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Where do you draw the line between Past-Lives, Daydreams, and Prediction?

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 12:32 PM
Using this method is very effective in accessing past lives that are effectingus in this life time. Most past life experiences have little effect on are present lives and usually not important to remember. It also can be done by ones self. Were as other techniques require someone working with you such as a clairvoyant or a partner as in the case of Rebirthing. One thing to remember is that most people believe deep in side they are not good enough and they are afraid if they look to deep they will find out its true. Nothing could be farther from the true. Most of us do not feel like we lived up to the expectation that others had for us. This leaves us with feeling of not being good enough. But who is responsible for there expectations.

One thing I like to do after finishing is to be aware of how each of the decisions or beliefs has effected my life and how I have created experiences in my life to support those decisions or beliefs. We then start to see how we are the creators of our life experiences rather than being victums of it. In taking responsibility we take back our power.

Spiritual is not something we need to become, what we need to release in all the lies, decision, and beliefs that say we are not or what others say it means to be spiritual. Spirit is what you are.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 08:35 PM
i can relate to your story.
i vividly remember a couple things but my mother said they arent true but in my heart i feel i have experienced them.
i dont know what they mean or anything but i do think they are memories from a past life.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 05:40 PM
first of all you have to belive in past-lives and in reincarnation to allow memories be memories and not day dreams or reminiscing of a movie or a book.

soemtimes i am very confused about my memories and start to question myself about them.

one is being a celtic pristess with a tattoo on my forehead and a blue robe on my body. i am not very sure if it isn.t an image i adapted from books by marion zimmer-bradley
but than there are those unspecific memories of being a baker in ancient times or being burried under stones in WWII in berlin.
until i realized that scene i wasn.t able to cover my face (laying on my side) with a pillow, i got the bad feeling of being burried alive!

i still got a uncertain fear when coming to pass a truck. i just can.t do it. i got the idea that this truck might start moving and then i am dead. usually it stands still at a corner of a street and nobody is in it.
but i feel it in my body, a certain prickle which i can.t explain.

but i know for sure that i lived before this life, i can recall the moment of my birth from a out of body position, the very moment i took my body.

but anyway, maybe i was just imagine this? my old self doubt!

but than my son was born, and he startted to tell me about his past lives. explained that he understood the acting of his dad coz he remembered clearly how it was when he was a dad by himself. he clearly distiguishes between past life and future life!

when he was a very little baby about 1 or 2 months old he was full of anger, i got the idea, that he remembered clearly being able to move his body, but now being a baby again that body didn.t move the way he expected it, so he was angry like hell.
every day he was able to controll his body the way he wanted it he became more and more happy.

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