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New Panthers' war on whites

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 12:06 PM
This thread is really depressive

posted on Nov, 23 2008 @ 08:33 PM
I'm near Philly and if this weasel shows up in my nieghborhood, he will get a swift jumpkick to the chest, and I'd probably light his dreadloks on fire.

A race didnt create this government... and whites didnt sell your ancestors to the slave trade. Stop acting all educated and accept your the racist bunch and get over it. Learn to speak english, lose the attitude and you can go out and lease a mercedes and buy name brand clothes all you want.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by rjmelter
oh so here is your true agenda

Just the truth as far as i can tell...

Im sorry ignorance seems to love you much

At least it ain't following me around.

You have a lot of hate, you keep blaming people and blaming people

Hate is a very personal emotion and i don't hate anyone i know. I most certainly don't hate anyone i don't know; a emotion reserved for racist/elitist types.

South Africans have no right whatsoever

Certain segments ( the vast majority) who were formerly totally oppressed have every right to demand and expect some of the outrageous to be acknowledged and 'paid' for ( prosecution or damages) and the fact that so many are so forgiving says a great deal more about the human spirit in general than it says about the ruling classes who created the problems in the first place.

If they would work together their goals would be accomplished that is how it is in all cultures and religions and independently as people.

Nonsense. Those who have the wealth and power NEVER work with those who do not unless the poor oppressed majorities FORCE them in whatever ways they can manage. Don't talk about 'cooperation' between self styled classes as if it's the reason the wealthy got wealthy in the first place.


Sure is if you can make those with the power and wealth accountable and prevent them from stealing even more from those around them...

you can call that naive but coming from a lower class American Family I understand... i understand that your ignorant and do not hear.. youd rather blame all people.

It's not as naive as it's deeply arrogant and self satisfied nonsense coming from a person who lives in a country where the minimum wage will at least keep a roof over your head and your stomach full. Since you don't know anything about poverty i suggest you just stop discussing it as if you do. I have found that those who have a problem with the allocation of blame, or blame in general, are generally deserving of a great deal of it so feel free to go on incriminating yourself in at least my eyes.

it wasnt just white people who had slaves it was a type of white people,

So what? White people in South Africa almost ALL found benefit by the system of oppression weather they were active racist or passively enjoyed the ill gotten goods based on the actions of other whites. If you can not or do not wish to understand that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of white society in general you would probably also be one to argue that African Americans deserve their current situation as that's all their worthy of.

Rich upperclass whites who did not have a religion... the white people trying to save the black slaves through the underground railroad- my family also a part of that thanks- what would you have done with them?

I would suppose that the multitude of slaves they saved ( or the individuals) would come to their defense if slaves ever came to be able to prosecute them legally or otherwise? Why are you not willing to subject yourself to the judgement of the fellow human beings that you did not oppressed and instead helped to escape oppression? You don't think people of different colors are smart enough to know that not all people of a given color or ethnic grouping are the same? So much for not being a racist.

Its not about color its about greed, there is a group of white people in america that has relys on the lower and middles class....

And if you could only presume that i am not completely ignorant you wouldn't have to bore me with obvious facts.

If you would stop ranting and stop listening to yourself preach to the masses.. Stellar...the Savior.. Self Appointed of course...

Are YOU listening to yourself? Who appointed you to excuse massive segments of the white society in both the US and South Africa which went along with the system as they benefited by it by accepting much the same racist sentiments as those who were actively destroying the native peoples?

you would see that you dont know what you speak just as much as I dont know all the facts... how could we? your just a puppet as am I.

At least i am not making excuses for those with economic and military power; you must really be proud of yourself for standing up for the little guy.

They rely on ignorance to survive... because it works for them.. Oppress all the threat....and there will be little... they can be dealt with.

What threat? What little?


If you really have a god...and i will disrespect yours now because he seems to be a fake god... who punishes all whites for their fathers doings.. .

One does not have to punish but one should at least write proper history with proper allocations of blame and responsibility. Why shouldn't the children of the oppressors be 'punished' in the form of higher taxation so that the formerly oppressed can gain better educations and access to health and social services? Should the children of the oppressors who had every opportunity to gain further educations or economic power really be further coddled and generally protected from competition? Shouldn't those who experienced almost every disadvantage instead gain be granted more and better opportunities in the job market? How would you bring about a more just world or would you , as most whites in South-Africa seem to feel, just want blanket forgiveness to continue enjoying your economic power? So much for teaching many old dogs new tricks!

and their souls have been given up right then and there??

They have souls? Funny time to start insisting that these 'good' people who did so little should start asking for mercy....

Is that what im supposed to take? What it sounds like is your god supports your cause, not the cause of humanity, the God of love...

What god? Where did you get the asinine idea that i believe in any god or especially those who are the gods of the oppressors? God of love? You must be joking?

Your just proof of more hate, its probably why you found this thread and rant so much..

Some person rant is another person revelation; i can't cure your vast ignorance overnight but maybe in time i can chip away at it.

.I hope maybe one day you will see the injustice in this world and quit trying to steretype the blame.

Don't have to as in modern times it's pretty damn obvious where the blame falls; western European imperialism.

Maybe then the secrets would be revealed to you and youd understand how much hate you breed. you are a godless man.

What secrets? IT's funny that jails are filled with religious people ; one would expect that those without religions would tend towards criminal behaviour, right? I am most certainly a godless man which honestly isn't a problem as humans exercised morality and cooperated peacefully long before the advent of formal ( and most certainly monotheist) religion.

I suggest you learn the meaning of love before you open your ignorant mouth again.

To suggest that one learns anything about love in the bible is laughable. In fact it's far more prone to turn you into a raving mass murdering lunatic ( because you love humanity i suppose) than any lack of religion ever has. If you want to learn the meaning of love it's probably too late as it's something that is taught, not learnt.


posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by ImaginaryReality1984
Obama is running for president and looking like he's going to win, he came from what appears to be a working class background.

And the evidence for that?

The idea of second class citizens is really starting to bug me.

Why? Do you know that there are less class mobility ( people of certain income groups moving to higher one's ) in the US than in Europe? The US is not the best example of a class system but it's most certainly not the example of a classless one.

A black mans running for president, so lets just ditch the pretence and stop saying that black people are kept down.

And lightning actually strikes people without everyone resolving to stay inside forever. Do you realise that in slave societies you had 'house' slaves who were dressed very well, ate much better and were better educated to better serve their 'masters' and the typical plantation one's who were treated just as well as one treats anything you intend to use for maximum gain? Why should we suddenly accused all Africans Americans ( or Americans in general) of wasting their 'opportunities' when Obama has repeatedly shown himself to be nothing but a servant of the vested interest of the same old imperialist?

There are tons of successful black people.

In terms of wealth there certainly are a good many and the question really is who's interest they are serving? Are they perpetuating the same capitalist economy that discriminated so vigorously against them not a few decades ago or are they doing something to change the system that enslaves most for the benefit of the few; how many of those successful African Americans aren't just modern day house slaves who do absolutely nothing to help the vast majority in the plantations?

The poor ones, living in ghettos, in street gangs, shooting someone because they're in their "hood".

And these type of racial stereotyping just shows that you watch far too much television.

Well these are the people using race as an excuse, because they can't face the fact that they're to dumb to actually get out of their situation.

So these poor African Americans are just about as dumb as the white Americans who live in trailer parks, work at walmart with no health insurance? Doesn't that just mean that African Americans in general lack the opportunities/education ( insert shortcoming of your choice) that keeps so many other Americans from making a decent living? I suppose this might in fact prove that you are just a elitist ( someone who thinks everything he has achieved are entirely due to his own doing) and not a racist.

Ever notice how lots of black people get out of their slums?

Ever notice how this sort of thing is more likely to happen in Europe than in the USA? Ever notice how this is true for poor people no matter their skin color?

They become doctors and lawyers and this all happens because they're either smart enough to get out easy or they're so sick of living in slums they work their testicles off.

The poor of the world generally work far longer hours than the middle class and unless you call then 15 hours of scheming and devious plotting of the very rich 'work' they certainly work longer than the rich. That is obviously if there is any type of work to be done. Again i suppose this makes you more a elitist ( i work hard so if others don't succeed they just didn't work as hard; presuming obviously that you know what hard work is) than a racist so 'well done'.

Anyone who comes from nothing and made something of themselves has my respect and obviously worked their arse off for it.

Plenty of people who comes from nothing makes something of themselves( presuming wealth as this seems to be the general measurement of the intellectually challenged) by criminal or immoral behaviour so frankly i don't have much respect for wealth in and of itself. The fact that most fortunes ( no, not mom and pops garage; odds are they just worked their butts off) seem at first to be achieved by less than moral means goes a long way towards ensuring that i am in no way awed by wealth or station.

The rest of them that sit in slums (this goes for white people as well) are generally just lazy and dumb.

Well what are they supposed to do when there isn't any work and few ways to gain the capitol to start their own businesses short of high profit margin employment that is mostly of the criminal or immoral variety? Why is the same true in all poor communities no matter the color? Why do you feel it necessary to despise these people so instead of just feeling sorry for their situation if not them? Have you ever heard of the old maximum that we tend to hate those we have done harm to? Any chance you have time for some introspection?


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