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dont vote, machines will do it for you

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:49 PM
i watched a documentary called "Uncounted" by David Earnhardt and it list and talks about so many controversial issues with voting and provides the evidence. so why are these people still in office and still trusted. is america truly this powerless.

im wondering if any of you have seen it. it is a great documentary if you havn't but i want this stuff to be discussed here.


ive provided 2 examples that stuck out in my head while i was watching and we need to be mindful of whats going on and keep an eye on election '08. tell others and soread this documentary around.

the lady demonstrated on camera how the machine changed the vote and it wasnt because it needed recalibration.
she touched the person, then it asked her was she sure, she pressed yes, and it showed the name who she voted for in huge letters and she pressed ok or somthing to the effect.(dont remember exactly what it said.

but the point is when she went through the process that the campaign worker or whoever tallies the machines, when it showed the tallies and showed that she voted for the other person.

just putting that out there.
documentary called "uncounted" by David Earnhardt.

also, another guy, Clint Curtis, he running this year supposedly. he demonstrated how a hack could be implemented into the voting machines easily to flip the votes in in the other guys favor 51% to 49%.

he ran in 2006 and he lost by a small margin, like 43% to 57% and he went around in an area to ask people personally door to door who they voted for and a majority said they voted for him and he had the affidavids to prove that he should of won but the house refused to review them.

shows that there are some seriously screwed up things in our government. by the way he was democrat.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:23 PM
FYI - I am a conservative (note: not Republican) and I agree that electronic machines are BS. I also find paper ballots without identification BS.

I for one am against the patriot act and similar legislation and many conservatives don't believe in a single "national ID card" but I do for many reasons.

One single national ID card with one single social security number.

Do you know that you don't have the right to know if someone else is using your SSN with a different name? Well you can't, you must know the "other name" or names that are using your SSN. The SSN department will NOT let you know who else is using your SSN.

This alone is BS let alone the dead voting, BS electronic machines, registering to vote and collect social security, welfare, etc under multiple names. This has to stop.

A single national ID card with a single SSN.

One card, one vote and yes.. a paper ballot with your card associated. That way a recount can be verified.

These last 3 elections have been so close that even a fraction of % points in key states decide the outcome and this is BS.

One card.. one person... one vote.

This is not that hard and it solves SO many problems.

I believe the integrity of this country is at stake. We must verify citizenship and make sure we don't have duplicate voters, duplicate social program draws, etc.

I may care which side wins but I never want to have (or at least diminish) the possibility of election fraud splitting this country apart as we have had these 3 elections.

No matter who wins this one.. Fraud will be given as a reason.

One person, One SSN, One Vote!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:48 PM
i agree with the card identification. my girlfriend used to work at citi and she handled fraud and she could look up a persons information and she did her SSN and found out that like 4 people were using her SSN. it was crazy.

but that one single simple thing would make it able to verify the people and picture with their social. its common sense.

i was somewat relieved when i saw we still are using the paper ballots in florida but on the news after only 2 days they were sayin over 400 absantee ballots were under review. needless to say i had some bad flash backs.

[edit on 10/31/2008 by Bean328]

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 02:30 PM
so has anybody seen or heard of this documentary? seems like neither.

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