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Oooooo!!! Culture - DNA link?

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posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Check this out:

Culture is the vehicle through which we develop and maintain behaviors over extended periods of time. By creating these behavioral consistencies, over even greater periods, we alter and extend our Genetic Code to incorporate these "traits" in the particular strain of human DNA, recognizable in a general sense by Cultural differences, etc.

So, Human Society/Culture is a direct extension of our DNA. In fact it is the mechanism through which our DNA replicates and evolves itself.


Way effin late. but had to start this thread...

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 06:15 PM
well, I'm back and it seems no one else seems to think this is as ground breaking as I do. hmmm... perhaps it's because I am viewing it in the light of a related theory I've been working on. That being:

While seemingly contradictory, I am beginning to think all of us conspiracy minded folks are correct - I also think that these folks we accuse of propagating the conspiracy are telling the truth when they say they have no idea wtf we are talking about. I resolve this contradiction with the concept that while we are accurately observing a deliberate and organized structure which guides the course or events in the world, the actual source of that organization is being misunderstood. The Secret Societies, clandestine meetings, bloodlines, even reptilians are as we describe (for the most part), but exist due to activity occurring at the level of DNA. I take the reptilians as an example since they're arguably one of the wildest beliefs people hold around here...

Our conscious minds get fed often, if not constantly, information from and about the subconscious. We took a bit too literal of an understanding. As we became aware of the concept of a reptilian, probably due to our runaway imaginations, we created green beings with scales, forked tongues, and vertical slit eyes. What was being referred to was that one of the primary subdivisions of humans (I call them Alphas) functions using the reptilian portion of the brain as its source of root assumptions, The fundamental truths/concepts/assumtions upon which all decisions are made. As such, Alpha individuals are competitive in their relations with all other forms of life (incl. other Alphas). They have difficulty with genuine empathy; and can be quite ruthless, always fighting and hellbent on 'winning', regardless of the cost. Behavior is guided (possibly 100% controlled) by DNA. The subconscious works sort of like a translator between the conscious mind and the core DNA being. The result of this information exchange between the conscious mind and relative DNA is the holographic structure we create in our minds called "reality". Basically, it's a self created, organized structure, that we use to quickly process and integrate the information coming from our DNA and the 5 senses. Free Will is the grey area between what we think we will do - based upon available info, and what we actually do - based on the instruction/guidance of our DNA.

Well, I passed out. It's gonna be a minute before I can get back into the swing of this so I'm just gonna post it as is...


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