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Survival at Sea

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've spent the weekend watching as many Ray Mears videos as I possibly can and came accross an interesting one regarding Sea Survival. I can't really remeber the specifics but one case was a fella who survived in a raft at Sea for something like 88 days (?).

Using a spear gun to ward off sharks, a basic fishing kit to catch his food and a reverse osmosis pump for his water this man managed to survive for more than 2 1/2 months at Sea.

Now for all of you that have read my threads before you'll notice I place a great empasis on the survival mentality more so than the actual techniques used.

Imagine eating raw fish and sea birds and purifying your own water for 88 days in a life raft, temperatures soaring in the day and freezing at night with no land in sight and constantly being attacked by sharks.

To me this is an absolute nightmare survival situation and in my oppinion this bloke "had balls" so to speak

What I wanted to ask is how would you cope in such a situation? Also, I'd welcome any tips/tricks/techniques on survival at sea as its something that I probably won't have to deal with myself but neverless something I find interesting.


posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 07:56 PM
Well, I have done the Royal Navy's Sea Survival Course a couple of times. There really isn't any way you can practice this scenario like you can others.

The main thing with Sea Survival is that you have a bloody good liferaft that is bang up-to-date and with a sea survival kit in it. Some people say that that they have a grab-bag ready in the cockpit of their yachts/boats that have 'extras' in it - seems a good idea. Another sensible thing is a flotation suit or 'once-only suit' as these keep the cold water at bay and are easily seen.

As for swimming, you only really need to swim about 50/100 yds - enough to get to a liferaft, anymore than that and you are buggered anyway - being a strong swimmer wont help you much in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Death_Kron

Poon Lim survived one hundred thirty three days at sea on a life raft without any survival training. For all intensive purposes his ability to improvise is what saved his life . Poon Lim and survival at sea is covered in this thread .

Cheers xpert11 .


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