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strange experiences in my life

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 07:10 AM
first of all i would not liked to be judged as a ill person please, these experiences are real and still frighten me today.

firstly i don't ever recall on being abducted ever, but i think that i am watched over all the time, anyway
when i was young really young around about 5 years old i lived in my old house, this house was really weird every night they would be strange noises, draws open and everything.
anyway me and my brother used to share a room and my first experience was that i could not get sleep and i was just looking around the room, bored it was around midnight i think, anyway as i was bored looking around the room i felt something was trying to talk to me it was really strange so i tried to focus where this communication was coming from until i looked across to the other side of the room to see this pink/red being under my brothers bed with one eye but no mouth but i had the sense it was smiling at me, i was very scared and put the cover over my head. i recall this over the age around 5-7 years old i can describe it in detail because i can still remember the whole experience.

my next experience was around 9 years old, anyway it was near towards Christmas, and i was excited and could not get sleep at all, i was in bed stroking my new dog, anyway i heard shuffling under my brothers bed, i was getting scared so i put my cover over my head, after this i heard my name repeating in my head over and over again so i through my cover of and infront of me was a little about 3 foot blue elf like creature, i can hardly remeber what was being said because i was so confused any way i can remember the being tuching my head and cutting it, after that it was the morning and to this day is still have this scar.

my next two was about a year after that, one night i was going to bed until i noticed a demon like face in the corner of my room looking at me i was very scared, the one after that was proberly the worst ever experience.

i cant recall when it was but i was top tailing with my brother in bed, anyway i could not get to sleep, i had my pillow over my head trying to get to sleep, untill i heard my little window opening from the outside, this was impossible to do, you could only open it with a key from the inside, there was no smash or anything, anyway this thing somehow got through and dropped on the floor, i did not know what the hell it was, but i could feel where it ws going, anyway, i was really petrefied, i heard my dad go to the tolet but i didn't dare shouting him becuase i was scared what could happen, anyway i got a glimpse of the feet of this thing, it was really pale like grey feet with duck like toes.

Anyway i was talking with my friend not long back and was on about that blue elf thing, i never new this but he told me that he also seen the blue elf thing to when he stopped over when he was younger, really freaked me out, anyway i live in a new house now, i still feel watched and i would like people's thoughts towards my experience thank you. _javascript:icon('


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