tell CBS News that bin Laden was spirited into this military hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis treatment. On that night, says this medical worker who wanted her identity protected, they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secret team to replace them. She says it was treatment for a very special person. The special team was obviously up to no good. "The military had him surrounded," says this hospital employee who also wanted his identity masked, "and I saw the mysterious patient helped out of a car. Since that time," he says, "I have seen many pictures of the man. He is the man we know as Osama bin Laden. I also heard two army officers talking to each other. They were saying that Osama bin Laden had to be watched carefully and looked after." Those who know bin Laden say he suffers from numerous ailments, back and stomach problems. Ahmed Rashid, who has written extensively on the Taliban, says the military was often there to help before 9/11.

Osama Bin-Laden: A Dead Nemesis Perpetuated by the US government

If bin Laden was dead, would the U.S. admit it?

Pakistan's leader thinks bin Laden dead

Report: bin Laden already dead

Is Osama bin Laden Dead?

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:12 PM
a look alike is more like it

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:20 PM
Tim Osman has probably been dead for years now. The CIA is going to have to do some more video magic to make it look like Weekend At Bernie's 5000.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:25 PM
I happen to think OBL is dead. Either he bought it when they bombed the hills in Afghanistan or he died of renal (kidney) failure.

It suits the agenda to throw his name up every once in a while to keep the terror campaign churning. It is easy to blame a dead man.

just my 2c's worth

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:27 PM
If Bin Laden is found, then there is great hope that we will also find Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy! They are all myths.

The whole bin Laden died of kidney disease was made up by those that created Bin Laden. This story was their "out".

But by pretending that he is still alive keeps the "war on terror" alive.

Don't you get it? Osama bin Laden is not real - he was made up:

1. First by the Clinton regime to distract the media and people away from his oversexed tendencies.

2. Then the character was broadened on and added to by the Bush regime because it gave them the boogie man they needed to steal billions of dollars from the American taxpayers.

So my guess is they will NEVER find him – or, use the old “he died of kidney disease back in 2001” story to bail themselves out.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:32 PM
No way Osama would be taken alive. Whatever conspiracies you want to believe or not I doubt the soldiers that did find them could contain themselves. But who blames 'em, I know I couldn't either.

Edit I made a horrible misspelling

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by WatchNLearn

well, OBL's son was just denied refugee status in Spain -
supposedly he opposses terror and is not in touch with OBL.

my point is - OBL can't be all artificial, he has(d) a big family
many children and cousins - some of who apparently were
flown out days after 9/11 out of US (likely by CIA).

he is(was) real. his legend is likely fabricated...

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 09:52 PM
Presuming Bin Laden is real and alive, and his whereabouts are known by our gravious government, I distinctly remember Obama stating that BL will be "found and killed" not found and tried.

I only did a quick search but I managed to find a video of Biden talking on behalf of Obama and his search for Bin Laden:

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 11:32 AM
Really, amazing responses here, and some interesting speculation I have not heard before.

It is a high-quality discussion I have come to expect here at ATS. Thanks for the thoughtful comments!


I wonder, at the top-secret Presidential briefing Obama went to, how much time was spent discussing Osama Bin Laden?

I thought it was very weird that, during Obama's first post-election press conference the next day, he refused to even touch upon this subject in the slightest -- barely an acknowledgement that it happened.

In fact, he made a specific point he would not discuss ANYTHING related to the briefing at all, even obliquely. He would not even mention whether any surprises were revealed.

Obama seemed slightly (and uncharacteristically) nervous. The subject was immediately dropped. He spent much more time discussing what kind of doggy he was considering for the White House pet.

This Bin Laden issue is unavoidable. It has to be addressed. We will find out more soon, without any doubt.

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 12:11 AM
Osama has been dead since late 2001.

Look around.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 06:06 AM
bin Laden being dead is a myth. If he was really dead, his body would have been turned in as proof. Don't forget that there is still a hefty 25 million dollar bounty on him, DEAD OR ALIVE! Even bin Ladens own high ranking people say he is still alive.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by Buck Division

"He's dead, Jim."

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 06:29 AM
Didnt any of you know..Bin Laden is living comfortably courtesy of the perpetrators of the war on terrorism. Without a consistant enemy to persue, the war ends. Thus in order to maintain the war status and drum beat of "we will get him"...he has to remain "out there somewhere".

What better way to keep things going than to park him at a protective custody location!

Think about it.


posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 11:09 PM
I know where he is, it is so apperent. He has shaved his beard cut his hair, and has been serving breakfast in the white house since the bombings of the caves. The best place to hide is infront of everyones nose

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