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A man that walks through walls

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:36 AM
Yes, there are cameras. Mostly they are on the facade towards car park and main public areas. Corridors are real problem. Man, trust me - this was my first thought - what a shame we do not have cameras on each floor.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 11:30 AM
I was visiting with my sister and her husband years ago and accompanied them to an informal get-together at the house of friends of theirs.

During the evening, I overheard a middle-aged, bearded man telling a group of people about his experiences in what at the time was a notorious Brisbane (Australia) jail.

He said when he'd been there a while, he learned from other prisoners that some of them knew how to leave their physical bodies during the night in order to spend time with their lovers in other cells.

The man said that over a period of months, he too learned how to do this. It involved meditation, he said, and took practice. He said that as he passed through the walls of his own and other cells (on the way to the man who'd become his lover) he noticed that there were steel bars set inside the cell walls. These bars, he said, were not visible on the outside of the walls.

Other prisoners warned him about the warders, who knew that some prisoners were able to astral travel (?) and deliberately made loud noises near sleeping prisoners. Apparently (according to the man telling the story at the party) loud noises could cause death if the astral traveller (?) couldn't get back into his physical body in time.

The man also said that not long afterwards, some of the older cells in the jail were pulled down, revealing that there actually were bars inside the cell walls, as he'd seen when he was out of his body and passing through them.

He also said that if a prisoner died inside the jail, the body belonged to the State. He said the body remained the property of the State until such time as it had finished serving whatever sentence had been imposed upon that person when alive.

He said that the guards were very sadistic and sometimes prisoners died at their hands. When this occurred, he said, the body was buried inside the jail grounds and caustic agents were packed around the body to hasted decomposition so that by the time the body had served its sentence and could be claimed by relatives, there would be no incriminating evidence left to reveal that the person had been bashed and murdered.

The day following the party, I told my sister and brother in law about what I'd overheard at the party. They told me that the man who'd related the story had once been a highly respected member of the local community and head of the math department. He'd been arrested, apparently, for leading a protest against the police when they'd charged several local people for possessing marijuana. When he'd continued agitating against police brutality and victimisation, it was rumoured the police had falsified evidence against him, which in turn was responsible for his being jailed.

I have no way of knowing if what he said about passing through the prison walls was true, but the OP reminded me of what I overheard at the party.

I don't know if astral-travelling was the term he used, or even if he explained how he left his cell, except to say that he passed through the walls. But if true, perhaps it's possible that the naked man in the OP somehow spontaneously 'dematerialised' for an instant ... only to wake up and find himself in a strange location with no knowledge of how it had occurred ?

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:52 PM
i agree it may possibly be abduction however i dont think so. first i must state that certain yoga masters have been able to reah a state in meditation where they literally become nothing but matter. u can see the person but if u try to touch them ur hand goes str8 thru them. now this guy probably isnt a yoga master. but their have been alot of ppl manifesting strong abilities naturally that originally would have taken years to gain these abilitys. such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis etc. their is alot of gamma being ratiated from the sun rite now more than ever b4. and this is causing a bit of an evolution. ive read that triple and quadrihelix humans have been discoverd all around the world. u said he was in a daze and he was nude. so he was probably going to bed naked when this happened. he probably doesnt kno he has this ability consciously. but he knos about it on a subconscious lvl and becuz he isnt using it regularly hes penting up the energy used to do so. if he isnt using it it wants to be used. so when he was half asleep his subconscious took over and used the ability. without aim of course. so he did a bit of a sleep walk only during it he did walk thru the wall. i believe this is the case.

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