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Total proof of that the govenment/CIA run the drug trade

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by magnetik
The goverment killed all black leaders and brought crack to the inner city

The government decided they had to make minorities more controllable.

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:43 PM
There is just too much money involved for it to ever stop.
Think about it this way: the drug trade is worth tens, if not hundreds, of $Billions each year. This money is dumped into offshore banks where it's laundered and then used for onshore investments and seed money for startups etc, thus becoming legit.
Governments and world banking institutions are well aware of it but they all take their cut and look the other way as it helps come election time to have the big hitters providing campaign funds and other donations.

The idea that there are bunches of Mexican and South American drug lords sitting on all these $billions is pulp for the masses. If people at high levels of government seriously wanted a "war on drugs", they could stop the flow in short order.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:58 PM
This comes as no surprise, and, in fact has been known for a long time. MK/Ultra was exposed in the early 1970's by several Congressional hearings. And it is a known fact that the CIA was in strumental in helping American Scientists develop '___', or "acid", as a mind contorl drug in the CIA's attempt to set up their own set of "Manchurian" candidates before it, acid, was made illegal in the late 1960's. I just wonder what kind of drugs they are now responsible for producing inside the U.S., as well as still being involved in importing drugs into America from other countries?

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 04:13 PM
What would you want to bet that a huge number of the investors that benefited from the bailout also are involved in drug trafficking? Drugs would be legal if it wasn't so profitable for those who benefit from the drug laws. 75% of overdose deaths are from prescription drugs, and they are acquired legally.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 04:16 PM
my question then becomes, why just crack, heroine, marijuana, etc. why not tobacco and alcohol, if they made that illegal, then sold it underground, wouldn't they make even more money than if they just taxed it like they do now? and if they're making more money by that being legal and then taxing it, why not make the illegal drugs legal and then tax those?

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Sometimes they don't have to bring the drugs back to America. During our support of the Afghans in the 80's, they were shipping the opium into Russia where they were able to make money and get the locals hooked making it easier for them to win the war. Going back before then the British East Indian Trading Co was shipping opium into China resulting in the Opium Wars.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Very interesting that there aren't any disinfo agents working this thread. Without a shadow of a doubt the government are behind drug trafficking if you asked 100 people if they thought the governent was responsible for the drug problems more than half would say yes! people are waking up everyday, before long people will start to ask the questions.

Nice thread I am realy pleased this topic has got to the top well done, very informative.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 05:28 PM
If you want more, buy "Barry and the Boys".....Can't remember the author, it is a little disjointed, but I can testify (LOL) to much of it being fact.....

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 05:56 PM
In New Zealand, it has been shown that around 90% of the countries population have tried cannabis through all age groups. Conservative figures in polls put usage at around 18-20% but is expected to be higher (around 30%) as many don't seem to tell the truth in polls, my girlfriend is one of them...

"According to recent statistics provided by Auckland University's Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit, 53% of New Zealanders aged 15-45 have tried cannabis, and 18% continue to regularly do so. That's about 1.5 million New Zealanders who have broken the law, and half a million who continue to break it."

We have a population of 4.2 million.

Even the prime minister for christs sake... yet it's illegal?!

It has benefits and positives, but I think locking up 15000 people a year because of the negatives to a very small portion of people who try it is nto right. Alcohol is legal and causes much more harm. Pharmaceutical drugs are just as bad and worse in many cases.

The reason it is illegal is that we sucked up and followed US policy on drugs. We have to suffer because of companies like dupont lobbying to make MJ illegal, amongst other things.

As a user of a few different 'vices' from time to time, who pays taxes, who has a job, works hard, is looked up to by peers and considered successful, one who doesn't commit any other crime.. I AM SICK OF THIS RUBBISH.

Sorry.. had to get that one off my chest

This sort of information needs to be spread around. It's just like 9/11 truth. Let that cat outta the bag and people start questioning other things too, like this one. Hence the extreme level of govt disinfo around 9/11 - I am surprised there havn't been any agents in here. With the evidence they're up against I could understand why however.. hehehe.

Again with this issue - it just needs to be spread around to make people more aware of the dark and devious side to the shiny clean govt image, which is projected every election and every news hour.

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by hypervigilant

This was posted on here on ATS several weeks ago. Here is is again:

Narco-Dollars For Beginners
How The Money Works In The Illicit Drug Trade

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 06:17 PM
Please could someone inform me or point me in the direction of a direct download of this video. I would like to add it to my collection. thanks.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 06:52 PM
Another thing about drugs and the money involved. Look at it this way, I can't recall the source right off hand. But, one report I read about the Columbian cartels income from drugs alone, surpasses the USofAs GNP per year.

That's right, the Gross National Product of the United States of America is less than what those drug dealers are making.

See below links for recent search links, I just pulled these up and used the one I found to reflect global numbers. Notice South America/Columbia isn't listed.


Here is one from about the time period I mentioned above, that I've read about the GNP comparison to the cartels. This one lists that countries "ligitimate" GNP from then;
GNP 1998

Look at it this way, if the pharmecutical companies profits exceed $360 billion a year, it's obvious the illegal trade out performs even them. Especially when looked at on the global distribution point of view.

I'm sure some one here on ATS could present a more current and accurate profile of todays drug trade. Whether or not they read this and then decide to do such is up to them.

I'm just running with what I remember, and filling in with some links to show the level on which these people are playing. Considering these cartels make more than most second world countries and even first world countries make a year. They are the black market bankers so to say, as in they can buy what ever they want.

Many drug cartels have their own private armies, and the news has reported on DEA agents even going over to their side.

It is a serious market, one most people havn't a clue about, and only think they know, trust me. Unless you have been around or in that arena, you can't under stand.

It's very much like war, you don't know, until you have been in one.

CIA, is over their heads in this drug trade. There is no out for them, unless there whole system is grounded. Even then, some will continue in it after the agency has been disolved. Because that is what it would take to stop their involvement, disolving the agency.

What's the odds of that happening...

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 06:59 PM
Here is a video of Celerino Castillo, A former agent for the DEA who is exposing the atrocities and drug smuggling involvement of the US government." target="_blank" class="postlink">

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 08:26 PM
i have great respect for all of you who post and read at this ATS site..
sometimes, ( like this time), i am compelled to inject my humble but insightful first person experience with what is being discussed..
( please excuse my spelling and WAS fun!, but a fog...)
i attneded some courses in a medium sized collge in PA during the 60s..
those were very intersting times..
NARCS were everywhere...
and the "red neck vs hippie" wars, were getting very hot..
my circle of aquantences, included all sides..and because of my job, even more..
i was variously, on the ins and outs, of all the groups, at various times..
what i am getting around to try and say, is the police, and and "higer" involvement in the drug trade then..was very ernest, and deadly..
i would watch "drop offs" and distribution, of goods to the fraternity row houses..for sale and distribution..
these drop offs, were done while carefully monitored by local police..
the huge shipments were guarded by state boys, in shipment from the large metro areas..
heads up would be given to ready the in betweens, so no one would be left out..
i was given a certain area to distribute..and i would 'hire" small time people to sell.
however, it was my duty to collect.
this money was carefully counted. very carefully. those that skimmed too much, or broke standard prices, too low, or too high, were delt with.
drug "busts" were usually only done on those who were outsiders to the ring..and the local radio, was always quick to warn about busts, so there wouldn't be any panic destruction of goods.
poor sellers weren't fired..they were always as to provide a show for the people..however, they were also let go, and that way remained very very productive and loyal.
all '___' was provided by college labs..under special sueprvision..
the supervision, was almost always the LEIU..
incentives for good sales, and loyalty, was provided women, or men for sex..
alot of either, was drugged, and therefor raped..
again, gathered by the LEIU.
all the local cops were on the "take". and happy for it.
the mob figured heavy in this, and it was amazing, the number and high rank of mobsters, that came to that town..
drug distribution carried from the college, to the high schools..again, controlled by the LEIU. amazingly, alot of the sellers, or major distributors, were new teachers, just out of college, with Frat backgrounds.
i know some that were so confident as to carry in their own cars.
and woe to anyone trying to report them. i know of one, who reported this activity to the staties..only to be hounded until he HAD to leave the area.
he was lucky, he reported anonomously.
the one rule was control. everyone HAD to stay within certain areas. no crossover, unless it was done by the very lowest.
and even then..
HOWEVER, selling to the blacks population, was open and nasty..
this was where the wars could and would be fought..
and so long as the "bosses", or major distributors were not endangered..we didn't care who was hurt or killed, or whatever.
we could sell anything to them..and we didn't care what they did with it.
and we didn't care which of them got burned, picked up, or whatever..
no protection was afforded to them, and no loyalty.
the big people of the town, the bankers, layers, judges, business people, all played. money was banked, laundered, people and things bought.
church going board menbers were happy.
state and local cops, met with the heads of the mob and thier reps in special monthly meetings at high end dinners and restaurants.
pay offs and collections were so time kept, it was easy to watch, and know.
i was privey to seeing more than once, calls to agencies, to clear up disagreements.
and the special power given to any LEIU "agent". i got out before i got "in".
and have ignored since, for mental well being.
it's there, get used to it. it's NOT going away.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:11 PM
S & F.

I'm gonna start handing a link to this clip around.

America is run by elected mobsters.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:21 PM
This is fairly common knowledge, the CIA is not a pretty organization.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:30 PM
australian gov has police integrity like internal investigations in the states
aus police integrity is caught up in a scandal because they b4 2008 had no one to answer to there basically there a federal company who investigate criminal enterpises and are directly funded by goods in custody or crimnal procedings one o there jobs is to use entrapment on international drug dealers in australia they can do this because thats why aus has nice stats on police effectiveness and look like there doing a good job in our media with big busts ...they catch i guy named shane (not going to mention his last name) shane is a guy i met in prision who didnt say to mutch about international dealers identities but did say the cia are dealers (fact is all govenments deal drugs) any way shanes in gaol cas his partner rated on him told the integrity everything shane rollls on the integrity about his person deallings with them then the federal govenment has to investigate its own company who is never investigated cas it does a good job and thats how stupid are gov can be shane says he is psychotic and can not got to trial for a period of 3ish years and i dont think he will ever go to trial i think but he will get a sentence years cas he doesnt know what a trial is and is protected under phrorensic pation act when he rats he sudenly disapears from the pscychotic center where i was in metropolitan remand centre of new south wales cas he goes to super grass a compond in longbay that hides super crimnals so they cant be extorted in prison and are protect as like a witness any way the integrity comissioner is then all over the news as he is a drug dealer and is caught with goods in custody millions of dollars witch he says is gambling deat (this is were shane i think rated on him cas this guy caught his partner and his partner rated on him sum 30 million any way the police integrity is in a scandal as drug dealers here because they use drugs for personal glory i mean they steal off australians and there own agency they entrap drug dealers and that looks good for the govenment and usually if its at a trial level or if your at your own trial be prepared for the police to manipulate every one around you comit purgery the judge knows it he wont help you but you cant prove it you need lots of money the jury think your a peice of # and instently think ever word the the police say is holly its only when your barister surgest that the police our tampering with a body of evedince (by tampering with evidence i mean purgery) when the jury belive beyond reasonable doubt that the body of evidence is lacking or is missing and some line look like there crossed then you win and our found not guily like in my case where phorensic detectives conseal evidence and cant manipulate it because the body of evidence is summond and canot be changed thats what u dont se in law and order the fukn truth of legal systems thats why juries think police are holly cas of rediculase police shows were the system not he characters are dirty cas its true perfect crime is imposible and when the police think they can do it they do it and so many people go down for it and if they dont they get away and if they solely use that for personal gains instead of doing it for justice they get caught buy there own pigs

if you have children or when i do i will bring them to a real trial probably several trial before ther 18 and say this is what you need to know about the the legal system its the dirtiest fight dont comit crime and i dont do drugs any more even legal ones like grog after spending 22 months in remand and going through trial to be found not guilty sucks hard 22 monts and no compensation nothing and now i know sum people have nothing and nothing to loose im lucky that i have a caring family to help me out of gaol

drugs in australia and new zealand our the most lucritive in the world you can get a kilo of coke at 170 thousand US from a internation dealer u can buy one for about 200 thousand from a bike gang u can buy a gram of coke heroin for around 300 dollars if you get a killo of coke or heroin pure u can easily cut it on our market 2 times making your 170 thousand dollar
investment worth a lot more you figure out how mutch thats worth in grams a bolivian killo of coke is worth what 2 thousand if you get caught with a killo of A class nacotics your lokin at 7 -13 years after all the # that goes with it belive it or not i think mdma is more profitable in this country buy my calculation because it is sold in tablets with an average of 1 point of mdma in a pill though a killo of mdma is worth a lot less than imported coke heroin it still works out as more cas were talking points and an extasy pill goes for 30 dollars us here u figure it out but psudeo base products here in a chemist requires id to buy unlike staes so sudofen needs a drivers license and importing precuser drugs for pma cystalmeth or mdma in aus holds alot less time than a class drugs the extasy bussiness in aus is huge any way gaol aint worth it if ya want to post this and edit for ats go for it and if you under stand how the integrity is dirty and are goining to write it out properly pleas tell me cas ive seen it before and the details are really good cas the police integrity was caught dealing drugs now if your doin time in nsw for drug impotation and the integrity done you can apeal your sentence and fight it as they are corupt this might cost the govenment billions in legal fees cas a jury costs 25 thousand i mean a full court costs that much a day judge baristers queen council a day and i met people in trial for 6 months more with 40 thousand phone calls monitored sum of them are going to get retrial i think the govement might be wining the war on drug availabiltity here but it will cost billions maybe trillions the goods in custody cant pay for that and australians will pay for the crimnal and the crimnals who prosicute them

sorry for craplish thx for reading

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:35 PM
There is another documentary called the "Cocaine Cowboys" and it centers around S. Florida in the 80's and the federal reserve in Florida was used to launder money. They acted as if they didn't know but the deposits were 2-300% (don't hold to these exact #'s)higher than the rest of the federal reserves. But seriously they have a good gig and plenty of customers.

Most god fearing Americans wouldn't even believe the story it is just to far out of there reality to believe, our own Gov brings in drugs. In the S. Ca area the DEA raids dispensaries and most times they just take the money and MJ and no one gets arrested. They use it like an ATM.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:47 PM

Originally posted by Philosophizer
my question then becomes, why just crack, heroine, marijuana, etc. why not tobacco and alcohol, if they made that illegal, then sold it underground, wouldn't they make even more money than if they just taxed it like they do now? and if they're making more money by that being legal and then taxing it, why not make the illegal drugs legal and then tax those?

the reason they dont make those certain 'drugs' legal is b/c they dont make the best of it here in the US. the govt doesnt want those countries who produce the best or 'purest' weed, coc aine etc. profiting and them (the govt) getting left out of the mix. no way they want any black & brown ppl making those billions messin' up their hustle. they produce alcohol & smokes here in the US so they make em legal & tax em therefore earning billions in profits. i also think the many medical benefits of marijuana they dont want to be known. so they keep it illegal and therefore ppl have to use the govt's medicines....more $$ for their friends in the pharmaceutical companies.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 10:01 PM
I was hoping this topic would come up on this an election day.

It seems to be something that we can't change by voting.
Only guns and voting can change government.

There's always a third method. Like Gahndi and the Rose Revolt in Russia.
Being as this is a U.S. controlled problem it would have to happen in the U.S.
The U.S. people would have to think it important enough to really shut down the whole country until the change was made. A complete work stoppage has never been tried here.
I think the government reaction would be like Tenamen Square times 1000. But if the American people had resolved to do it they would not give in.

There's always the possibility of more small countries not giving in to the U.S. and legalizing freedom in their own countries. Mexico tried it and George Bush sent an emergency entourage to Mexico faster than Katrina on an airboat. What happened at that meeting is still not revealed to the free Americans.

Viva Mexico. The first country off of their knees, if only for a moment.
Ah, a brief glimpse of light after so many years of living in the one channel cave.

There is hope. Maybe we can elect a person powerful enough to beg the corporate wizard for freedom and prosperity for a new middle class.

Would guns and arrows and improvised remote viewing help? We can buy those. We can't buy freedom.

Happy election day! I voted. I am not free!! I am an American in the U.S.!!!

My neighbor loves me and the molecule H2O of which I am composed is not a patented product. They love selling it to me anyway.

The truth is in here somewhere.

The freedom to smile. That's One.

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