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Western Countries 'predict' a doomsday scenario

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 10:49 AM
Very interesting read.Strange if noone else has heard of this before,dont really know what to say except for they know more than they are saying.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by gnuers
Very interesting read.Strange if noone else has heard of this before,dont really know what to say except for they know more than they are saying.

Yes, sometimes they know more then they say.
Sometimes they say far more then they do know.... but they will never say EXACTLY what they know. That is the game of words in politics.

The dire warnings really makes one wonder, uh?

The questions from the end of that article are very important... we should know the answers for them:

Why are there so many high level politicians around the world in a seemingly (very) coordinated effort warning of huge threats and developing crisis’ that may include a nuclear device? Are they preparing the masses for an event or series of events that have been in the making for some time? Is the public being prepared for new and forming enemies with a potential to plunge the entire world into war?

If we in fact knew the real answer for any of these questions above, we could do a little more about it then just speculate, hope, wait and FEAR. (or is that the real objective?)


posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 12:34 PM
This is one of the senerios that has played out in my mind several times. I live in southern California, 50 miles from LA and the last paragraph of the article is the one that caused the most attention....

Many believe a false flag strike on a major western city involving a nuclear device would be the Holy Grail to those who are working so hard to manifest “transformational” change on the world stage bringing with it the complete political, economic and military transformation toward fascist world government.

Police in my area are being warned of impending attacks on the west cost (friend is a cop and is very worried because of what he heard from his supperiors). I have also notices that over that last months military logistics in my area has increased massively and during the summer i had incidences were ever single day for a week i would see military equipment moving on one of the local freeways.
If a nuclear attack does happen on the west coast it will cause complete devistation of the country (California having a large contribution to GDP in US) and kill millions. The EMF alone would cause chaos on areas not immediately effected by the blast, Not to mention the HUGE EARTHQUAKES that would occur immediatly after the blast and shockwave ( If LA is ground zero ~8.0 has been in waits for years, the big one is over due). we are talking a serious hit to the US in all aspects if this goes down.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 01:07 PM
When politicians and former high ranking military people saying this it really makes one wonder and they all know who`s going start this and they are all as guilty as those who is going start whatever they are going to start.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 01:37 PM
Let's see.......Doomsday!!! Governmental figures, departments, ministries, bureaus, nations all warn of an eventuall doomsday! I thought that it was CLEARLY, IMPLICITLY, UNMISTAKEABLELY, POLITICALLY CORRECT not to read the Bible! O.M.G. now look what you've done!

Your own figures(stats) reveal a lowering of available energy, water, food and it's distribution, clean water, bulging populations, societal implosions aka (Somilia, Yemen,Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Argentina, Hati, Venequela, Georgia, Pakistan, Cuba, North Korea, Nigera, Central Africa, El Salvador, Mexico, and you are worring about Doomsday! These facts were already published over published 3000 years ago in the Talmud! Then further emphasized and enhanced in the New Testament! Hmmmmmmm....... Just like the government to come on the scene .....LATE!

So, Bucko, whatcha gonne do???? Head for the hills???? When the money starts to look like we are losing value and can't stop the downward spiral; well that's the beginning shot across the bow. Has that happened yet? Hmmmmmm...... Don't worry anyone with the Old Disney "E" ride tickets will survive.

It will happen like this: Americans will allow a complete and active separation/elimination from Judeo-Christian principals. Abortions as easy to get as a large order of fries, Civil-unions(which will also usher in Man/Animal couplings), Euthanasia on demand-by parents or children, heightened attack on Christian Churches-no tax exemptions, increased practice of "Witchcraft" in all forms(Wiccan, Satanists, Idol worship/people and figures, active participations by society in the practice of Communing with After-life Entities/crossing over two way conversations(Channeling), absolute lack of communal dicipline(rampant lawlessness.
Once this gets underway, the Islamic countries will attack in swarms.
Why, becuase they are afraid that these policies will spread into their cultures. Then the attacks will come in three forms: Dirty nuclear devices detnoated in 7 -10 cities. Destruction of major fuel distribution systems(Pipelines-Power Stations), and Societial terror(shopping center bombings.

The above listed attacks on our shores will bring THIS highly inter-connected, inter-dependant, commerical nation to it's knees. Medical and food distributions wil collaspe! Banking and monetary functions will be ground to a halt.(No money='s no work=no paychecks='s no buying ANYTHING!Civil chaos will be rampant! Starvation, bankruptcy, racial strife will reign. The resulting chaos will cripple our resolve. Americans, never having seen or experienced these factors will surrender to anyone who will Stop the hurt! America will be carved up like a turkey on Thanksgiving day!
The United Nations will send World Wide Forces into America to stop our own demise.

A once great power, will be fractured, divided, de-moralized, destitute, and at the mercy of an angry world. Citizens property(s) will be confiscated, populations enslaved. Foreign powers will plunder what's left of our resources.

Then answer to this dilemma is to read that hand-book aforementioned in this post. Also, by prayer, we can forstall, and eliminate these dark forces/practicies in our country.

Ok? OK!

Have a nice day secular humanists.

Anyone want to buy a nice used car.....It was driven by an old lady to just went to the grocery store and church??!!!

Trust Me I'm a Salesman!

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