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Observation made during Obama speech in NV

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by Jemison
reply to post by SleeplessInUS

"I know I'm the underdog" "I'm ok with being the underdog" "I like being the underdog"........ what is that?

THAT is a statement of fact. Have you seen the polls over the last month? There is 100% truth in what McCain is saying. And in the primaries he was written off very early but he came back after being the underdog for a long while.

Obama's whining is worse than any of the terrible two's I went through with my 4 daughters COMBINED ... and they are very close in age so I went through a VERY long period of terrible two's with my last two being twins and giving me a double whammy!

Obama feels that he is above it all - above any criticism. He can dish it out but he certainly can't take it. I hope people come to their senses FAST and that Obama loses by a GIGANTIC margin.


I agree... it is fact that he is the underdog. But he is still playing the sympathy card along with Obama.

My point isnt that one is better than the other... Im not having that debate with you. My point is, they are both playing political hardball. So unless you disagree with that opinion, we have no quarrel.

I am not on one side or the other nor do I believe one is better than the other on the Obama / McCain issue... they both scare the hell out of me

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