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Was i Abducted? - i'd like your input.

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 09:52 AM
Im normally just one of the people who come on ATS to get my weekly run down of what isnt covered in the newspapers... but i recently saw a thread on the main page entitled "My Abduction Experiences 1"... which made me wanna get another opinion on my experiences.

Where to start...
I was in a vivid dream, you know one of the ones where you can control what goes on for the most part, your aware of your surroundings, can see your hands/arms/legs - for me ive had so many of them its a case of i know im in a dream and i go along with it, funnily enough im use to being woken up during such dreams or depending on if its a bad dream, forcing myself to wake up out of it. I have also woken myself up out of such dreams due to being aware of objects around me - usually mosquito's because they freak me out lol i hear the whine/buzzing around my ear and then that triggers me to go oh s**t! n wake up.

Anyway... in the dream, i was walking round some football changing room which was dimly lit and people were asleep, after walking around i too lay down and tried to rest... at which point i started floating upwards, it wasnt something i could control and i tried holding onto a door handle. I endured another 20+ seconds of this then woke myself from the dream. Point is... i knew it was a dream up till that point, the night before id done the same in a different dream opened my eyes only to close my eyes again 10 seconds later and drift back into REM.

before i go into what i saw... what happened, id like to fist give you a rundown of how i sleep, the relative position of objects in my room etc.

i sleep in a single bed, one side of my bed is up against a wall and has some wood paneling. At the foot of my bed is my desk/PC/mini fridge(woot lol) and a window from which i have a look out across Plymouth(UK).

As of late i've put a tie round my head to block out any unwanted sunlight in the morning; not only am i a heavy sleeper, but i use earplugs as im in a student residential block.

Now when i woke myself from the dream...
I found myself in the same position as i was when i went to sleep, facing the wall; also in my sleep the side my head which was against the pillow had raised the tie so i could see out of my right eye: the pillow/quilt cover and wall... i couldnt see anything at the bottom of my bed as it was dark.

The first thing i noticed was that instead of the usual "wall" which should have been no less than 12 inches away from my face i saw what looked like an American city at night, except i seemed to be climbing in altitude and headed away from the city.
At which point my brain basically went... "hold on that isnt right"... i then glanced at my pillow (to the right of my view) then to the left where i could see my quilt covering my body, and far left, the outline of my nose and i could see my tie coming across from my left eye - which was also open i just couldnt see anything because the tie covered it!

Then noticed a vibration on the left hand side of my head, this then got stronger and stronger till i could pin point it to around my temple to just above my ear (that general area) - felt like someone took a drill to my head.

My brain again started to pick up the slack... if you can think of it booting up ... at which point i realised i couldnt move, and i couldnt feel any pain where this now really strong vibration was coming from.

I thought to myself this isnt a mosquito... i forced some words out with as much concentration as i could "stop that" at the same time i focused on trying to move my right hand to bat whatever it was away from my head. I got to just under my left shoulder when to my shock something which looked like a surgical clamp clasped round the tie, which was in view of my right eye (coming across my nose and across my right eyebrow) this then was pulled back, i blacked out; i then came to at 3am.

Ever since ive had headaches on the left side of my head in the same place. Like now.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 10:05 AM
i ran out of characters! doh.

After waking up i was ... quite stressed... i was worried, and i could feel a throbbing in the left hand side of my head. This later subsided over the next 24 hours; after which point i started getting headaches acute to the same place the ... "drilling" happend.

There was no visible sign of entry... no scar hair was all there to my knowledge...

I tried talking to 1 close friend... he was just like ... no its a dream.
I made the mistake of asking my mum... she got worried and pushed it was a dream.
I told my GF... after explaining that i cant see how i was able to dream just out of my right eye... she doesnt know what to make of it but still said it was a dream.

Even when i explain that i know i wasnt dreaming, that this sort of thing where by ive woken up but not been able to move has happend before... just never the events that happend along side it. (to my knowlege)

At first i thought i was crazy... then i thought whoever did that sure as hell wasnt in any way friendly... The headaches are not as bad now, but they still come on the left side, now its just a throbbing.

Also the headaches/throbbing are not always there... i noticed it now just as i finished the post...

I wouldnt say im scared... im kinda indifferent at the moment... abit angry at the fact if it was real... id wanna find out why, then deal out a punishment.

Anyhoo i think thats about it.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 10:34 AM
I think you've answered your own question...when you hit on the fact that you "dreamed out of only one eye". I've never heard of that. I've had lucid dreams before, and I tend to sleepwalk as a result (woken up on my way to the front door a couple of times, but luckily I never made it outside), and I've had a few prophetic dreams over the course of about 15 years...but never outta one eye. Now I have had dreams where I try to close my eyes but I can still see (almost psychically) thru my lids.
If you really want some closure on this one tho, I would suggest finding someone in the psychiatric field who deals more in hypnosis (chiefly hypnotic regression). Especially if you have a history of these lucid dreams, as this one in particular maybe the only one of it's kind that you conciously remember...

By-the-way, do you know what your bloodtype is??

[edit on 29-10-2008 by starsyren]

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 03:12 PM
it doesnt sound like a dream to me..
also how well can you remember dreams? most of the times you forget them...
I think something weird happened with you

how did u know that u saw a american city? Because of the structures?

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:25 PM
I personally have had dreams within dreams within dreams, in which I thought I was awake, but then I found out I was dreaming, so I woke up, only to find I was still asleep, and so on. These episodes usually are caused by my mind trying to wake me up for some important reason (an appointment I've forgotten) and in the dream I am paralyzed or I can move but I am walking through molasses and my words are slurred. They almost always occur during the daytime, on the rare occasion that I take a nap.

Interestingly these dreams are almost always associated with oxygen deprivation (as when I am snoring heavily or I have a bad cold) or high heat conditions in which I am so hot I feel drugged.

When I finally DO wake up, I am groggy, poorly rested, I have a splitting headache, and I am sweaty.

When I am snoring a lot (as when I have gained weight or I have a cold) I have bad headaches.

That isn't to say you were not abducted; I once had a middle-of-the-night abduction experience I initially believed was real, but later I convinced myself it must have been a dream. These days I am leaning toward the "It really happened" part of the spectrum again.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 05:59 PM
I'm not sure. Sounds frightening though.

Have you thought to try black curtains-opposed to the tie? Colored curtains facing the road so you don't stand out.

My black curtains work great for keeping those annoying little sunbeams from playing off the wall.

It's odd, but Maybe in 'grey medical' *the tying of the tie* is a symbol of volunteerism.

I really don't know. It doesn't sound like a dream if you are having pain and visuals--*like that;

Unless maybe this is how your brain processes things.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Starsyren: I get alot of vampires using those one liners in clubs... simple answer is dont know, if its important im sure i can find out heh

Ive woken up in states like that before... due to knowing there was a mosquito coming to bite me
except ive felt it land and ive had both eyes open (not quite fully) and tried to move my hand to get it but because i was somewhat paralized/body was still asleep... i could never move fast enough but something shocks the rest of my body into waking up and scratch one mosquito

Jasperaldo: Yeh... looked like highrise buildings, not the ones normally found in england because well tallest buildings we have a ... pathetic by comparison to USA/japan/china in size anyway. Also seemed like a light filter on what i was looking at... not much glare from the lights or any noticable light polution.
Well at the time... i remember talking to one of my friends about it and recalling the fact that in the dream i had the day before id woken myself up (hence my point im very concious when in those types of dreams) had the same kind of instant where one side of my tie had lifted up and i was looking at what normally is my room

HugmyRek: To be honest if they augmented with some cool things i wouldnt complain! but if it was a chip in the brain, im hoping its not an RFID chip lol... on a side note the past week ive been getting re-occuring nose bleeds from one nostrel if i breath too heavily it sets it off, this is all without the help of pinky here lol (i have no history of this type of thing) doubt its related though.

OuttaHere: i have had friends who've had that same thing dreaming within a dream... ive never had that, usually its a vivid dream where my mind is expecting to be woken up (usually just as it gets to the good part lol) - health wise the only thing i got prior to that was the occasional headache... health wise im 5'10 165lbs, havnt had any colds since ive been down here in plymouth and i drink plenty of water.

What gets me is that i had both eyes open one saw black (as you would expect because of it being covered) the other saw expected objects but not a wall... and the wall in no way reflects light in any shape size or form from street lights the closest of which is 200m away.

Thanks for the input

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 09:47 PM
I only ask because there's a theory out there that abductions follow bloodlines. Some say that certain types of ET are interested in family groups (in which case, other family members may have suppressed memories of similar events), and others contend that their abductors were drawn to their RH Negative bloodtypes. RH Negativity is very rare and the scientific community is at a loss to explain where it came from, or why it's the only type of blood that can not be cloned, or artificially reproduced. (Some take that one even further, saying that rh- blood is a trait we inherited from ET themselves)

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