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I voted today...for Ron Paul

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:56 PM
he wasn't on the ballot here in Ohio, but I wrote in his name at the bottom on the line provided for write in votes. I have never voted before and I simply chose the person I feel is the best man for the job right now.

I still feel like I wasted my time and that I am buying into a corrupt and broken system though.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:45 PM
Yeah, but at least I think you should be proud that you didn't allow the "system" to browbeat you into picking the lesser of two evils, which they try to convince you that if you don't do that you have wasted your vote and should feel guilty. Why?

They try to make us all think that choosing between two people who were pre-selected and groomed for their parts is such great freedom of choice. Bull-oney!

If we had REAL elections, everybody would vote for whoever they wanted by writing their name down, then the top 50 or so would go 'round again a month later, and so on until one person had a clear majority. All this party politics is a load of hooey designed to restrict our choices to candidates that the PTB consider "acceptable."

My guess is that somewhere along the line the PTB decided that Ron Paul wasn't going to go along with the program, so he got dumped. All the more reason to vote for him in my opinion.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:08 PM
we had a pumpkin carving contest at work today.
on your ballot you write in the number that coresponds with the pumpkin you think should win, then place it in the ballot box.
i wrote in ron paul.

no one gets my sense of humour,
i think i need to spend less time here.

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