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Shambala Inner Earth City protected by Tibetan monks?

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:50 PM
Shambala ...? I call Shennanigans on this, seems another fairy tail gets woven into history AKA zee Germans to try and legitemize it as being real when in fact its like all the other myths ----> myths.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:53 PM
Its an interesting topic no doubt, but honestly, theres hardly anything to support the existence of such places, your simply showing us proof of human interest in these areas throughout history not proof of their existence. Im an open minded person though, so ill be ready if we do eventually make a discovery.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by serbsta

It's hard to get proof though, especially if this is happening in the remote Himalayas.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:14 PM

Originally posted by mazzroth
Shambala ...? I call Shennanigans on this, seems another fairy tail gets woven into history AKA zee Germans to try and legitemize it as being real when in fact its like all the other myths ----> myths.

Just because it has been interpreted as "myth" and placed in the realm of "myth" does not mean it wasnt once based on truth.

We make lots of assumptions about "gods" and in the main its because of the modern mythical concept of "god". There is nothing to suggest that these ancient refrences were ever "gods" at all. They were bringers of knowledge and the weilders of great power, the creators of civilisation and understanding for all ancient culture, but it is WE in the modern age who interpret them as "mythical things" and "gods".

In ancient times people had very little frame of reference and any being of great power might become easily entwined with the concept of some mythical diety, worse still ages of manipulation of history may have helped present that view, in order to form power under the banner of a single "god".

Again, that doesnt make it true. We are looking at things with no point of reference here and little understanding of context or how these people thought and represented their world.

Bear in mind a little detail. Many of these "gods of myth" we are remined and ancouraged to understand were, in their times the doers of physical things. They were no represented as beings of faith alone, they in many cases were charged with building, and creteaing physical things themselves.

That in itself doesnt fit with the concept of "gods" as we are taught to think of them.

In the origin of the all seeing eye, these "gods: didnt just teach, they built, created and provided and were referenced as beings AMONG the people.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:24 PM
What if Arhur Clarke with his Rendezvous with Rama was trying to give us a hint? Why a fictitious city like spaceship was named after a God and after one city that supposedly hides another city beneath it?

Underground cities, flying vehicles or spaceships, aliens, secret technologies, secret bases, hollow Earth, hollow Moon. If we substitute all this with huge buried spaceships we may have everything in one package. Plus any alien race ought to have been very clever if they had the ability to travel that far and reach us. Building huge spaceships masking them as asteroids and later burying them under a surface makes very much sense if you

a) Land in an inhospitable planet.
b) Land in a planet you were not supposed to and you have to hide.
c) You also want to mess with something you are not supposed to and want to keep a low profile.

1 or more ecosystem spaceships buried underground and the whole mythical mess gets explained very easily.
I would name my first ship Labyrinth.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:47 PM
Actually I have been over to the temple in China a couple of times. going back in april of 09. I stay for about 3 weeks at a time when I go. I strain in the temple every day when I go from about 5:30 AM with a walk up to tamos cave to about 7 PM. I don't sleep directly at the temple since I am not an abbot there just a student. but at night I stay in the city closest to it. I study under one of the 34 generation deciples of the ven. abbot Shi Yong Xin. this deciple although his home is officially in the temple his own room and everything, he lives in the US. he has about 15-20 students. I am one of them. some just want to learn gong fu and qi gong fo the wushu aspects. others like me come to learn more about the shaolin's version of ch'an buddhism. I do all the kuen's and rutiens too like the lohan forms. wu bu quan and it's cousins xiao hong chuan, tong bi chuan,etc... I like basic qigong like xi shui jing (sp) and wu chen chuan etc... I learn northern style gong fu not southern. so I know more northern animal forms like eagle, snake, tiger, crane, horse, some monkey. etc. although I am strong so I favor the low stances of tiger and leapord. the surgical strikes of snake and it's stances too. I enjoy a lot of dragon movements but the cross stepping is a killer on my legs and knees. No southern mantis or southern crane stuff. no wing chun (tiger/crane hybrid). I prefer the other female priest Ng Mui who invented dragon. A few centuries before the other ng mui who invented wing chun (blessed springtime) and named it after her first student. I do know some chow-li fut though which is southern.

Yong xin doesn't tell me this stuff directly although I have met him a few times. he's friendly doens't like to smile a lot, but friendly. My sifu does. he's an actual abbot there too. He speaks english just fine (not his first language though and it shows). I only know basic mandarin like how much is this, how do I get to ...etc. And I know the basic mandarin enough to know what the heck I'm being told to do when I'm studying under my sifu. (shirfu since it's mandarin)

Why so testy? Are you the head guardian of the shaolin order? One of Sin Kwan The's lacky's? you'd know about that joker if you know a lot obout the politics of Gong Fu.

The story of hidden forest chan meditation and it's connection to the tibetian monks and shambala aren't exactly hidden knowledge in it's self. anybody with enough interest in it will eventually learn all about it.

I also doubt we've meet associates that we know over there. the abbot doesn't favor any one student or person. I don't need to under go ba ja to have him acknowledge me if he see's me. He's only noticed me before because I was training when he walked by with one of their prized abbots and deciples who is my sifu. my sifu introduced me to him. There would be no way I would have had the levrage to say Amituofo to him without my sifu. he wouldn't really have noticed me. but shi yong xin is not a martial artists himself as the head abbot he is more like an administrator to the temple trying to balance the real shaolin with the PRC mandated circus for tourism that they have there. the temples been sacked many times and Fujikan, omei shan, the cast out wudang and the peaceful kwngtang temple don't exist any more so it would be a shame for the PRC to shut it down again. it's a delicate balance going on over there.

Buddhists practice detachment from people and emotions. so I doubt they would have the need to shun everybody. The people who go to the Honan temple and actually are there for serious study don't get all up in a huff like you seem to have done in your last post regarding me. They are a little more mature.

Buuuuuuutttt....the PRC Govt. hired actors and acrobats charading around like actual shaolin monks and in reality just do theatrical wushu that you see in the hundreds infront of the temple and marching down the street every morning over there would act like you just did. THe actual students and monks there don't act like that if they are serious about shaolin gong fu.

I don't want to sound patronizing and asa buddhist I'm sure you don't either so in the interest of good faith and compassion I will simple say to you.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Gillespie

you name a lot of places around the globe.. but just give us one shred of evidence that there is an inner earth domain???? Its absolute nonsense,,

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

Im sorry BASSPLYr I read your post wrong,

Thanks for the information, I thought you were stating a rank that surprised me very much.

Especially as your opening word was Hate.

Anyhow I wasn't being Tetchy at all I prostrated before yourself metaphorically my friend as I thought you were someone else.

If you would have been who wrongly misinterpretated you as, I would have done so in real life to upon meeting, until you said it was enough.

You training should allow you to know a student goes to a Guru with a fighting spirit before being accepted in your path, no?

As you would see from my post Tantra is my path, we are sometimes known for our "crazy" status or unconventional means :-)

I have U2u yourself I hope you find it interesting.

Love and light to you.

I am the... mmm shall we say the unofficial Guardian of Tibet and Buddhism on ATS

Kind Regards,


elf spelling 1st and 2nd edit for below:

Originally posted by SkepticalSteve
reply to post by serbsta

It's hard to get proof though, especially if this is happening in the remote Himalayas.

You have a nice u2u as well my friend to njoy. (including ambushrocks:-)


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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:13 PM
Shambala was just a freak temperate semi tropical very small valley in the mountains that the tibetian monks discovered and used to meditate for a while. they shared this location with other buddhist sects in the area like the shaolin ch'an buddhists and the indian buddhists.

the place likely doesn't exist any more. there were no hidden passageways to some inner earth, no magic and nothing mystical except ch'an buddhism going on there. sorry. sometimes the truth isn't as exiting as we'd like.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:19 PM

I am no dragon within the order if that was what you were thinking. But you are correct that Stating "I hate to say this" would have been a weird opening for a person of high rank there. WHich I am not.

that being said I have this talent for having people trust me with loads of info that they wouldn't disseminate readily to others. but my sincere interest in the history of the shaolin ch'an and it's relationship with other buddhist sects does allow those in the know to divulge this info.

from all walks of life people seem to trust me enough to impart this knowledge to me. although I am far from digesting and utilizing/manifesting all of this knowledge.

Enough about me...and you. lets get back on topic regarding shambala.

Thank you for the U2U...AMITUOFO!!! AMITUOFO!!! AMITUOFO!!!

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 07:34 PM
@ OP and MischeviousElf:

Thank you both for your informative posts.

I have my own reasons to believe there are many places that are normally hidden to us. Sometimes it's as simple as just seeing what you expect to see. Sometimes it's more complicated then that.

I'm not a buddhist but I feel a strong sympathy towards buddhism and I have a picture of the Dalai Lama on my wall because he is my personal hero. Also I've read much on Tibet and Tibetians.

It doesn't suprise me at all that if someone were to guard a hidden place it would be them.

There is an overpowering amount of wisdom amongst these people which I will never in my life underestimate!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:10 PM
I think OP the biggest issue you have here regarding your beliefs is referencing Hollow Earth Theory.

I spelunk regularly and have done so a long time now, I also work although in Bio fuels, for purposes of water with the same types of equipment and have access to oil company information in regards to what's under the surface.

I am the strongest advocate there is for underground civilizations being possible, likely being in existence, understand in complete where they would be, the amount of space available and firmly believe and by evidence that many cultures stories of hidden cities have had in the past or even present a basis in reality


I Absolutely can assure you that a Hollow Earth theory is not eeded to explain these things...

In retrospect to what you are saying about the himalayas and local regions

If, you were to explore, I assure you, you would realize how vast these sections of the Earths Crust actually are.

I think Hollow Earth theory originates from those that, simply have never and cannot understand how much room actually is available in the crust and how deep some parts of it really goes.

But I assure you under that and to the core is molten

And there is in some places, so much between here and there... the room for the things you believe is in absolute abundance

That there is a vast world that exists in Western China, Northern India, Mongolia etc... Underground there is no doubt

The south Western USA offers a very similar set of conditions

Like China and the Himalayas, the run off from the mountains creates underground rivers which pool as you near the sea, Under Eastern Chin is a vast Underground ocean and the shores of the rivers and the Tunnels they for and the shores of the sea itself could comfortably hold an entire civilization given the size if it could adapt to the environment

Same for The West Coast of the Usa

and parts of Europe and maybe elsewhere...

I have only explored these tunnels via imagery and on foot and have never actually punched through into the deepest caverns

But I know they are there because modern technology can visualize them...

and go down a couple more miles you will hit the mantle and it goes all the way to the core and it's unlivable

There is no Hollow Earth

What there is, are areas where the crust has folded and pushed upward and downward over great areas and is much thicker over thousands of sq Miles than other places where the crust is relatively thin

The Himalayas would be the greatest of these

with total span from mtn top to mantle being as thick as 50 miles perhaps in spots

when you stop to consider, currently our tallest building is around 1/3 of a single mile and very short across the base, you can start to see how much room is actually available

50 Sears Towers could fit comfortably into the above surface area Of Everest with lots of room for solidity in the upper portion (above the surface of everest alone)

And those mtns go deeper and wider than they do High... the thickness of crust over the plateau regions would be measured in many miles

Avg thickness of Earths Crust is

18-20 miles

If you wish to seek places where there may be underground civilizations

Just refer to the above match

You will see... Not the North Pole itself but Rather Greenland is what people are looking for, northern Greenland, ridiculous amounts of Melt water from glaciers, melting down through, incredible depths

There is your northern entrances to the hidden world and where the northern rumors come from

Like wise at the south pole, you can see, there is a continent with required depths there as well, also with incredible melt water carving vast underground river valleys

This is what, and these LANDS as they well deserve to be called are where most of our civilizations exists, protected by extreme climates, hard to access locations and amazing depths and vast space

It can be seen why some think the North and South pole Enter into a Hollow Earth if you were inside and had flown in through an entrance or accessed it, it would indeed seem as if

You had entered a whole new world given the size and depth of these caverns...

But it is what it is and it's not bellow the Mantle sticking to the underside by centrifugal force lol

Other locations where I believe the inhabitants of these places of settled are obvious and right on your map above...

Himalayas and surrounding regions, Rockies/Sierra Nevada's and surrounding regions and Alps

and probably other locations as well conducive to caverns by Geography

But please Grasp

How deep 50 Miles actually is, The New freedom tower is 1776 Feet around 1/3 of one mile and inside it, to an ancient given the number of inhabitants and size, it would seem like a mystical city of glass and metals

To a person 100 years ago a handful of such structures in a single mtn cavern expanse would indeed seem like a city of the gods

Do NOT assume these who inhabit these places are Gods

Do Not Assume they are even Aliens

because the truth will turn out to be far more simple, there are as yet unexplored regions inhabited on this Earth

and Please, don't listen to the Hollow Earth Folks

Because they detract from the Truth of what really is out there...

There are worlds in these regions yet unexplored, but the butchery of science that Hollow earth theory represents makes a mockery of this field of study

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by silver6ix

Excellent post. Yes, the whole "gods" and later "God" concept has been, far more than anything else, the root of what's screwed up humanity into being an ignorant slave race - or the (at least currently) politically and religiously dominant mentality of the human race. If people could have been taught that the (purportedly or apparently) advanced BEINGS of antiquity were only BEINGS and not the gods/God nonsense, I'm certain that certain people wouldn't be nearly as blindly ignorant and pathologically dogmatic as they are now...

On topic, I feel certain there are and always have been secret, probably nonhuman places underneath Earth, but I'm not willing to buy the Shambala as an underground civilization theory. Needs a lot more meat than what's out there now to raise my eyebrows.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 08:51 PM
This is an incredibly interesting concept and I think you all should read this thread, if you haven't already, great pictures of an expedition, into the Yarlung Tsang Po Canyon. This is a 'tropical paradise' nestled within a deep gorge, surrounded by mountains, sounds like the place of legend. Now, as for 'proof' for this being the real Shamballa/shangri la/ Shargung la well, that depends on what you would call proof.

heres some pics,

Forgot to add map!!

First is the explorer, Troy gillenwater:

This is one of the mountains that eclipses the gorge, it has apparently never been climbed:

Expeditions ascent into the clouds:

Guide and Gillenwater scouting the lower gorge:

The famous river apparently leading to Shargung la:

And a settlement on the slopes of the gorge, could this be the fabled Shargung la?

The thread really should be checked out as it has some other amazing pics from the expedition, seriously incredible, I can only hope that I will this place for myself.


As for this place being inside the hollow Earth, I have heard this aswell, maybe this could be a satelite settlement of some sort, or maybe the legends of the area, got mixed up with the actual monastery, either way 'hollow Earth' (hate that term) is a very real possibility, although I doubt it is less hollow, than it is honeycombed, with caverns of epic proportions, as for evidence, well, it's all pretty circumstantial, but I will quote something from another thread:

"Do you know how thick the crust is? 30km(18miles) The mantle is around 2900km(1800miles), the worlds deepest cave is 2km(1.3miles) deep, all I can say is, how would you expect to have proof?!? or photos?!? we haven't even got 1/20the the way through the crust!!!!. Now, that said, I don't think it's hollow, I think it is 'honeycombed' with caverns and tunnels, imagine the size for some of these caverns?!

As for evidence for it, plenty of people have 'claimed' to have been there, who are we to say they're lying? they could be, but we couldn't know. It makes alot of sense to me, considering we have found caves and caverns all over what we have explored.

As for being disproved, I'm gonna need a bit more to sway my beliefs, keep trying though.


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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:27 PM
Nice information.

One thing no one here pointed out-Tibet is know as the highest nationin the world, and I believe they are the guardians. There is a funny thing about history. I believe the germans found some kind of map, that leads to every palace and place that house the hidden knowledge that was protected by the worlds most aware individuals. How did they know to invade and pillage parts of egypt. The parts of India they chose first, possess a great amount of recorded history, and a great deal of evidence including blueprints and detailed drawings and descriptions regarding some of the technology used by the universal-earth-tribe. I dont believe in coincidences, the pillaging lead to the mysterious foo-fighter, other crafts with vertical take off, and that is how most of the myths and symbols traveled back to germany.

In Neo-Nazi mysticism, Shambhala is sometimes supposed to be the place to which Adolf Hitler fled after the fall of the Third Reich. Hitler was known to have an interest in the myth of Shambhala and in "eastern mysticism" generally, from which he appropriated the swastika.
But I think the same thing happend that happens to any religious body of knowledge it is taken away from its place of origin and magnified and transformed into religion, to fit everyones false needs. This is where it gets crazy because the germans say the race is a blue-eyed, blond-master race, . Master meaning evolved to completion without flaw or weakness, but this is not true. This race would be highly susceptible to UV radiation, that doesnt make sense if they have been on the planet before the 'falling' of atlantis and they fled to the center of the earth where there is a also a sun(core). Master of what planet? This is still earth and im pretty sure the rules that govern us now, governed us then.. If you really want to know what they looked like follow the myth to egypt, Osiris was a blue blood, who escaped the world before, and he gave birth to the egyptians who came in all color(greek-aegpyptos-people with burned faces)
I just wanted to throw that part out there, but back to where I was headed...

I didnt know about all of those entrances, supposedly there are 7 natural doors and man-made entrances as well the first was in the middle east or egypt. They have very advanced tech and The inhabitants are of all races and supposedly some not even of earthly-origin. according to myth they work together for the greater good, but IDK. If they are the descendants of atlantis or the world before, are they the people that adapted the greedy mind-state, are these the people that caused the destruction, Or are these the people who were forewarned and they escaped to preserve the worlds most precious treasures and knowledges. I dont mean to confuse you but, sigh...Silver6ix-I agree. They could be those groups(ilLu), or they could have been infiltrated by the IllU, like all of the other positive groups.

With that being said, you have to be able to seperate dilluted history from historical myth and historical fact. Its all braided together in this subject. and when you figure their origins you might find your self scared and come to the awareness and belief in the fact, some one is time traveling.
Peace and Love to all

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

i like your style BASSPLYR, that description seems to be accurate as it repeats itself thru various sorces. jon penial describes it the The Lost Teachings of Atlantis as does the Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets. people like HankMcCoy will never understand tho. the information is out there but not for the fool. to quote Ptah-Hotep, "As for the fool, devoid of obediance, de doth nothing. Knowledge he regarddeth as ignorance." besides we all know "the truth is in the eye of the beholder" and it is my opinion that such places do exist is as true. i'll never understand why some people consult others for knowledge when they can find it on their own

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:07 PM

Great observations.

Hitler fleeing to Shambhala is a very poignant statement. As I mentioned before theres a history of the Illuminati associated with the concept of Shambhala.

The swastika itself has a history as a Tibetan symbol, among other cultures. Its another ancient symbol which has roots way back although they are more obscure.

Hitler was also a reported member of the cult of the "all seeing eye".

The all seeing eye in its modern visualisation is far from its original meanings, for example Osiris was known as Asaru (Asari- Asar) to sumerians and would have been one of what some now call Annunaki.

The all seeing eye was known to Sumerians as the word Asar.

Of course in Egyptian lore, Osiris was slain by Seth and its the children of Seth who are said to rule the underworld the origins of Illuminati.

In that sense Hitlers suggested vanishing to that spectrum fits very well.

It would also indicate that although the All Seeing Eye may be the symbol of the illuminati, the illuminati are not followers of Osiris or Asaru, but in fact Children of Seth, who murdered his brother for his throne.

Obviously theres difficulty in clarifying the original meaning of the eye itself, also some disparity in history between Horus and Osiris.

But it does hold to the pattern that something which began with murder for power, has conitnued under the same banner throughout the span of human civilisation. Just maybe, the symbol has been appropriated from its original source, the victim.

In that sense the Eye itself is not a symbol of evil, but simply weilded as a symbol of power, which brings me to an interesting point.

What was the eye? If the symbol bore such prominance that it spanned actively the ruling elite from the sumerians until now, what was it that "set" would kill for it, and what is it now?

While theres a million pieces missing and buried id be certain the answer to the riddle lies in the symbol and its true meaning in Sumerian culture.

Bear in mind Sumerian language has no known roots or links behind it and nobody actually knows where the Sumarians came from, it makes a very fascinating puzzle.

Theres certainly credence in the idea that Sumerian Gods and builders were not "average" people and that the eye, or whetver it represents was worth killing for and strong enough in meaning or relevance to keep a ruling elite in power since.

I might add, the truth behind the eye might also account for why the Sumerians were obliterated from history, that the truth of that single symbol and whetever else, die with them.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by silver6ix

Wait what is the all seeing eye? And is it a physical object? Also I might be missing something but didn't hitler shoot himself?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Im sorry, I am not completely understanding. In what context are you saying the earth may be hollow?

No inner core?

No mantle?

Nothing after the crust?

What would you say to all the volcanos?

Something worth mentioning here, I think. There was an article (I believe I saw it here on ATS) about 'holes' in a Russian forest. They went so deep they could not figure out how far down they went. They were just open and apparently new. I dont know if that lends credence to your theory, but interestin none-the-less.

Could you be a little more specific as far as the "hollow" part?
thanks, and very interesting stuff. thanks for the info

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by SkepticalSteve
reply to post by silver6ix

Wait what is the all seeing eye? And is it a physical object? Also I might be missing something but didn't hitler shoot himself?

The all seeing eye is a symbol, you will find it for example on the dollar bill. You will also find its symbol attached to many buildings and entities both modern and ancient.

Its origin seems to have been Sumerian, known as Asar, this would equate to the Eye of Osiris, Eye of Ra, Eye of Horusin ancient egypt, the Catholic Church call it the Eye of Providence.

It is a symbol that has marked the ruling elite since the very beginning of civilization itself, which in itself is a very curious thing.

What exactly it originally referred to has been lost or more likely erased from knowledge, the answer to that question most likely lies with ancient Sumeria. Whether it was an object, a book, a device or something else cant really be known, although i suspect someone knows.

Whatever it does represent seems to have managed to retain a ruling elite since the days of ancient Sumeria. We could either believe its wild coincidence that the symbol has marked rulership since those days till now, which I think stretches any logic, or the ideology which it now represents has ruled throughout.

The latter though leaves anyone wondering what the eye represents that could hold that kind of ruling power for so long.

Personally I think its the most fascinating symbol known to man.

On Hitler, his body was never found, that in itself is another complicated issue. Nobody really knows what happened to him for sure. Its suggested that he was of the cult of the all seeing eye, like Churchill and others in his time, how the dots connect we most likely could never begin to guess.

If you google the all seeing eye and illuminati, I think you will find a very interesting view of the symbol and its passage through modern times.

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