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(HSSC2) The Road to fear.

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 11:48 AM
Hello everyone! Ive had nothing but writters block all month!! hehe so here is my best shot at the halloween tale of this month.
I sat down the other night and just started writting, while I may not be to impressed with my own story here.. I wanted to make sure I put in some effort.. As there are so many great stories out there! And you guys are all gifted talented writters! This tale, is a twisted version of what has been rolling threw my head as of late..

Great work everyone! I didnt want the time to go by and not come up with anything.. So I gave it a shot! And I almost didnt post this story, as I think I could have done something better, but oh well here goes nothing.

The Road to Fear!

The wind blew through my window on this cool October night. Sitting here on my computer reading threw the stories of the night. One story caught my attention. As it had 25 flags and 50 stars within moments of this thread being posted here on ATS.
Warning! Dead rise from the grave to kill Obama supporters!
With Bold lettering almost taunting my intelligence once again.

Suddenly the lights begin to dim, and I hear a loud bang from outside! My power flutters and within moments I sit here in the darkness of my room.. Frustrated by the loss of power I am sitting here in wonderment of that new thread, that I was so close to reading. "oh well, more hogwash, by another crazed member of ATS." I think to myself breifly.

From outside I hear the wind picking up and suddenly start hearing sirens and loud explosions of transformers being blown up from some kind of powerful surge!I go outside, and the sky begins to turn a wicked dark and purplish color, the sky lights up with thunder and lighting! And screams and sirens fill the night air! Before long the streets are full of my neighbors all comming out asking eachother what is going on.

No one seemed to have any idea as what was happening.. That was until Mr. Smith the guy who lives but 3 doors down from me, comes running out of his house on FIRE!!! HIs wife Ms. Smith follows behind him with a can of gasoline! Throwing more and more gas on her loving husband screaming!
"You bastard! How could you wanna vote for him!! We must assure MordiCain's place as our new ruler!"

Before anyone could react, she pulls a shotgun from her robe and begins to open fire on the crowd in the streets! While her husand crackled with the blazing embers that where now part of his crisp burning corpse!
She yells as she opens fire! "You will not stand in our way!!"
This country now belongs to MordiCain The Serpent King!!"

I quickly jump my fence into the backyard saving my own skin!
Watching from a hole in the fence my neighbors jump on her and out number her threw sheer numbers, and tackle her to the ground!
The shotgun drops to the ground and is triggered off, and fires back onto Ms. Smith leg blowing it clean off, while some of the buckshot hits the
folks who have tackled her to the ground wounding them badly. And leaving them a bloody mess, riddled with buckshot!

The dead bodies who where shot, stand up, and their eyes begin to glow a dark red neon light! And their heads split open and snakes and bugs begin to pour out of their wounds crawling to the closest people to devour them like a run away river of bugs and snakes!

I retreat even further into my back yard, and grab a ladder and get on top of my roof to get a better veiw of what is going on out front now!
I take a moment to look up into the sky and I see hundreds of ships decending down from the sky!! I think to myself.. "what the hell is going on here!!!"

Then suddenly the sky itself rips open! and everything begins to shake and shudder! My house begins to fall apart and is being consumed by the ground itself!! Huge pits open up in the ground, tears in the sky have now opened up and beings of all shapes and sizes begin to fly about with the alien type ships now in full control of our skies! And then from the ground a devil the size of 3 Empire state buildings come blasting out of the large pit that opened up a couple blocks from my crumbling home! And from the sky a being 3 times the size of the devil creature comes jetting out of one of the tears in the sky and slams into the devil creature going back into the ground! Sparks and lava spews up from the ground sending a shower of hot liquid magma onto my body!

The smell of my burnt flesh screams out at me! And my skin falls off the bone like a well cooked roast beef! My eyes melt out of their sockets! and I see nothing but red flashing lights and exteam pain!

My body is then taken over by voices in my head that drives me to jump off my roof and jump over one of the large pits that opened up in front of my house.. I can now see but through differnt eyes!

I am undead, and feel no more pain! My body has changed shape, and the skin that once covered my body is now shed from my former human body, and I am a beast of the night! A terror for all those who still are umoung the living! As my neighbors across the road retreat back into their homes, I take one leap and bash threw their front door! Grabbing 2 of them with my new unfounded strenght, I rip their heads from their bodies and toss their fresh heads into the wall of their home, splattering them like fresh mangos!
Within seconds their bodies flop to the ground, and go into a shaking fit as their heads where torn asunder from their still living bodies!
And from my chest, 100's of serpent like snakes rush out of my body into the bodies of my neighbors filling them with the vile evil that has corrupted my body, giving them new life.. The undead life that was flowing threw my new being, brings them up, and their bodies change shape and form within seconds! We all begin to chant! "The Serpent king will now rule this world with all of his might!!!"
And upon this night no living soul will ever feel the breeze of a cool fall night!

As the night passes I lose all control over what and who I am. And from this point I can not say what happened.. Flames and the pits of hell now surround me.. The sky is full of fire.. And the ground is a slowly flowing ocean of lava!

The sceams of the world fill this hell with the thunderous laughter of the thosand demons all dancing and lashing out at eachother!
Within a couple hours the whole world is dead! And everything has been destoried! The demons now turn on eachother! And begin to tear at eachother with an evil will of death and suffering! Never again to think of left or right ideas, its everyone verses everyone! Hell upon Earth is a wicked mistress! No quarter for the children! No quarter for the animals! We have suffered the same fate.

Before long, every human that once lived upon this earth was being melted into eachother! Ever creature, and every plant started forming into the lava, and flowing in and out of this now broken world! Suddenly it all goes dark, and the screams are silent!

The road to fear has been paved with the souls of the world!
And now it was complete! The serpent king consumed us all!
And moves on to the next solar system, to consume any living being that may live within the darkness of space!

Evil always finds a way, even in the empty parts of space.. The serpent kings dances on the stings of his god!
A demon the size of 50 stars! drives itself to the center of the galaxy, and spreads its massive wings to span across the galaxy!
To consume every living being within galaxy! The evil couldnt stop here, and its spread threwout the universe! And with every galaxy consumed, the demons powers grow!!
The end is near and the road to fear has been paved with the blood of the innocent! With the souls of the once living beings who danced lightly across this beautiful plane of space. What happens beyond this point is unkown, as the story tellers, and those who use to write of such things are now dead, and consumed by the very evil they warned us all about.
Death of the billions of souls that once lived, and once loved are now nothing more than energy to feed this demon who moves threw space and
time to consume all it ever could! Halloween and the scary tales of death now transend just our galaxy, and now travle to consume everything that ever was created within this universe! How could it all end? Why did it have to end like this? It has not, but this is only the start to a long story that has many names, and many ways of telling this story. It was the end of my story, but only to begin a new tale in a galaxy far far away!!!

By Zysin5


hehe damn writters block!! This is all I could come up with.. And maybe next time around I will do a better story..
I almost deleted this and said.. Well not sure if I should put this out there..
I was going back and forth with myself for the past 2 days.. And said.. Oh well.. heres goes nothing.. lol
So forgive me if this story is sucks! haha
There are many great other stories out there that deserve great praise!
This one is just here for a little fodder!
Thanks guys and gals!

Edit-- Fixing some grammer and spelling errors.. opps.
Please let me know if you catch anything, and I will be sure to fix it up. Thanks

[edit on 29-10-2008 by zysin5]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 12:35 PM
I see a lot of endtimes/new age awakening fear involved here. By the way its *through* not *threw*

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by PinealGlandThoth
I see a lot of endtimes/new age awakening fear involved here.

Thanks PinealGlandThoth! Made the change there! I was in such a rush I wrote this in notepad, and didnt do a spell check.. HOpe everything else came out okay spelling wise.. ITs well known Im not the best speller on ATS! hehe

And yes it was kind of a mix of all end of the world type things. Demons/aliens/ Elections/ 2012 all rolled up into one big blow out!

Thanks for stopping by and helping me with that typo man!

Cheers! And happy Halloween!

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 12:44 AM

There's a lot of creativity in there for being off the cuff there buddy, and I love how you tied it into the election.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks so much AccessDenied!! You sure do know how to make a man feel good about himself!!
Honestly thanks!! After having writters block for such a long time its cool to know that you enjoyed my tale!

And I will do what you suggested I try with my writters block!!
Many thanks my friend! Even if my story doesnt rank up there with some of the better writters on here, I gave it my best.. And you sertinly are a good friend to me!!!

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:17 PM
This IS an entry for the story contest.
Could a Mod sticky it please?
Thank you.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Don't worry, AD. We haven't missed any yet and even mistakenly put one in from 4 (?) years ago.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by masqua
reply to post by AccessDenied

mistakenly put one in from 4 (?) years ago.

Thanks for covering me on here
What is a sticky? Oh never mind I just answered my own question here I have another browser opened up! Very cool!

Oh an oldie from 4 years ago!!! hehe

Yeah we have been doing these short stories since I got here back in 2006!
And well before then Im sure!

Yeah I have always made it a point to get in and write a little something for ATS!! And with hopes it will inspire others to join the fun and make this a big turn out!
I think every year we get more and more stories that are written by members here!
So many great stories and so little time to read them all!
Don't worry guys and gals, I will try my best to be sure to make my rounds this weekend when I have some time off to come in and read everyones story!!
So much talent on ATS!! Anyways has been, and always will be!!

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