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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:27 AM
Since I am a medium I will attempt to make some predictions here, but even mediums can be wrong so just read for fun!

I think Obama will win the election, and win it big time.

However I believe he won't be as social as people think he will be. Quite the opposit really. I think situations will deteriorate quite quickly for the needy ones (disabled, poor etc). I think as a result of this we will see civil unrest occur around May 2009. I feel this civil unrest will spread from the USA to other countries, triggering the birth of a new movement/organisation. This organisation/movement will have some impact on politics but not as much as desired.

Out of this movement a subculture will grow, very much similair to hippies or punks. A subculture born out of protest.

As far as terrorism and/or false flag actions I believe the Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty could be targets. Also a submarine "accident" is possible.

About the weatherconditions, I believe the comming winter will be harsh in some parts of the world. (More harsh then normal!) Snowfall may be an issue but blizzards are more of a concern. I believe some places that have never experienced a blizzard before will see one for the first time this winter.

Economy; well we haven't seen the worst yet! The problem didn't occur when the dow dropped, it will occur about half a year in the future where we will take the full hit for what happened the past few weeks. If you don't feel it in your pocket now, you will then!

That's it folks!

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 03:53 AM
This is me (Ambushrocks) from my parents computer... I don't have my login here so I do an anonimus reply.

I just heard on the news that a submarine accident with a russian submarine has occured. Note my prediction regarding terrorism/false flag.

I'm curious to see what else will happen.

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