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The Future Terrorist Attack on the United States and the Election's Impact.

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posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 02:20 AM
First Russia is no longer the primary and or immediate threat McCain would have you believe...Georgia in an act of despseration(NATO vote) stiupidly by a loony toon president who in all likelyhood was told DONT DO IT (By US)...And well he did and the Soviet I mean Russian response was predictable! Not shocking and unbelievable but predictable and believable...Can you say Kosovo model

McCain and Obama both rah rahd AIPAC. However, Obamas message isn't solid and or is debateable as to his intentions there specifically. However, with McCain standing by Israel is certain. Personally if Obama is elected I would hope he could back us out graciously which is only possible given that he has success in direct talks with Iran. If Obama were to have these talks I believe given Irans current soci-economic issues (unemployment etc..) we could actually rekindle and strengthen our relationship with Iran back to the ole days. Remember it wasn't that long ago 52 CIA agents...blah blah blah the Shaw you know where I'm going if you know the history.

As far as the whole terrorist attack deal goes I don't see anything that would suggest at all an immenint attack. Yet that is all based upon how you individually see terrorism and or terrorists and the role the hype plays in our society today. Personally I believe the terrorist model is exaggerated given what we see read and hear all the time. Al Qaeda well I don't buy it like advertised. In other words in order to make this short when thinking of terrorists think INUSRANCE Companies and in particular life insurance companies and obviously the entity that is terrorist is certainly needed for this industry. Sleeper cells and thwarted attacks and highly sophisticated terror structures are just hype IMO. Do they exist sure! But just not as advertised...

Election impact....

Should McCain win I believe there will indeed be some civil unrest but very short lived. We will immediatly replay the 2000 election with new twists. And from there it is completely uncertain as to how that will go. Moreover, the ammo for the legal assault that will follow hasn't been made readily avaiable and or obvious for well obvious reasons.

Should Obama win I see the possibility of civil unrest very very unlikely. What isnt so clear is how far would the McCain camp take this through the system. Personally I don't see it going down like 2000 at all but more of a quick ahh schucks you won kind of deal. The legal deffense from the left is already in standby attack mode and has likely covered most if not all angles. Furthermore, a legal campaign by McCain would be unfavorable to many on the right given the congressional races ahead.

My 2 cents

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by anotherdad

Listen, if it can happen to Rabin it can happen to Obama.

A lot of deals will be struck. A lot will happen without our knowledge.

Good thread. I also will support whoever wins.


posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by David9176

I to believe that we are going to be hit again and very soon. Our way of life will be no more. But where will they hit us is the question. I do feel the same way that you feel. I think that many Americans are either not paying attention or just don't care. The enemy waits for confusion and dissent in order to strike. There are signs that it will happen soon. I do believe with all my heart that Iran will have its hands in this attack. Americans better wake up and see this threat to be real. It can happen at anytime. Sometimes, I think about going back,but this time -----take -no-- prisoners. You can't trust those people. They are always fighting within themselves. What are we going to do when it happens.


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