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My family, including myself, has a history of alien abduction

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 03:14 PM
first off we need to stop loking at events as "possibilities"and accept them and approach them as realities--then we can begin to weed out the people who have "created"their events out of their own need to participate in a new perspective or reality.Either way these people are breaking ground for humanity in their support of the "actual event participants".Any human could be directed to a councilor of some type in relation to any "belief"they might have that is not a commonality with the person advising treatment.But if more people believe in the events the LESS LIKELY ANYONE WILL EVER RECCOMEND A COUINCILOR FOR A PARTICIPANT AND OUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE REALITY OF THE EVENTS BECOMES ALL THE ABSOLUTE PROOF WE WILL EVER NEED--OUR COMMON PERCEPTION OR REALITY THAT THE EVENTS ARE OCCURING .tHESE ISSUES OF BELIEVABILITY HAVE BEEN DEFENDED BY EVERY BELIEVER OF any type of religon in the history of humanity.Do you see how religons have used NON-BELIEVERS OR DE-BUNKERS to further their cause-belief-perspective -or REALITY- by engaging individuals who may have never ever thought about or considered an alternative reality that would have included 'SAID"RELIGON IN A DEBATE.tHE DEBATE DRAWS THE BELIEF OR REALITY FORWARD WETHER all participants are in agreement or not.EVENTS CANNOT BE DISPROVEN only investigated.Have faith that more and more of us are accepting the new reality that disclosure amongst ourselves seperate from the mainstream media is the grassroots beginning of a new future for humanity.None of our experiances was voluntary,unless we are all given some warm fuzzy explanation we are going to get more and more upset,you dont upset your star players so we know we arent being given the red carpet treatment,do you understand that they dont care about "us as individuals"so thet cannot care about us as a species.The ability to do harm to someone under the guise of helping them is inherantly human--this is why they are not our friends,they needed the human component of the event ONLY FOR CONTROL FROM A HUMAN PERSPECTIVE without that control there would have been NO COMPASSION as a result I am forced to fear them because of their INABILITY to CARE ABOUT OUR SPECIES.The reasons for the theft of dna may or may not be in the best interest of humanity from SOMEONE ELSES PERSPECTIVE but from mine ,AS SOON AS YOU BREACH MY RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING YOU HAVE DONE IRREPARABLE HARM TO HUMANITY--FOR MY VOICE MAY BE THE VOICE THAT CHANGES HUMANITIES DIRECTION --ANY HUMANS VOICE CAN BE THAT IMPORTANT TO OUR FUTURE.wHETHER MY PERSONAL EXPERIANCE WAS GOOD OR BAD IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE FROM AN INDIVIDUAL STANDPOINT---IT WAS BAD FOR HUMANITY BECAUSE OF THE NATURE IN WHICH IT WAS DONE.sOMETHING IS GOOD BUT SOMETHING IS BAD AND ALL OF HUMANITY IS THE ONLY JUDGE THAT CAN TELL US WHICH IS GREATER.Lets educate every mind on our planet and gain a common perspective or reality that doesnt include breaches in our humanitarian rights to exist.We dont need to fear anything we just need to listen to each other more.I WOULD FEAR SIX BILLION PLAYERS ON THE SAME TEAM ,WOULDNT YOU??wE ARE THAT TEAM.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 07:52 PM
Cali, I believe you. Coming back to reply so often already indicates you are saying the truth. Why else would you bother?

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by calihan123

I wanted to reply to something that you said happend to your brother...

my brother when he was young was walking with his friend, to his friends house right around the corner from our house, and told my mom he would be back in just a minute. A minute turned into an hour, so my mom called my brother's friends house, and when his mom answered, she said they had left an hour earlier and shouldve been back to our house. A little while later my brother showed up and my mom was furious and asked where he went and why he didnt come straight home. He looked at her like she was psycho and said hed only been gone for a couple minutes and didnt know what she was walking about. Well, that night he had a flashback that he was walking with his friend down the street, and suddenly everything stopped but him. The people, the cars... time stood still. And all he remembers is a bright light. After that day, any time he would walk, skateboard, run or anything by this spot in the sidewalk he was at when time stopped, he would trip.

I know a person that had the exact same experience with time stopping, a couple of times. I will try to find the audio link as he talked about it in a little pod cast that he does but here is a written form...

this is taken from his book (pdf, basically just stuff he wrote on a thread and saved)...he has a big abduction story, and allot of time travel

its somewhere in here, but i got the quote right there...

Water Street, NYC 1997:

In 1997 when I was on lunch break sitting on the steps in front
of the prudential building near the Staten island ferry with my
brother rick, this big flat bed truck came rolling up and double
parked in front of the building but the truck was all decorated
like a Krishna truck or something and they were like long haired
people (men and woman) and wearing robe type things and
playing acoustic guitar and pumping what sounded to me like the
band clutch, but nothing I ever heard from them, over speakers
and next thing I know they are calling my name and at first I
ignored them because I thought they couldn’t be talking to me
and then I finally went over to make sure they were in fact
talking to me, and they were, and they were excited to see me
and all big smiles and shook my hand and I noticed they were all touching each other like on the shoulder in a chain fashion and then I ask me to come sit on the truck and I try to make an excuse then I look around and realize everything is standing still, people, cars, etc. not a thing was moving except for everyone on the truck and before I could flip out, they explained what was going on and I was happy just because of the situation but they
also gave me some news that more struggles were ahead for

My supposed future self and wife was there and she was
beautiful and I did not know it and I basically said, you know you
should be a model, and she was like I am and I was like cool,
then I asked her if we have sex often and she was like as much
as we can and was like YES, but I was like what about my
current wife and they told me the future they knew at that
moment that could change but the probability was high because
she was there after all.

They also told me they were on some
kind of mission to set some wheels in motion, then when I was
ready to go they flashed me and I pretty much started recalling
it these days in 2006. but the thing is when everything stopped
standing still and I walked back to where my brother was sitting
he was amazed and said, what do you have powers or
something, one second your standing there then your walking
toward me and I was like what are you talking about? And he sat
there and went over it with me again and again I pretty much
went back to work and forgot me and ricks conversation as well,
didn’t think much of it.

I will look up some audio files i have and see if i can find the one where he talks about it, if i remember correctly, he does say that it is a machine, or a device that causes this. They just press a button i guess and poof time stops, or you are moving really fast...i dunno basically the closest thing he can describe it to is the movie clock stoppers.

I am guessing that the bright light ur brother remembers is probably the light of being "flashed" as Renato coins it, basically making him forget what happend. Im sure his memory will return soon of the incident.

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by lifeform

Originally posted by SkepticalSteve
reply to post by lifeform

what can i possibly provide that is'nt already out there for everybody to see?

anything can be denied.

anything can be believed.

is this true? i have no idea what so ever. i cannot find what you would consider evidence. you need to find that yourself. you know what your looking for, i don't.

When I saw that video, all I could think of were the chips used to track pets:

It's about the right shape & size. I wonder if this guy ever worked in a veterinary clinic? It's a bit too regular to be a lipoma (which is what these lumps often turn out to be).

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 05:56 PM

Originally posted by nh_ee
The concept of reincarnation segues with what you're describing here as well as why your entire family is involved.
Guardian angels do exist and Ive had several near death episodes only to be told that I've more to accomplish in this realm.
Have you ever had yourself regressed to your past lives ?
That would reveal quite a bit of what you're currently encountering, as well as your relationships with your family.

As a scientist, I find it very interesting and intriguing in that we as a species have much to learn yet and don't know everything as many would want us to believe.

I'm intrigued by your post. If you don't mind my asking, what kind of scientist are you? Your approach to this subject is unusual for someone with a scientific background as you've mentioned several faith-based subjects: reincarnation, guardian angels, and past-life regression; none of which have been supported by empirical evidence. I suppose these notions wouldn't be entirely out-of-place if you have a background in psychology or anthropology. I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from because these concepts are foreign to my own background (molecular biology/geochemistry). Why have you gravitated towards a religious approach? Have you considered more traditional methods but found them to be unsuitable for your purposes?

I feel compelled to defend the merits of the scientific method-- particularly since this is such a controversial topic. Physical evidence is the most difficult to discredit and I feel I must insist that if we ever hope to figure out why people are having these experiences, we should do our best to adhere to methods which appeal to the widest possible audience. Physical evidence and reproducible results can be observed by anyone, regardless of their beliefs.

I just want to make it clear that I'm not demanding physical proof by the OP because I suspect it may be difficult to provide anything that would be universally acceptable in an online forum (to say nothing of the obvious side-effects that could come with dredging up reminders of past trauma). Rather, I would like to see more people interested in this topic take a logical approach to answering questions about alien abduction. Even if there isn't a single person here with conclusive evidence, we can still treat this as seriously as any other scientific debate.

For instance, I would like to hear more about possible methods we might exploit to look for patterns, trace evidence, etc. If there is a hereditary pattern, how far along the family tree can we trace such cases? Has anyone ever participated in any genetic studies (i.e., National Geographic's Genographic Project)? Several of you have mentioned shared symptomology. Has this ever been explored in greater depth? To the putative abductees, is this pattern consistent with your experiences or not? Please don't feel pressured to agree if this is not the case in your situation. Differences between your experiences and others could be the key to understanding the reasons why this is happening.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am literally STARVING for something deeper! I am searching for something significant and from the looks of things, the mods are too. If there are deeper ancestral roots, let's not quibble over phenotype (looks). If inconsistencies exist, then let's look into it (could be very important!). I feel like there's so much NOISE out there that it's no wonder these posts seem like "threads to nowhere". I want answers!

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 07:12 PM
The answer is simple ,accept that these events are occuring basing your acceptance on the word of your fellow man--if I told you to duck and you were watching me duck as I said the words you would probably duck out of reflex,so why isnt anyone ducking when all these people testify in the court of there peers that abductions are happening.The sumerian history is correct and others are already aware of this,by others I mean people with power and governments.There is no doubt that there are humans performing some of the abductions.Why in such dramatic fashion is the question because there are thousands of nameless faceless people in cities that could be abducted.Its obviously to speed up our learning.Its recorded history via the Sumerian records which hold as much credence as any other religous doctrine that this has been done to us before.We need to open up our imaginations a little bit and accept that things in our world COULD be fairly bizzare .We need to remember that we need our governments to come together on behalf of us all WE CANNNOT TURN OUR BACKS ON OUR GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM OF CONTROL,WE WERE RIGHT WHEN WE SET UP OUR SYSTEMS WE DONT HAVE TO SAY THEY ARE WRONG TO CHANGE ,WE JUST HAVE TO ASK FOR CHANGE.All you need for proof or to feel that you are part of something deep is to keep on reading and contributing to posts like these ,this will help create the new reality that is our future.Our governments denial in the face of such undeniable testimony from such unbelievable sources up to and including bloody astronaughts!!! is all the proof we need.We only hide things we are afraid of and our governments are afraid of something,but what they need to understand is that it is the support of ALL OF US that will provide the strength to overcome any obstacle ,all for one and one for all wether we like it or not.The strength and support from the people that our governments would gain from disclosure in a controlled manner would be unparralled in history because it would span all religons and borders as a unifier of humanity.So you see the proof is here the remainig possibilities arent so easily understood though.Remember that we all need the support of each other to take humanity into the next century.Nothing is written in stone as far as our survival as a species,that is up to us we create our own futures ,WE JUST BETTER BE AWARE THAT THE PLANET DOESNT FALL INTO THE CATEGORY OF BEING ONE OF THE THINGS WE CAN INCORPORATE INTO OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE IN TERMS OF A VARIABLE WE CAN CONTROL.The planet can still wipe oue species out and we should all be asking our governments for a massive space station and program with the combined effort of every country on earth its the only way to give us an insurance policy against species extinction and loss of knowledge in the event of a global disaster.I believe the Sumerians are right and if they are my own abduction makes sense and the proximity of Nirubi to earth I believe will bring about global changes in the next several years.We may be in a fight for our lives as a species even with secret government underground facilities and help from another more advanced off world source.Tht is why we are each responsible for learning as much pure survival knowledge as we can immediatly.The only resource we may be able to use one day may be our knowledge in our individual brains--no books,no computer,no library or repair manual ,no school texts ect.Could we possibly be in a position that is this precarious in the near future--YOU BET AND THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE IF YOU WANT IT IN A TECHNICAL SCIENTIFIC FORM AND IN A PHISOPHICAL FORM AND IN A RELIGOUS FORM AND IN A ARCHEOLOGICAL RECORDED FORM THAT PREDATES ALL OTHERS KNOWN TO MAN.We already have the proof now we need to be prepared and thats the long and short of it ,there is no fairy tale ending ,humanity has always been faced with incredible challenges and we have embraced and conquered them all ,we will continue this legacy if we are pepared.

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