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Did John Gotti Wack JFK

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posted on Mar, 29 2004 @ 09:43 PM
OK everyone, I was watching FOX news at nine a few seconds ago waiting for my next service call and this caught my attention. I dont have time to discuss this tonite but I thought of ATS when the news reporter spoke the story and thought I'd mention it here for everyone to think about.

The 26 news lady just said John Gotti, you know the New York gangster, was drafted but didn't show up to the recruting station on November 22, 1963 for his induction into the military, the same day JFK was killed. His excuse was he thought because he was a husband with kids and a criminal record, he didn't need to show up, duh? This is what the reporter said.

What's up with that? John Gotti wasn't that stupid. Did he wack JFK to distract the feds or do you think this is just crazy talk?

I'm not saying I believe it but you must admit it is strange. I wonder just how powerfull he was back then. Was he a small time wanabee or a made man at that time?

A bone for you to pick on. Have a good nite or day depending where you are.


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