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Ancient Knowledge and the Destruction of Christ.

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posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 09:53 PM
Research Ramblings 1. Bill Elliott and Dewey W. Adams Bible inspires revelation.

I. My grandfather's bible , its worn and torn but I can still read the letters. Ok check this out,.In Verse 5 of Chapter 3 in Genesis says, "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be OPENED, and ye shall be as GODS, knowing good and evil."Now it continues in verse 6 saying,"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one WISE, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat." Verse 7 saying, "And the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." We can see here that in the beginning Adam and Eve had no knowledge of anything, they didn't even know they were nude, so when God figured out they ate of the Tree of Knowledge he asked them in verse 11, "And he said, Who told thee that thous wast naked? hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?." So right here God is saying that the only way for them to have LEARNED of them being naked was that either someone told them, or they ate of the Tree of Knowledge. So God is saying, there's a plant out there that can teach you something. Now when I saw this I couldn't believe of all the years I spent in christian schools and every waking morning reading the bible, how the hell could I have missed the fact that God said there's plants in the world that can teach you things. I mean I've read it before obviously, it's in Genesis, that's the first thing you learn about when opening the bible. But I guess everyone reads genesis so much that they tend to overlook the more obvious in the bible. Now what's so startling about this is when It finally hit me everything made sense to me.

Now we're starting to make the most basic and most misunderstood connection ever known to man. This is literally the Holy Grail journey, trying to find out what it is that sprung man into such a creative and intelligent existence and my belief is that we learned from the Tree of Knowledge.Now I've always been a fan of Jesus, but what I haven't been a fan of, is the so called religion that spreads his so called beliefs, because to me I feel as though they twist his teachings. But nonetheless they do not keep me from reading and trying to decipher and understand his teachings. I think this is also why even in South America, where you have shamans and healers and whatnot, that they also still believe in Jesus. They just have a different understanding of Jesus and in my opinion, a much better understanding than what most of us have. Now If God said that the tree of knowledge is capable of teaching you about life, I wonder how much about life can it teach you. Well lets take a look here, hmmmmm...I noticed you were on your path of understanding concerning the Jesuit Order. When I learned about this I figured maybe I could help you out, and give you some insight to maybe help you in your journey. Now this is just a theory, but I think it can still help.The Jesuit Order and organizations of the like, have for Aeons been trying to stay in control to keep something hidden, this is why we call them the OCCULT, now the Occult is just another word for Hidden.Now what on earth could be so important that they would go to such great lengths, such as trying to control the whole damn planet, just to keep something hidden.Well information that could change the face of the planet might be one reason, because this could threaten their power. And if someone came to share this information with the people, wouldn't the church and their sub-organizations try to kill this person and twist and discredit his information so no one would really understand what he was saying? Well I think they would, just like today when we have people like Jordan Maxwell and people of his calibre they go above and beyond to shut these people down, and if they can't stop them, they eventually just kill them. Now who do we know that is the most famous teacher of love and truth that was discredited,his teachings corrupted, and eventually killed...Well that person might be a man named Jesus....Okay now we're onto something here.Jesus said in St.John Chapter 14 verse 12, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; And greater works than these shall he do.". Now these are powerful words, and if what Jesus was saying is true, than he was a direct threat to the ruling powers, because what he could teach the people was to be self suffienct. They wouldn't need the church or state because Jesus was teaching them his works, and how to perform them for themselves if they would only believe in what Jesus was teaching.

Self proclaimed Christians say that they are going to heaven because they've accepted Jesus as their personal saviour and that they follow his teachings to the best of their abilities. But in actuality all that they are following is the same power structure that discredited, tainted, and eventually killed off the teachings of Jesus and possibly Jesus himself.This is the biggest conspiracy of all time, this is why I think they always setup a taboo on conspiracy theorists because they don't want someone to possibly stumble onto the truth. So anyone with any part of the truth they will immediately begin to tear down that persons credibility and whatnot. Ok so lets get back onto the subject, lets start with some history lessons. Now these aren't in chronological order because I'm not that educated and am barely learning this all myself, but here's some accounts of stories in history that we all know. The Templar knights were an order for the church that would do their dirty deeds. The church sent the Knights onto missions to destroy or take over other power structures so they could later declare their dominance in the world. Now as the knights start their hidden crusades for the church they also start getting into the information they would find during their crusades, today we have dubbed this the OCCULT.Now we know after the knights started getting into the OCCULT or the Hidden information, immediately the church began to discredit and kill off the Templar Knights. After the knights had already done the work for the church , the church immediately started gaining the powers to put down that which they created, because the knights were nothing nice to be messing with, so the church was waiting until they had the immense power where they could not only challenge the warriors they had hired but totaly destroy them and send them into hiding. Now what did the Templars find that was so important, that even though the church paid them immense wealth they would eventually destroy them because of the information or Holy Grail they found? Well first we have to look into the lore of the holy grail. We know from one very famous Last Supper Painting that Da Vinci sort of considered the Holy Grail to be the Golden Chalice or Cup that he depicts in his painting. Well we also know that Da Vinci was a prankster of sorts and would hide stuff in his paintings that would mean other things. We also know that Da Vinci was a very smart man, and would also dabble into the sacred geometries of life. He would paint stuff with dimensions and symbologies that would mean other things. So lets take this into consideration as we try to unfold these mysteries.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 09:54 PM
Ok we know that the holy chalice was considered golden, had a brim, and a stalk and could be used for drinking something out of. Also we know that it was told that this holy chalice would give the partaker immense knowledge and understanding. Well the only thing that we know for sure that has these capabilities were plants and mushrooms. Mushrooms in Siberia were used by the Shamans as a way to communicate with the Gods or Spirits, and they believed that these spirits would teach them about life and would give them immense knowledge...hmmm...if someone had immense knowledge they could eventually start their own power the church wouldn't like this one...well if this is true then we have to look at this mushroom if this is the holy chalice..well my friend let me get a good picture of one for you.Ok I attached a picture of the Amanita Muscaria or the Fly Algaric mushroom in my photos on my myspace profile. It is more commonly known as the mushroom in Mario Bros. that has the red with white dots. O yea, we know how the Illuminati like to mock us with symbolism because they think we're stupid, but we are out there thinking just as much as them so I didn't miss this one.

Now if you look at the picture you can see how it looks like a cup or chalice,and it has that golden look to it at this stage of growth, sort of symbolic to the golden cup, but what it also has in it is the red coloring also symbolic of the blood of Christ, and the stalk is white also symbolic of the bread of Christ. This is why I think we take the sacrament in Christianity because Christianity is what I like to call the front religion of the Illuminati. They are hiding truths behind ceremonies as we know they like to do, like in masonic teachings they hide behind symbolism and "sacred" ceremonies so they can hide the truth for only those that can understand the language of symbolism they are using, and mock others that do not understand.Now we have mentioned here in a mushroom all the qualities physically that would connect them to the Holy Chalice, but now we have to see, does mushrooms or this mushroom really give you immense knowledge? Well when eaten we know it makes you "trip" or see things that you can't normally see. Scientists call this an altered state of consciousness, but ancients call this visiting the Gods. We know that the ancients Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayas, all of them have been painting the same pictures from across the world of the very same gods but without never having ever consulted with one another as to what they would look like. In Central and South America they all depict snakes as being wise. Well even china has the dragon or snake, and they say the same thing. Egyptians also painted snakes as being wise and pharaohs would often have their hats with a Snake or Cobra on it as well as the vulture.Inca Indians did this very same thing, well how the hell are they all seeing the same spirits if all mushrooms and these plants are doing is making you "trip" or just seeing things concocted in the mind. Well my belief is that these aren't concoctions, this is an actual realm of consciousness and this is also where I think Jesus got his name Christ from.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 09:54 PM
We know today that Biblical scholars believe that Christ wasn't part of Jesus' name, it was actually a title that meant Enlightened or Learned or Illuminated.One that was knowledgeable.Well if his name was Jesus and he was dubbed Jesus the Enlightened and he was spreading these very ancient but very real teachings of immense knowledge wouldn't the power structures kill him and hide all his teachings, yes they would, and they did. Well if mushrooms teach you so much knowledge wouldn't the power structures make sure you don't take them, yes and they do. In almost every country Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, any and every plant that is considered a "hallucinogenic" is illegal and a capital punishment in some countries, except to the native tribes all over the world that are still fighting for their traditions. Well if the natives still get to use them than they can't be the holy grail because wouldn't they silence or get rid of the tribes? YES, and they ARE. The whole continent of Africa is plagued with AIDS, famine, and war, and soon the tribes of that once great nation will soon be extinct. Same goes for the Amazonian tribes, we are drastically destroying the Amazon jungle and will soon purge the jungle of its wonders and of its inhabitants, humans included.The church sent crusades all throughout history to purge the Earth of the last remaining cultures that partake of the Trees or Plants of Knowledge. We know this for a FACT! Mayan civilization was destroyed by the Spanish. The Spanish were predominantly Catholics! They came to the native land and used biological warfare in the form of smallpox. they launched a full blown war against them, raped and pillaged their peoples and land. Yet the Mayans almost defeated them had it not been for the pyschological warfare they launched against the Mayans peoples that eventually desentegrated their social structures and caused them to be destroyed from within.The catholic church also used the rebellion of Americans against the British to purge America of it's native inhabitants,the likes of which the holocaust of Jews could never compare. We then went on to places like Hawaii and destroyed their culture and peoples. And right now we are on the verge of destroying the middle east and their remaining natives.I'm telling you buddy, no one goes out and extincts a whole culture and tradition of peoples for no good reason. They didn't just do this because they wanted the land, they did this because these were the cultures and peoples that could spread the knowledge of life and threaten their dominance. The church leaders or Godfathers as I put it, wanted to be the only community that bore the power of knowledge, and they would then implement those other traditions and cultures of people with a completely false religion to hide the true teachings of the People the religions claim to be following, like Jesus for example.I have a whole lot more I want to share with you but I just want your take on this first then we can finish up on the rest of it.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 10:38 PM
well.........this is making sense in a weird kind of way, please continue.

oh and ahh...... please could you break up your paragraphs slightly so it is easier to read, now please continue.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by pureevil81

When I went to break up the paragraphs it wouldn't let me, some kind of error when I would break the paragraphs that's why it's all jumbled up. Sorry for the trouble.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 10:53 PM
(I am about half way through and this is what I wanted to say )
I am not Catholic so I dont know anything about all of their rituals ..I have never participated in any of them ..And the Elite are not Catholics ..They use them like they do everyone else ..I believe that the real Elite (TPTB) believe in NO GOD ..they believe they are gods the Pharohs etc ......but they would use all religions in whatever way suited them for their purposes ....

The rest of the stuff ..I am still trying to decipher lol ...I know that is alot to read and digest ....

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 11:01 PM
Try the Roman Emperor, he's an easier target. He was the one that did the Greek Schools........ after Constantine got control........ Justinian was his name.....

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Simplynoone

I haven't even begun my research on who the "Elite" are, so I am not saying in this article that the catholic church are the "Elite". I am only saying that the catholic institution has been used to further an agenda, as well as other institutions which we will get into later when I'm finished writing it.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:22 PM
Ok, so hear me out, because I'm somewhat of an expert on Christianity and all of its forms especially the experiential side.

First, theres already a super long documentary "trying to" tie in shrooms into Christianity. Just google or youtube it you'll find it.

Now my personal opinion is that you can literally take anything you want and somehow tie it into Christianity. Which is what the makers of the Shroom+Xtianity basically did.

First, Jesus was never directly handing out Shrooms and telling people to go find them and eat them. He was in fact offering his path to be Enlightened and experience God directly for yourself, sober minded, and without shrooms or any other drugs. If he was handing them out or directly, talking about them, then that would be a different story. Still, these morsels grow in every country and a "how to guide" is availble on the net and in pretty much most libraries. So if some group was trying to hide "them" they sure did a crappy job.

Experientially, I have personally done dozens of shroom trips in my High school and early college days, and I am also a Christian Mystic and have experienced the Enlightenment (Holy Spirit indwelling) preached about and offered by Jesus.

The Enlightenment makes the shroom trip seem like pre-school. Not only that, my last and final shroom ingestion was shortly after my Christian Enlightenment, during which nothing happened to me, the shrooms literally had no effect because the Enlightened state Im in is sooooo far beyond a shroom trip that it had no effect, while everyone else around me could barely communicate they were so inebriated, some having done it hundreds of times even commenting after how strange it was that they had no effect on me.

So technically, if you want to get the right take on Christianity and the deeper things of it, you have to read the theology and interpretations by other Christians who were completely filled 100% with this Enlightenment. Those were the mystics and saints, many of which were even attacked, killed, jailed, and sent to court for the Mystical things they were preaching about ....showing you exactly how messed up and corrupted the majority of Christianity is.

If you research Adam and Eve and tree of knowledge story, the Enlightened Christians of antiquity, especially in the East, i.e. Eastern Orthodoxy, they will tell you that before eating from the tree, Adam and Eve had the "Oneness and Enlightenment" of God.

They didnt know duality, as they saw God and experienced him in all things. Eating from the tree was choosing to experience duality, me vs. you, good vs. evil, naked vs. clothed, i.e. the great fall into are current existence of this material realm/illusion.

Once you return to God through Jesus and you are graceously given the Enlightenment, then you return to the state of "before the fall" where you see everything as One, united, God in all and all in God, good and evil being an Illusion and so forth.

Now I do agree there are occult and illuminati groups hiding all sorts of secrets, but everything they are hiding has to do with Governemtn ties, world agendas, plans for the population, Pride, Ego, and gaining Spiritual powers to use for their own benefit. I've read and owned tons of rare Occult/Illuminati books some that you'll never see on google/ebay and some costing in the thousands of dollar ranges and they all talk about invoking different spirits that give you powers, astral projection, magnetic fluids to influence others, levitation by gaining control over Air elementals' and so forth.

Each person is the Chalice, waiting to be filled by the Spirit of God, i.e. the Holy Spirit who brings with it Enlightenment, third eye opened, miraculous abilities to be used for the greater good, for works of God.

It's very easy to just take something or watch different opinions on Youtube/Google and start meshing things to fit a new conspiracy.

But ultimately, those that are truly Enlightened know the truth and those are the people with the truth and speak in the most unfiltered and pure way, even though it is mostly beyond words.

Yes the church has become corrupt, yes people use the Bible to enslave and control others, and yes most arent Enlightenend. But once you break through those chains and read between the lines in the Bible, you will begin on this magnificent Spiritual/Mystical journey full of direct experiences that last the rest of your life. Not some 12 hour shroom trip that comes and goes.

So in conclusion, while its an entertaining idea, and had I not gone through both sides of the experience I might even be inclined to roll with it, it just isnt that way. Shrooms are not the answer, but mere glimpses of a state that God will graceously give you that will be with you 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. It's called the Transcendence and selfless Love that comes with being indwelled and Enlightened by the Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus.

He said paraphrased, after I leave I will send you a comfortor who will never leave you and always be with you. Until Jesus came, this Enlightenment from the Spirit (a real life experience) had not been Given out except to a few prophets here and there. But now is available to all who seek and ask.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 05:16 AM
Note: I am not encouraging nor discouraging the use of psychedelics.

For a bit I was an avid tripper of mushrooms. Though not the amanita however, but the psilocybin variety. The reason I liked tripping was because of the mental expansion that one experiences during and afterwards. Based on plenty of experiences (almost too plenty), however, I don't think the mushrooms actually allow you to perceive a "different dimension of consciousness" or the "realm of the gods" of anything like that.

When one thinks of tripping, they will usually think of things like ambient sounds, Yellow Submarine, and swirling colors. This is not entirely the case. It does alter your perceptions of reality, like seeing inanimate things "breathing" or growing, but mainly optical illusion type things like the aforementioned and geometric patterns. However the real trip is whats going on in your head. It will cause your mind to kick into an overdrive of sorts; a crazy uncontrollable a-million-thoughts-per-second kind of overdrive that you can't shut down no matter what (especially if the bud of the hemp plant is consumed during the experience, the mind overdrive intensifies greatly).

This is when/why the tripper has "revelations". Basically, if it is an intense mushroom trip (i.e. eaten 1/8 oz. mushrooms + smoked hemp bud), ones mind will be racing like crazy. Everything that comes to mind is followed by a trail of a million thoughts related to it. For example, when you look at say, a window, you will think more about that window in a second than you ever had in your life or even ever want to. A story will unfold about each subject that is in the spotlight of your mind. This is why it is called "tripping". You let your mind go through its course and let one thought lead to another (resisting may yield bad results). As one thought leads to a million others, you may either enjoy some of the most pleasant musings, or come face to face with the most horrifying demons that reach out from deep within the dark recesses of your soul. Also, tripping in nature almost always invariably result in a feeling of deep connection with nature, like you understand that you are a part of it and that you have a place in it.

Either way, the experience is always enlightening if the mushrooms are taken under an entheogenic context (rather than to "get f*k'd up dood!"), with the tripper learning more about their Self and the world around them. In fact, I will assert that the worse the experience, the more learning value it has, as the worse trips involve coming to terms with the Self, and are usually good lessons for thought control (basically the ability to control one's thinking). So I can totally see that psychedelic mushrooms may be regarded as a "plant" of enlightenment.

However, I will say this: "magic" mushrooms are a force to be reckoned with! Do not ever use it if you don't think you are ready, because it is some intense stuff. I've had one of the most intensely horrifying experiences of my life due to their influence (but also one of the deepest learning experiences as well), where thoughts were coming so fast that a minute literally seemed like an hour and it could not be turned off, with each thought directly affecting how I was feeling at that moment. Only advice is if it is going bad, you have to make yourself realize that it is only a trip, that you will survive, it is full speed with no stops and the only way to get out is on the other side.

The power of the mushroom must have left the holy men of the ancients awestruck by the power of their metaphysical punch.

Also - there is a theory that the anointing oil that Jesus used (Christ meaning the "anointed one") contained massive amounts of hemp bud. In the translations, the plant in question is termed the fragrant cane. However, in Hebrew the term is Kaneh Bosem, which some argue to be cannabis. The formula called for a bunch of Kaneh Bosem, a bunch of olive oil, and small amounts various herbs and spices (mostly for their scent). Now we all know that THC, the active psychoactive ingredient of the hemp plant, is oil soluble. So all this Kaneh Bosem + olive oil = liquid THC, which is used to anoint people on their forehead, and the THC would then be absorbed through the skin. Coincidentally, Jesus healed a lot of eye and skin problems (hmmm..)

Like mushrooms, the hemp plant is also a psychedelic, and has similar but much much milder effects, and also frees the mind to tread outside of its normal limitations, allowing it to make connections that it could never see before. In relation to enlightenment, I've rarely met a closed-minded pothead.

Sorry for the wall of text.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by dominicus

First of all the bible doesn't detail enough of Jesus' life to say that he really did much of anything let alone be a master healer of the shamanistic type. It was merely an observation and a theory not set in stone. I am still open to the infinite amount of theories surrounding Jesus, but what I am not open to, is the theory that he is some man behind some clouds and if you don't listen to him you are going directly to hell. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard, that if you don't absolutely follow the so-called "teachings" of Jesus you will go to hell, that is ridiculous.We cannot for one second say that plants are just part of the planet to look at and some are toe at. Everything in life has it's purpose. If anyone wants to negate the fact that there are alternate ways of perceiving reality, than that's on them.

I for one, know for a fact, that after taking hits of '___' and Mushrooms, I know there are different ways of perceiving reality, and to me, the way I look at it, it is simple. Anyone who wants to spend their life believing in another institution such as religion that makes you pay for your so called enlightenment, than albeit to that person, but for me, I know the teachings of Jesus, and when he told me that I can do everything that he did and greater, I know it's true, because I have spent time with my grandparents, which one was a Cherokee Native American, and the other a German Italian, which both would tell me of the after life and how real they knew it to be.

I'm not asking anyone to change their perception on life, I am merely sharing my outlook on it. Some people with relate with my views, yet others won't. Both of which I am comfortable with accepting. Life's definition is really unto the beholder.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 09:22 AM
Hi CanesRites,
If you haven't already, you should read The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by John M. Allegro. Allegro is a scholar who studied the Sumerian language, and later middle eastern languages such as Aramaic. He was also appointed to the editing team that first deciphered the Dead Sea scrolls. The main premise of the book is that the name of the Jewish God, the patriarchs and names of people and places in the New testament can be taken back to their Sumerian roots and directly correlated to an ancient mushroom fertility cult, which worshipped the Amanita Muscaria. It also details how the ancient writers used punning and word-play in their literary constructions, presumably meant to hide the real meaning of the Christian message from the authorities.

I'm not sure if his book is still in print. I first found it in my local library, and finally found my own copy in a used book store. There are websites though, and if I could figure out how to post links, I would

I do recall seeing a "Jesus is a mushroom cult" thread some time back here on ATS, try searching it, it probably has a wealth of information in it.

Another book worth mentioning, although it has nothing to do with mushrooms, is Richard Elliott Friedman's "The Hidden Book of the Bible". It also deals with etymology, which I believe is key to having a full understanding of history, mythology and religion. This book is definitely still in print and a very interesting read.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:33 PM

but what I am not open to, is the theory that he is some man behind some clouds and if you don't listen to him you are going directly to hell.

I dont know where you got the whole notion of some man behind some clouds. I agree that is a rather childish and fundamental approach to a Mystical transcendent being of Jesus. I know myself, being a Christian Mystic, my view of him is a complete 360 from what your describing here.

As far as not listening to Jesus ....hey thats on you. I do not judge and do not condemn anybody. But not listening to the AWSOME spiritual advice of a Spiritual master is somewhat of an ego defense mechanism ...whereas practicing what Jesus taught leads to ego death and enlightenment.

That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard, that if you don't absolutely follow the so-called "teachings" of Jesus you will go to hell, that is ridiculous.

Ok I understand where you come from. But you see, this whole shroom theory is one of the most absolutely absurd theories I've heard about Jesus in a long time.

The hell thing.... I had a problem with that myself for a while. Until I underwent ego death and become Spiritually Enlightenment (a God given gift) to see that its not such a far off thing to say.

For example, lets say that in the afterlife, like attracts like and you go automatically to a place that best suits your spiritual development gained on earth. Well a killer/rapist its obvious what they would tune into, someone in the middle would go into some form of middleground, where as an enlightened being who absolutely Loves God with their whole being will also attune to the closest possible realm where God is.

You can find this in NDE books, most of them never talk about hell being real, they talk about reincarnation, and the ones that do talk about hell (very very few) are the ones that are saying that people are trapped in a cycle of incarnating until they get Enlightened/Ego death ....and that what Jesus is preaching gives you that in the fastest possible way.

I'm not saying its the only way, but I am saying that the Enlightenment I have from being a Christian Mystic makes Shrooming absolutely boring to me, no longer effects me, and I have all together dropped them because Im on a daily spiritual high.

If anyone wants to negate the fact that there are alternate ways of perceiving reality, than that's on them.

Of course we have plants and herbs that we use for further good, or bad. Shrooms at first helped me to realize that God is real that something is out there, which led me to being a Christian Mystic, meditation, prayer, and eventual Enlightenment where I experience God daily w/o shrooms. They were a tool used to show me that I can have a deeper personal relationship with God, w/o having to rely on a plant.

Plants can also be used for evil. While on Shrooms you can summons demons and be infected with all types of beings that will influence the rest of your life. Don't believe me??? Try shrooming deep in the woods with some friends with the notion that you want to "make contact" and you will eventually all be seeing and communicating with the same beings of the Outer Darkness, as they're called by traditions all over the world.

ALso coc aine, heroin, and other drugs come from plants and look at all the messed up addicts, overdoses, manipulation on socieities in the world. Plants are a double edge sword.

Anyone who wants to spend their life believing in another institution such as religion that makes you pay for your so called enlightenment

The institution I "know" is real (believing is for beginners) is not of this world, but of the Spiritual realms. My Enlightenment as a Christian Mystic never came from being in a Church nor did I ever have to pay for it. It was a free gift from above after months and months of genuine seeking, reading, asking, praying, meditating, and getting rebaptized.

You say you hold the notion to perceive reality and things at a different light, but look at how your perceiving me and Christianity in general. Seems very closed minded and "hating the fundamentalists" based. Consider that Christianity has been abducted by main-streamism and turned into an Unsolace offensive beast .....when in reality if you seek and read inbetween the lines you will eventually receive yourself Enlightenment that's beyond taking 1,000 pounds of Shrooms and its directly God given with all sorts of personal revelations and other info from above.

but for me, I know the teachings of Jesus, and when he told me that I can do everything that he did and greater

Yes this is soooooooo true, but its taken out of context. This is only possible when God has activated in you the Enlightenment that comes from being indwelled with the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that Jesus had that allowed him to perform miracles is in me and can be in you if you seek it.

These things are impossible to do without this Spirit, and it even says that when talking about the Spirit and the things of Jesus those who dont have the Spirit these words seem as foolishness to them.

I am merely sharing my outlook on it. Some people with relate with my views, yet others won't. Both of which I am comfortable with accepting. Life's definition is really unto the beholder.

Perceptions and truths are most true and best perceived when you have God given Enlightenment, then the veil (like in Shrooming is removed) but this time for good, not some 12 hour trip. You will see the beings behind the curtain, angels/demons, their influence, spirits of the dead, be able to turn this off and on at will.

To say that life's definition is unto to the beholder is to say that a Baby killer's definition holds just as much weight/credit as an extremist suicide bomber, as a priest, as a philosopher. That statement is flawed because it throws morals and values complete out the window.

Whereas being Enlightened and experiencing the Most High, you will instantly see how high the standards of values and morality are. Even mere swear words have such extreme negative power on yourself and others when you say them, but unto the beholder thats not true, especially a beholder who has yet to experience God.

Forget shrooms man ...there's something better, higher, more complete. Thats God and Jesus points the way to a rapid onset of Enlightenment. It has to be experienced to be really known

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