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You be the judge of all this.

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 07:24 AM
I live in South Central Los Angeles.

I've been thinking about how November has been portrayed as a catalyst for change. How the time wave and web bot theories have both pointed towards november.

Well I just came back from a typical night for Los Angeles. But towards the end things starting happening..... a lot of things "went down". I went to 2 gas stations with no gas and my friends had lots of problems amongst themselves.I just can't help but think all this might really might have credence.

I guess we'll see how things develop tomorrow morning. I hope I'm crazy for believing all this or for even giving it the benefit of the doubt because it'd be much better than it being true.

P.S. I've been drinking too much so take all this with a grain of salt


posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 08:23 AM
I used to drink alcohol allot (severe chronic pain)...I did in fact go crazy from it so when you get up to bottles of 151 leave at least a shot or two in the bottle for tomorrow, might stave off needing to talk to a "professional".

You are not crazy. Evidence and experience can lead to coincidentals, but some times life is best lived from an "observation" point of view (I think so, anyways). You know, one day you might read about a spider and how it does live your area and you go outside and notice that all of a sudden there is a TONNE of those little fellers ALL OVER THE PLACE that ya just hadn't noticed before... That's just my little way of trying to calm you a tad

How's Sou'ral City (my slang for South Central) doing these days? I hope people have been spreading the word to remain calm and not be a target for the cops. Last I heard there was some gangs calling it quits...

I can hope all I want that you are safe but I live in H-Town so I have to hope for my own safety too
surrounded by rednecks and gangsters - but most of them are in the Ivory Towers of Downtown.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by Satire
I live in South Central Los Angeles...

... I went to 2 gas stations with no gas and my friends had lots of problems amongst themselves.I just can't help but think all this might really might have credence.

Do you think someone is going to toss a match on November 4?

I ran into five National Guard hillbillies back in April, 1992 who got their M16s on me, because I lived in my van at that time and couldn't get off the streets as the law had it at that moment. They were fiddling with the riffle safety, so I was in my life-time best to explain stuff . . .

You know, the white, high school-finishing and college-educated dudes follow the presidential debates and weigh all the pros and cons, but the black guys take a much more direct approach: One of the poll says that 93% of black voters support Obama. Don't tell me that it's so, because they like the way Obama will handle foreign policy . . .

White dudes should get used to the strong possibility that Obama will not be a unique choice in the history of US Presidents. Look at the ethnic growth of US population and the way non-whites pick them.

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