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Why is the conservative right so angry?

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 01:04 AM
This is posted, not about the gop in total but to the real conservaive and "strictly religious" right out there. Why does the conservative right seem so angry about Obama, I dont have any memories of such hatred, or assination plots, or just illogical thoughts spewed all around as I have in this election. The Hussein Obama chants, or born in Kenya, to raised in Indonesia, to terrorist, or anything of that nature anywhere before this. Is it that "true Christians" really dont like from different places and of different heritage? or is it truly racial? or just a genuine fear of democrats that i've never seen before? But seriously, why is the conservative right so angry about Obama? (and I know its not just economical, you can see videos all over youtube and the net showing its more than that)

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:11 AM
I think that the Republican agenda has been to duplicate the Nazi Party, through the use of repetitious scare tactics, emotional non issues, chanting on cue, nationalism, and simple easily remembered slogans. .... The way that they are responding, is very much like the German people did when the same rhetorical procedures were implemented by Hitler and his advisers.... The ultimate goal is to eliminate the Democratic Party and establish a Fourth Reich..... God was on the Nazi's side also, you know.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by mrbule

Small minds have little room for such esoteric thoughts as empathy or tolerance.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:29 AM
anger is the best way to stir up the ignorant. Anger and fear. There are many articles on the science behind it, and as you can see its quite effective.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:50 AM
OP, you are a victim of the LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM!

Don't sweat it though, most Americans are. Listen up America...

There is no clear definition for democrat, republican, liberal or conservative. The best one could do is to say that historically,—democracy, fascism, communism—inhabit the "left" while anarchy or a lack of control rests on the "right."

Most "real" Democrats and Republicans, however, do not necessarily reside on one particular side of the divide; they move in divergent directions on assorted issues. Good luck classifying people into these little non-existent groups, because you will find 90% just don't fit.

Under our one party, two branch system of seemingly opposing values and party loyalty, the political pendulum swings back and forth, but the fundamental direction in which our country moves never varies by more than a degree or two. In this manner, people are polarized into opposing groups that offset each other and the status quo is maintained.

Of course, in order to come to this conclusion, one has to exert effort. One would need to do research, compile a list of facts and then through logic and reasoning come to an answer that suits them.

Now compare that to the emotional surge of MY TEAM IS BETTER THAN YOUR TEAM!

Emotions are much easier than logic. The party "you" believe in tells you exactly what you want to hear. It's a positive feedback loop, and it takes hardly any energy to get into it. After that, it becomes the group mentality. I'm right and everyone else is wrong. Arguments devolve into little more than self-justification and childish name calling.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 02:58 AM
yeah but i think your missing the point. If you look at the campaigns and the televised rallies, you can obviously see much more anger and fear in the mccain/palin rallies. The obama ones seem to be more hopeful and cheerful, and i have yet to hear anyone at obama rallies yelling "kill MCCAIN" or "Mccain's a Fascist" ....or indeed any negative personal attacks on him. While we constantly see those on the republicans side.

Keeping in mind that i like neither mccain or obama, these are just MY observations.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:09 AM
The reason these guys are pissed is because they refuse to have a Mormon in good standing as a president. And as a result
There is a very good chance that there will be a Muslim in bad standing as the next president.
Just goes to show you that god might not give you what you want but he well always give you what you need.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:12 AM
The McCain-ites are taking MY TEAM IS BETTER THAN YOUR TEAM! to a whole new level, aren't they. They need to feel important, too. But what they don't understand is that Obama or McCain, it make no difference.

Who is the Foreign policy adviser to senator Obama?
The same question goes for McCain. Answer me that.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:22 AM
reply to post by pexx421

exactly what I was getting at, the "good Christians" are coming up with some of (if not the worst) things I have heard in a long time. Publicly talking about killing, and personally attacking a man they dont know and hasnt done anything to them. Its like the IDEA of Obama brings out the worst. Is it the race factor, or that he wasnt raised here, or born in kenya? Is there a hatred of Kenya for that matter? Or Indonesia? Or everything associated with the man?
And like you said, I havent heard anything like Kill McCain, and beside a few age cracks here and there, nothing real outrageous from the dems.....
but the conservative right seems like they are about to explode...

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by METACOMET
The best one could do is to say that historically,—democracy, fascism, communism—inhabit the "left" while anarchy or a lack of control rests on the "right."
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Whoa, you have this really mixed up. The "Left" would be democracy, socialism, perhaps communism, and lack of control or anarchy. Where as the "Right" would definitely be fascism and more control. I know there are exceptions to this, but for the most part the extreme elements of each party are laid out as I outlined.

This is a big problem in America, people do not even know where their parties stand.

To answer the question posed by the OP; I think most on the right are scared and upset because they feel their control over America is slipping away. They see that most Americans feel that their last president did an absolutely horrible job (that is an understatement by the way) and that it may be a long time before they get to put another batter up to the plate so to speak. I know I for one will never vote for a Republican again in my entire life.

Also, I am sure that secretly, many on the right are closet racists. Essentially, they can't stand the idea of a black president, especially one who looks like he will do an absolutely awesome job. Historically, and by definition, the conservative party has always been the party of intolerance and backward thinking. This was true when the Democratic party was the conservative one and is now true that the Republican party is conservative. Conservatives opposed ending slavery, giving black men the right to vote, and giving women the right to vote. By definition conservatives want to "conserve" the status quo, they want things to stay the same. And I am sure we would all agree that electing a black president is not more of the same.

Lastly, I will say that a lot of the anger we are seeing from the right is due to misinformation, one of the most often used tools in the conservative tool box. Associating Obama with terrorism and the "anti-christ" has left many people in this country scared to death. As a result of this fear, anger is born and flourishing.

I can only hope Obama has the opportunity to prove to America that he will make an incredible president, one who will usher in an greatly needed new era for this country.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by mrbule

Because the picnic is over and other people (oooh, skeery brown people) might finally get some rights too. They see rights as something that are limited and only they can have them. They are afraid that in order for the other people to have rights, they have to give their rights up. It is almost as if they think rights are in limited supply and only a set number of people can have rights. It's really strange that they think that way, because rights are NOT in a limited first come first serve basis. They are supposed to be for everybody.

First slavery was taken from them, then Jim Crow laws. Now, the top power in the land is going to be taken away too. They do not like that. It is all about power and has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not say only to love white skinned, male, straight, rich, right wing types. He said love everybody. I don't think we'll be singing Kumbaya anytime soon with that bunch you are talking about though. It won't be for lack of trying, but they refuse to see the rest of us as human at all. There is a disconnect in their way of thinking. Maybe they are really the Reptilians.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:11 AM
Its a changin world... and many conservative "christian" folks cant deal with this fact. But they will have to do so sometime. Change is a coming, you can only delay it every so often.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 06:54 AM
Gee could it be several are opposed to Socialism?,socialism is the next step from communism plus the fact all I see on news channels is Obama,funny thing is once socialism is intact,watch all the liberals will be whining,think real hard what you are voting for,could be a end to the US as we know it

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by Oldtimer2

obama would be considered right wing in a marxist socialist state.

not even china or russia believe in socialism the marxist way anymore. Its impossble for any president to turn america into a socialist state. The government would need to nationalise all private industry- transport, energy, telecoms..everyting, you would need to double the debt the current administration has caused.

social democratic policies are vastly diffirent from "socialism". Europe has more developed social policies than america. They still have a free market economy, private enterprise & democracy. They also have superior transport infrastructure, lower infant mortality rates, better maternity programs, health care for all of their citizens etc

so why havnt the EU nations turned into communist states like you claim america will under the democrats? why do you fall so easily for the right wing fear mongering interpretation of what the democrats stand for?

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:31 AM
Some types of people get mad when they lose, they are set to lose huge, I mean get wiped out on election day. When they have won very close elections in the past 8 years they are used to winning. Now that their power is being pulled, so they are angry. But also as I watch the video's on youtube their ignorance fuels their anger too.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:43 AM

Originally posted by mrbule
But seriously, why is the conservative right so angry about Obama? (and I know its not just economical, you can see videos all over youtube and the net showing its more than that)

I think it is because many see Obama as a sham, he has had a lot of very ugly associatons in the past but those associations are being covered up and ignored by the media.

They never loved Hillary either, but I agree the level of personal dislike is a bit different in Obama's case. Hillary maybe controversial but she has always been the same, she didn't change her associates and distance herself from a lifetime's worth of beliefs when she decided to run for president.

But at the same time yes McCain's platform was really fear based, and that was a HUGE mistake in my opinion. The die hard conservatives would have had to vote for McCain either way, he should have tailored his platform to appeal more to the moderates and independents instead of harping on about terrorism and that same old tired propoganda we have heard from Bush the last 8 years. I think that was ultimately the thing that cost him this election. McCain is too stupid to realize that the majority do NOT want more war.

BTW if anyone thinks only McCain supporters are angry about losing, at least no one is worried about McCain supporters rioting in the streets if they don't get their way. If anyone thinks that they would NOT be riots if Obama lost they are truly out of touch with reality. The early voting booths here in Georgia have 4 to 6 hour waits as Obama supporters rush to the polls, they would be furious if he lost.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:50 AM
Typical backslapping, congratulatory thread: "our enemies our unhappy."

Same things that Republicans said in 2004 about Kerry supporters.

I haven't heard conservatives talk about killing him---i've heard a lot more liberals talk about, AND MAKE MOVIES ABOUT killing W. Bush.

So who's angry?

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:53 AM
I think they are just angry in general and are always looking for an enemy. Thats why they should not be in the white house at all, just look at what Bush has accomplished, a world on the verge of WWIII.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft


But if conservatives are angry, I can give you one reason why: they know that their taxes are going up. If you want to *snip* off a conservative, that's one of the quickest ways to do it.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 08:12 AM

Originally posted by BluegrassRevolutionary

Whoa, you have this really mixed up. The "Left" would be democracy, socialism, perhaps communism, and lack of control or anarchy. Where as the "Right" would definitely be fascism and more control. I know there are exceptions to this, but for the most part the extreme elements of each party are laid out as I outlined.

I think you just want to believe that anarchy is a left wing thing and fascism is a right wing thing. Fascism is a powerful state. A powerful state comes from big government. Big government grows out of the demand of the dependent or the rule of a totalitarian. Generally there is some wealth redistribution.

Anarchy is no state. A close friend would be Libertarianism with a very limited state entity. Those damn left-wing Libertarians.

Any time you want the state to impose some will on the people whether it be banning gay marriage, taking guns away or deciding how much money I can make or property I can own you're treading into the area of a greater state. A powerful state is a powerful whether labeled Communist or Fascist or whatever.

Maybe some little hippie commune somewhere practicing small-scale Socialism could be considered a leftist Anarchy situation but in that case the people are the state. The moment one person questions the actions of the state and refuses to share his eggplant or whatever and gets shunned or ignored or assaulted for his property by the state (larger group of hippies) you get your great state fascist control. Mob rule is essentially a powerful totalitarian state. The mob uses the states guns and prisons to set rule.

This means that Bush and his Patriot Act friends are indeed lefties. Neo-cons are left-wingers by definition. Their sect grew out of global communists.

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