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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 11:29 PM
does anybody here have a subscription with ?

I'm just curious as to know how up to date it is? the map is full of things going off, but what got me was it still (?) lists the Edinburgh airport incident! I cant log in and view the details! it also lists a radiation "incident" in Tehran ? They still cant be listing old news surely ?

the free HazMat map show some errrr interesting things too... the USA is full of incidents, but no where else in the world!!!

If anybody with a nervous disposition were to see that map they'd go crazy lol its a nifty looking map with loads of bright flashing things on it, but I'm not convinced of its usefulness.

does anybody have an account to check out a few of the things to see if they are old news or not?

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by IntoTheVortex

Edinburgh airport may be because someone shone a laser at a plane coming into land. It was kids not terrorists but try telling some people that.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 12:17 AM
I don't have a subscription (they ticked me off when they decided to do that), but I used to look at it all the time. They usually had some events on there that were rather old. If I remember right some were weeks (maybe months?) old. Not sure if they would keep them on until they got "bumped off" for lack of room or if it was an on-going story they would keep it, or what.

I know the first time I looked at the map I felt the urge to crawl in a deep hole. It looks like it's panic time when you see it like that. Took me a few times to realize the world actually has all that crazy stuff happening every day and it's just the norm.

Forgot to look at the HazMat one while I was there, but my guess is they just don't have it set up for other countries yet. I think it's relatively new.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 02:59 AM
ah thanks for that OH.

yea I was sure I'd been on that site before and it was free! still it is a pretty big undertaking.

I was considering getting a subscription but I think I'll hold on for the time being. 100 quid can buy some decent kit.... or a good night out

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 08:51 AM
try this one. RSOE EDIS

Its a little odd but very similar to global indecent its based in hungary.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 10:07 AM
ahhh thanks for that AA.. its funny how its lists an outbreak of measles in Gibraltar a national emergency

is it accurate? earthquakes and volcanoes going off in Italy?!? the Earth has been quite busy today by the looks of it!!!

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 10:09 AM
I used to check it all the time. But they went to the subscription thing so I deleted it from my daily checking list of sites. I'm sure they lost a lot of viewers.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by IntoTheVortex
its a nifty looking map with loads of bright flashing things on it, but I'm not convinced of its usefulness.

I watched it because they had a lot of stories that you might not run across otherwise. Not sure if any of it was helpful exactly, but I guess I was always waiting for that one that set off alarm bells or to see a pattern emerge (see what I have become because of ATS

I just remembered this morning that I had made a thread a couple of years ago or so about a "special notice" that had been on that site. It led to some interesting things. If you get bored check out the info 15-20 posts down on the first page:



I do wonder if GlobalIncidentMap would be interesting to see tonight of all nights in the U.S.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:28 AM
I think this post rocked. I checked it out, and it looks like it's filled with pertinent information about events. I'm considering signing up. I wonder what more information they can give about these events for the members. Has anyone signed up yet?

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by roknhrdcor

Don't know if it's still the same now, but before it would give you links to articles (usually area newspapers or tv) to explain the event. Usually the info you got was what had been reported in media.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by IntoTheVortex

the volcano in italy is on the island of stromboli. it is the oldest volcano in recorded history. it has been erupting on and off for over 2000 years. the only reason i know is because my daughter is in the navy,and she was coming back fron the gulf at night and it erupted. the captain was on the bridge and told them to go once around the island,so they could watch it. that was two years ago. when i heard about it i looked it up!

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 10:51 PM
The site is bases in the US and that accounts for the high number of US incidents,

In the US if a someone writes ELF on the side of a building the terrorist group Earth Liberation Front gets the blame and the FBI will investigate.
This becomes a terrorist incident when all it may be is a teen tagger hoax.

You can even be listed if you take a cardboard box and put some small blinking LEDs on it and leave it in a public place.

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