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White Light of protection

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by WildSkyView


Not looking for a physical fight. Been there, done that. I know I Didn't concentrate for a white light in that encounter. Only thing I thought about was family.

Sorry, to be a mule. I will try tonight like I said, but wishing for protection, doesn't that really mean you are "think/anticipating" something nasty going down and not in your favor? Almost hoping for it just to thwart it?

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:04 AM

Originally posted by snowen20
For me those preemptive thoughts scare me because I know the success rate of what I think so when I have a bad thought I feel like I have to focus hard not to think at all.
Or Ill try to reverse it some how.
In either case the majority of the time said scenarios occur right before what could be construed as physical danger .

Said so elequently. My thoughts exactly. You my friend are a better writer than I.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by snowen20

Interesting... hmmmm Have you tried telling someone to let go of it?

OR... doing the "The Secret" thing... say the positive.. like if it's a car accident.. say "I want to remain safe and my car remain in the great condition it is in." and picture you driving home in the driveway....

If you say "I don't want to be in an accident" then it's the same as saying you want one.. because you stated the act. I hope I am making sense.

Sometimes when I get bad dreams.. and I think it's a future thing.. I call my sister and she does the same.

That's actually a gift though to sense somehting before it happens! The problem I have... is that I don't know what it is.

Like.. I get a nervous pit in my stomach.. like I forgot to pay a bill or I screwed up... all day I was like that it was soooo strong... I looked at my bank accounts.. no bounced checks.. I paid all my bills.. I couldn't figure it out.. so I forced myself out of it... son asked to go out.. he can drive and has a truck.. I felt like saying no.. but, I couldn't think of a good reason why... I always let him go.. so, I said ok. Well.. he went 4x4ing on the side of a 1,000 ft cliff.. and rolled his truck 180 degrees... OMG!!! if it would have turned one quarter turn .. they would have gone over. The girl in the front seat didn't wear her seatbelt and her arm got pinned... 4 motocycle guys saw this and came to help .. 7 of them tried to lift the truck.. no one could do it... well my son said something popped into his head and told him to laydown and use his legs and he lifted that truck by himself!!! SURPRISINGLY.. no one was seriously hurt.. only minor bruising!!! I believe that was the nervous pit in my stomach.. I have since asked to have it be more defined so , I can figure out where the feeling is coming from... hopefully I won't need it too soon!!!

Another time.. my husband at the time and I were driving home from a nightclub and I was tired and fell asleep while he drove.. I sat up from a sleep and blurted out "Something is wrong" ... then a few moments later there was smoke.. from a car's tires that hit the center wall... we were the first on the scene... I'm sure it was drunk driving... the radio was blaring and both people were passed out with blood... not a pretty site.. but, weird I picked up on it before we saw it!!!

That's the animal instinct!! Some people don't get it! Or don't listen to it.... like.. 'I should turn down this street"... then they don't only to find out that's the street they need

I mean.. I have asked the "Universe" for a sign one time on a decision for someone to flip me off (since that hasn't happened for a long time) for a no answer to my question... I will never to that again... 20 minutes later a person in a wheelchair kept flipping me off and telling me FU .. the whole time I tried to turn left.. she was angry at the world!!

WOW .. that was weird and disturbing.. I'm a pretty nice person.. and most people don't get mad at me like that... next time I'm asking for someone to give me a hug or flowers LOL LOL LOL

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by WildSkyView

No I don’t do those things anymore.
After my time in the ARMY I have come to the conclusion that BLANK happens and when your times up there really isn’t anything you can do about it.

So I just don’t think about it anymore.
I’m an overprotective father so naturally my feelings of preservation have all but migrated from me to my daughter. LOL

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by Stockburn

First off... glad you came out of that fight!!! I'm sure thinking of your family helped you!

Second.. hmmm If you worry about a theft.. then you bring that on.. that's the principle of the Law of Attraction.. BUT, I do the White Light with thoughts of being safe! So.. I attract safety.. and being protected. I certainly don't want to invite a fight! When you do this.. just think pushing out negative energy.. you know that feeling when 2 people are fighting or the room is so thick you can cut a knife with it. That is what you want to "push" out of your house. People with negative thoughts can bring that in. I was married to someone who was negative and attracted negative.

Think of it like a little kid... when you say "Don't touch that" then they want to touch it and most likely will.

BUT.. if you say "Touch this" then they will instead.. that's the result you want.. so say that. It's like.. say what you want.. not what you don't want.

Another way of applying this Law of ATtraction is simple.. with your car keys.. I have stated "I want to have my keys with me everytime I leave the house. I want to make sure I have them while I am at the threshold of hte door" ... then I believe it will happen and let it go.. forget about it.. becuase you trust it is going to happen!!! That's the hard part sometimes! Since then I have always remembered my keys!!

Something somehow will remind me when I don't have them... I am thankful for that!

"The Secret" covers this...

BUT.. I love telling the Cruise story... I wanted to go on the Bob Procter cruise.. he is on The SEcret and doing a chartered cruise...but, when I looked into it.. it was very expensive to go.... so, I forgot about it... well then I got an email saying they dropped their prices greatly! Then it was a time issue for me as it was only about 4 weeks before the cruise.... so, I thought I would declare it!!! I stated to the Universe "If it's meant for me to go on this cruise then have the money come in oustide of my money, (meaning no credit card debt, etc.) AND give me a clear sign that I am to use that money on the cruise" I said that becuase remember the forgetting part.. after you believe it... well I wanted to make sure I remember what it is for!!! SO... I told my mom what I did and said I might be going... (She is a huge skeptic so, I was glad I told her) I let it go and forgot about it... 3 days later.. we get a call from our friends.. "You won the grand prize of $3,000!" WOW.... so, we went down to the fair.. and they were all drunk, it was a Catholic Event!! Love the Catholics! The School Principle came up to my husband at the time.. and said.. exact quote "Sean, Sean you won!" then she looked at me and said "Have him take you on a trip, to San Francisco... no a Cruise, A Cruise, Yes, A Cruise" MY JAW WAS ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!! I didn't tell my husband what I declared but, he knew something was up becuase he saw my face... I honestly was in complete shock!!!

We had a great time on the cruise!

I'm very tired and having a hard time typing... lots of typos... Good night everyone

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by snowen20

That is true.. I don't worry about it too.

I make myself go crazy by trying to scientifically figure things out.. it wasn't until a couple of years ago.. I let go and be open to things. We can't possibly know everything.

It's more fun going to the craps table.. and pushing out the negative energy and visualizing the next roll.... except.. don't smile like you know what the next roll is... cameras are watching!! I can do it for a while but, I let the pressure of money get to me... I don't go often enough to master it.

Have a great night/Day.. depending on where you are!! LOL

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:05 AM
Duh .. this is the internet... links would help!!! LOL I must be tired

The Secret - I like the movie - especially if you have kids, they can benefit too!

The main site is:

Conversations with God - there are 3 books in the series. Don't get the movie.. it's's about the author not the book contents.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by WildSkyView
.. also add the cars!

I thought I was the only one who did that!

I had trouble with my car being interfered with a while back. I've been doing this for around a year. One night a few months back, three other cars were broken into around mine, but mine wasn't. They didn't even damage the locks, but with the three others, the locks were messed up badly.

Also ask your guides to protect you with White Light while you sleep. Haven't had a bad dream since.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 05:26 AM
If the Law Of Attraction was actually worth jack ''anything'', I would've died at least a gazillion times. Or have been injured at least a gazillion times.

Guess what, it almost never happens. (So either it's crap, or I'm ''special'', or I'm being protected by some superdemon/god.)

Personally I think the law of attraction is just a hyped ''give yourself confidence'' vid.
Go listen to it again and note how they say "Just think about what you want, and you'll get chances, and when you see those chances go grab them!".

Of course, that's plain logic, no need to ''attract'' it, but if you have that mindset you might see more things as ''attracted'' rather than plain coincidence.

Also note that in fact in that video The Secret, they mention multiple times that it must not be wishful thinking that you are doing (I want) but you must imagine it already being true (I have).

As for the light, it's not just the light, you can do almost any ritual.
You even said it yourself: Perception, your reality is yours, and mine is mine.

Hell you can even visualize your mitochondria in your body vibrating and generating tons of energy to heat yourself up.

Just follow your beliefs, and all should be fine.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by NuclearPaul
Also ask your guides to protect you with White Light while you sleep. Haven't had a bad dream since.

That's awesome! You know.. I haven't had a bad dream in a very long time!! I was just thinking that the other day!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by -0mega-
If the Law Of Attraction was actually worth jack ''anything'', I would've died at least a gazillion times. Or have been injured at least a gazillion times.

So, what you are saying that you really wanted to die? See.. I don't believe that... otherwise you would be dead.

The "Universe" will deliver the end result. You may not think it's working.. but it is. AND when you don't see results it could be because you change your mind.

People focus on the "how" part too much. It's the "what" part you need. "what do you want?" Not the how to get it.

That's okay not to believe.. you don't have to believe for it to be real.

Your preception is your reality! Nothing wrong with that!

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:08 AM

Originally posted by -0mega-
Personally I think the law of attraction is just a hyped ''give yourself confidence'' vid.
Go listen to it again and note how they say "Just think about what you want, and you'll get chances, and when you see those chances go grab them!".

I don't find that it's a confidence thing... I knew most of The Secret before seeing it. I'm a very positive person already. The Secret just tought me how to control it better. My ex-husband has a much harder time with it.

The dangerous thing I think is giving up on it. Even though it's always working... but, If you stay positive and then think it's not happening ... you are hanging on too tight... or at all. You HAVE to let go... to the point where it doesn't even cross your mind. Declare... Imagine how you would feel having it, and then let it go .. completely.

It's tough.. otherwise I would have won the lottery! LOL -- Joke there..

BUT... Here is the catch!! I believe that it also does what is best for you! For example.. I was about to sign a lease for my new business on this awesome location... great price but, I needed to be divorced or have him sign.. and he wouldn't sign.. so, I HAD to let go of this great lease on a space in a shopping mall. I was bummed.. hard not too... BUT... I knew there was a good reason for it.. I just couldn't see it yet. A couple months later the Banking Market in the US crashed!!!! I wouldn't have been able to get a loan.. then I would have been in financial trouble!! I keep thinking... boy, I'm glad I didn't sign that 5 year lease!

I know another spot will come or that one will still be available when the time is right.

We have a saying... easier in the deal, easier to get out... harder to get the deal ... harder to get out! In other words.. when you force things they don't turn out how you want it.

Good luck!! I hope you get everything you want!! Thanks for your insight!

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