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Wanta is a delusional hoax and Story is a disinfo agent; judge for yourself

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:20 PM
At this point fater getting the Reagan Library FOIA on Wanta, this is my position, after speaking w/Cottrell and emailing back and forth with Story: Wanta is a delusional hoax and Story is a disinfo agent; judge for yourself

(I still intend to try to get court papers from the East Coast -- but I think they will only reinforce my current intution (after having spend about 7 weeks looking into this.)

Received FOIA papers – Wanta is a delusional hoax and Story is a disinfo agent; judge for yourself

--As of now, after about 6 weeks of research, this is where I stand:

I received back the FOIA papers from the Reagan Library, and it's very disappointing, if revealing. Of the 40-50 yellow transmittal sheets, over 90% are coded "B-6", which means: Release would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, [(b)(6) of the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act]

Now, let's see what we did get (first, in summary):

1. Wanta is responding to mass mailing letters for political candidates as if they're not form letters, and expecting responses. In this case, a form letter from Reagan running for president the first time.

2. From what I can tell from, Wanta is a complete con and fraud, for several apparent reasons: (1) his level of literacy appears to indicate he is a high school dropout. (2) he has no sense of protocol or business acumen, because NO ONE sends the same letter to the following people (it's pointless) ...unless they're nuts, it is redundancy, creates confusion, and wastes everyone's time. It's a game of insiders. NOT outsiders. Wanta is an outsider. Anyone addressing letters like this is NUTS (clearly delusional):

ex #1:
Ronald Reagan
George Shultz
Prime Minister of Japan Yashiro Nakasone
Prime Minister of Vanuatu Walter Lini
Air Vanatu Airlines Gen. Mrg. Thomson Chiu
Ambassador Robet Van Lierop
This is about an alleged attempt by Wanta to pressure a bank to buy an airliner for Vanuatu (whatever that is).

ex #2:
James Baker III
Edwin Meese III
Michael Deaver
Wanta asks for a job: "Reviewing my professional and responsible endeavors to serve our President, his administration and our country; I respectfully request your joint recommendation today for the Presidential nomination ... My Presidential personnel file as told t me by White House officials is "the thickest", but it illustrates my integrity, qualifications, loyalty to a great President...I also stand tall to accept his challenges and destiny in a timely and efficient manner. ...I sincerely thank each of you for your present and past personal efforts in this White House matter."

Receives a letter back, "We regret that we are unable to offer you a position since it is the policy of this Administration to cut back the Federal bureaucracy and work force. ... We truly appreciate your willingness to serve President Reagan."

Wanta replies w/a letter to President Reagan: "It is most difficult to accept this disheartening letter ... Truthfully, our mutual friends and colleagues and I today do not believe you personally have reviewed my entire White House file ... Either way, I still think you are the greatest..............."

ex #3
According to U.S. District Court, 9/7/84
Wanta is apparently a food vending machine operator, from a company that went bankrupt.

ex #4
President Ronald Wilson Reagan
Vice President George Bush
Secretary of State George P. Shultz
----U.S. State Dept.
Ambassador Vernon Walters

In this letter marked 'urgent' in 7/24/87, 'Leo' of "Leo Wanta & Associates - Consultants to Management" claims that Moammir Gahdafi of Libya is sending an airline and funding to operate Vanuatu's flag airline.

He then urges the U.S. Government to take action to expedite an 'aircraft' deal the he [Wanta] is allegedly promoting.

He then claims ExImbank is on alert, and Mitsubishi Group is willing to fund his airplane deal.

ex 5:
3/20/84 letter from U.S. Sen. Charles E. Grassley on behalf of Wanta:
"I am writing to you on behalf of Mr. Leo E. Wanta of ------ and his desire to be appointed to the position of Inspector General of the Department of Defense. I would greatly appreaciate it if Mr. Wanta could be given every due consideration for this position"

ex 6:
Letter from U.S. Rep. Toby Roth:
Dear Mr. President: It is with personal pleasure that I send along information listing the credentials for my constituent, Mr. Leo E. Wanta. .,..The Wanta family has been active with the ----Republican party for a number of years. during the [80 ampaign, at their personal expense, they hosted a number of receptions to encourage support of the Reagan candidacy. Leo treasures the red, white and ble pen inscribed, "Let's make America great again!". Mr. Wanta is an outstanding citizen who wants to serve his country. ...

ex 7:
Wanta's resume was included:
"Experienced general management executive - with a record of over 20 years proven accomplishments...

Have held a wide variety of challenges ...

Am widely traveled and willing to relocate ...

Personal attributes include dedication to a job ... high achiever, the ability to effect strong loyalty from subordinates, effectiveness in working independently or as a team member ...high capacity to get things accomplished ...

I’m going to keep researching Story, to determine who he is spreading disinfo for… as it stands now, he gets $600 a year for subscriptions to his disinfo since 1993.

also see:
10/22/08 - paper trail to avoid being killed on Wanta conspiracy & disinfo, update #1

[edit on 31-10-2008 by counterterrorist]

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:19 AM
I have reached the same conclusion as the OP.

Story is a fraud, Wanta is a hoax.

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