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Obama, Biden, Palin - Do NOT Vote For Them

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:23 AM
I've been researching Nostradamus, other well known prophets, Biblical prophecies, astrology, the occult, Mayan end times knowledge, time wave zero, the Bible Code, etc., etc. for years now. I am sure this thread will be deleted very quickly because the mods here delete anything that attacks politicians in this way. I know, I already had a post deleted that detailed a very disturbing Bible Code on Palin because it was supposedly politically motivated (which believe me is extremely insulting to someone as myself that HATES the 2 political parties as much as I do).

But at least it's worth it to post this on election day.

Basically, what I am close to concluding is that we are in fact entering the tribulation hour. I am pretty confident that I have proven that GW Bush is Mabus from the Nostradamus prophecy, as well as The King of Terror also from Nostradamus. It seems to me that Bush is in fact Azazel. He is widely mentioned in the Bible. Literally the False Antichrist.

It also seems that Vladimir Putin and Nicholas Sarkozy will be major world players on the end times scene based on my studies.

It also seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the demon from the bottomless pit of Revelation 9. Named Apollyon. The disturbing thing is that I have found strong evidence to definitely indicate that Sarah Palin is The Whore of Babylon, Joe Biden is The False Prophet.

It also STRONGLY appears that Barack Obama is the individual of the book of Daniel that has the Abomination of Desolation. Or as we have been told by his very own campaign, the Obamanation.

I have discovered that there are in fact 3 distinct men that are prophesied in Daniel. This is the Abomination of Desolation - which seems to very likely be Barack Obama, The Antichrist - very likely Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the False Prophet - quite likely Joe Biden.

As an example, Joe Biden believe it or not, seems to be fulfilling numerous prophecies for the extremely frightening individual that arises to power at the very end time. The figure from Revelation 13:18. The figure that causes all to receive the 666 or the Mark of The Beast. Now you may be laughing or whatever, but I have done extensive research into this and there is something to this possibility being VERY likely.

I have basically for what it is worth, as far as I am concerned anyway, proven through my work that Arnold is the Apollyon, as I believe Bush is Mabus and Azazel from the Bible. I believe that Arnold is the individual that pop culture thinks of as The Antichrist. The Beast that rises from the sea.

Obama seems to fit every single prophecy of the one that will enter into the temple in Jerusalem and force the world to worship after a graven idol known as the image of the beast. Yes, I have come to the discovery that these are 3 different individuals and not simply one Antichrist as has been put forth by so many.

The correlations of Sarah Palin to The Whore of Babylon are simply too strong to ignore. I have also certainly debunked the belief that these prophecies refer to Rome or the Catholic church. In fact, truth shall be known that it is precisely THIS issue where Senator Biden will figure so prominently (the prophecies that he seems to be fulfilling are extremely disturbing). Being that he is a catholic. I am warning everyone right now. Do NOT vote for either of the two main parties on this presidential ticket and be warned be very, very warned.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:25 AM

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