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Free In My Life: Spending all my time in ATS!

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 12:59 PM
After almost a year ago, i find ATS. Since that, it has made a difference.

( I register my self in January in here, but read the forum long time, maybe just this 2 month before that. So this will be my first ATS birthday writing.)

Always after that, it has had great value in my life. My daily routine is this: After I have check mail, and Facebook account, my third, and most time-taking part of web-using is to sit here with you guys... In ATS, and read the recent posts, and of course, breaking news section.

I dont trust any of you, but still I read all your thoughts, and there is a value in all of your thoughts, no matter how skeptic you were, or willing you are, i read your thoughts as my own. And ask myself: Do I think so, or not?

I am free to do what I want. There is no work that I have to hurry, not here in Thailand, no financial needs that I have to run for, but I have time, and that time, when I make that question to my self, what I am willing to do next? Answer is very often: Back to ATS!

These types of forums is what people really needs. Free talk from serious questions, without beeing afraid that you are judged from seeking the answers, to the questions we all have.

- I know for sure, like I have said all my nearest people, that this world, as we know it, will dissapear in coming times. WW3 is very near, its only matter of timing. This month, next month... I have waited that for years now.

Every new day has been a victory!

- There is not much hope, that I will survive from those disasters witch are coming, so I want collect to my soul so much information from this world that I can, before my time will come.

We are born naked from cloths, but with our souls and memory.

- ATS is the place we can see everything is happening, here are the people gathered around the world. And when end of time will come, we can see this ATS talking the truth, only truth, as long as the INET is up.

MSM will be quiet, still in that day.

- I believe to future, and tomorrow will come. I am not afraid of losing anything, because I have found freedom in my lifetime. I just hope we still have tomorrow, and ATS fighting for that, without NWO taking Martial Law in US, and WW3 to other parts of it.

We live under that secret society of elite, and great lies made by them.

- I have seen the future many years before I found ATS. Today its only a natural mirror to what I tough before. Predictions and questions remains, and we are all only waiting those to come. But I hope there is no fear. What will happen is best for future, and learnings more greater, than any fear from this day.

I just hope, that I can spend one more day, and one more year with you guys!

BTW... My last wish: For The US NAVY Pilots In Middle East...

I just hope you US guys dont bomb the only route from Europe to Thailand... Tehran is under my ass, when I fly to my home in here. And if you do so, please, let me know little before, because I want to be out from Europe, in paradise-side of my life when it happen... In Thailand.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 01:11 PM
ATS is good for information. but an old christian saying comes to mind;

you can talk the talk, but will you walk the walk?

what good is information without action? I become overwhelmed when trying to make a difference in the "not-so-digital-world" and i thank ATS for helping me see what really needs improvement with modern society.

we must use logic to make our actions match our words.

Peace should not be acquired through military engagements, but humanitarian ones.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by JanusFIN
These types of forums is what people really needs. Free talk from serious questions, without beeing afraid that you are judged from seeking the answers, to the questions we all have.

I just registered last month and I can already see the progressive discussion life style that comes with ATS. Even if you never post and only read the countless amount of insight people have on here, it is so much better than dying in front of a TV.

You're right, people need this! I think it is the constant objection and pursuit of evidence to truth that unites a lot of us here, and the experience only enables us to grow in the end to be a more informative discussant towards that truth.

BTS is fun too

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