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Ending The Political Game on ATS

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posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 06:25 PM
This world is ruled with metal claws by Politics. I do not agree to the new
rules of this ATS, but see it as another threat of NWO creeping in. And i hope i have a right to state my personal opinion here still. Most people
have enough experience & intellect to decipher what is real & what is phoney, if kept their sovereighnity.
Of course, it has been a year or so last time i checked into here, am oblivious to all the political posts that went on.
The reason i am so furious right now, is, i discovered U2U here, clicked around to find it, fell into my own member site & discovered i had an inbox full of messages. Was i surprised. So i wrote an eloquent long message to one of the members.....viola.... all in vain!! "You have to post
20 posts before you can send a message to any member!"

So now i am going to post 20 messages on this site, somehow!! Little do i
care if i get booted out of here, no loss to me. As i am not a MIB creature
from hell and have no agendas to fulfil.
Ok, so here is my 1st message and it is gossip, or my own opinion, or just
rhetoric for fun to contemplate on.
My advise is to vote neither one of them, Nader would be my choice, but i
have never, nor ever will...voted in my life, why would i acquiece (accept)
political rule over me. I am just not that stupid. I was always aware that
we are ruled by aliens, in fact SATAN himself pulls all the strings.
Hello Satan, anunnaki creature from hell, reptilians, vulturites, go f...your
seves!!! I am right here, laughing at you, big time, laughing, hahaha.
Are you still searching for the WORD? Hahahaha, 3,000 years long, hahaha
can't restart time? Hahahahah, go2hell, hahahaha The ONE is on your a...s
big time, hahahaha, time & gravity is over, hahahahaha, WE humans will
triumph after all, Hahahaha, when WE enter 4th density WE will get the
rest of you leftovers, hahahaha, there will be nowhere to hide, hahahahaha
you all are so toast, hahahaha. There are 2025 hahahahahahahahahahaha
sssssssssssssss left for snakes, reptiles, greys, clones....
we are not your food anylonger, hahaha, eat each other, hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:17 PM
Awww, you're not having any fun are you?

Cheer up, you have only 7 more posts to go and you can U2U.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:44 PM
Thanks for the laughs. This typifies how I feel about conspiracies sometimes. I know you weren't trying to be serious and wanted to get yourself banned but I found your post enlightening.

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