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Vive Le Revolucion!

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:27 AM
This post is the first from me, though I have been a lurker for about a year and half. This post comes after a lot of deliberation within as to the merits of this whole venture I am about to undertake. Hopefully this will be a mature discussion because I take whatever I am going to say very seriously.
The first thing I need to state is that for any of this to make sense, we all ought to agree that all the governments of this earth have failed us, and are far from what we envisioned them to be. This is not about Bush or Blair or anyone but virtually the whole world is governed by an elite without the slightest respect for their subjects, and have come to abuse whatever power we afforded them. Now if we agree on this then the question is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to moan and complain for eternity, and debate endlessly on web forums? When shall we finally do what we know we ought to do?
What we ought to do is simple, WE NEED TO REVOLT. There, that’s it, simple as that, that’s all we ever needed to do. This is not about an American or British revolution but a worldwide rebellion. This is about crashing the whole system if necessary, or changing the current one to suit the commoner, who has had it rough ever since. The revolution is long overdue actually, and this time we should guard against the sort of scheme found in Animal Farm, where a revolution is hijacked to take us back to where we were in the first place.
I am hoping most of us, if not all, have done their research because I don’t think I have to state here retell an old story about the monster we call government. I am sure there are countless threads on ATS, though I will give a general guide to what I am referring to. First though you have to understand that basically, the politicians are our servants and government belongs to us. The voter is the king and politicians are subjects, all the power they possess is given to them by us, we should dictate what they should do for us. I am sure anyone knows this is not the case; governments treat us like children and at times even worse. They respect nothing, except money and profit. They abused all the powers afforded to them, neither do they care for our happiness. Nothing that makes the people happy is done, and decisions are made that are contrary even to common sense itself. They wage unnecessary wars, though neither they themselves nor their kin fight in such wars. They manipulate information to suit their needs and refuse to share information that they acquired using public funds in the first place. Even our children are not spared; they are subjected to mindless torture and unrelenting brainwashing. The education systems are all rotten, societies are being destroyed soon we shall have no place to escape to. We entrusted our freedoms to them, and tasked them with keeping them secure yet they have done the exact opposite. Governments today are the biggest purveyors of violence; they own all the most horrifying weapons and willfully cause wars. Cures to epidemics are sometimes withheld, and when it suits them epidemics are created. Every virtue has been sacrificed at the altar of money and soon not even love shall remain.
I don’t need to tell anybody who has done their research thoroughly that with every passing day the forces that have sought to enslave us are advancing, making bigger and grander plans to enslave us further. Compared to us, future generations will have it far worse and soon the chance to effect any change suitable to the common man will be utterly impossible. Soon the world depicted in Orwell’s 1984 will become the reality for our children and by then the chance to do anything will be long gone, for they have scheme while we sit and moan on ATS. Soon even ATS itself will cease to exist, or we will be too frightened to even visit it.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:29 AM
They know all our weaknesses and to tell the truth, even right now the chance to demand back our freedom is quite slim but there is no better time for tomorrow will surely be worse. Now is the time to revolt, peacefully or otherwise. To be frank, no man has proved to deserve the right to rule over anybody, we are all equal and deserve as much from life as everyone of them. There is no reason for us to be miserable while they eat and dine. Even all the wealth they possess is created by us in the first place.
Let’s have a revolution, peaceful or otherwise. Whatever the cost, not even death should deter us since surely a life of misery is worse than death itself. We need a plan, a way to retake back the world. Good has always lost out because it refuses to be proactive, it hopes for vindication from some higher power, which has never come in all human history. Some say we will be rescued by an alien race that has been watching over us for some time or that the Lord himself will intervene someday. I personally don’t believe it, there is no need for any higher power to intervene on our behalf because we fight mortals like ourselves. We have been enslaved by our fellow humans and all we need to regain our paradise is all within ourselves. It all starts within, a realization that we are owed happiness. There is no need appealing to someone’s sense of reason when they possess none. Neither is it useful to hope that others will find the truths we have found on their own, some are too lazy or generally unable or unwilling to comprehend such monstrous conspiracies. We must educate our children, spouses, neighbors, strangers, everyone. We can call it recruiting or something like that but it should be determined and proactive. Let’s do away with the concept that we don’t need to force people to see things our way. Its past all that ego stuff, the information wars have begun and so far you and me are losing. They may laugh when you “preach” the truth but keep in mind what the Christians had to face. Right now they have the biggest franchise on earth. It’s past waiting on the world to change, we got to do it ourselves, because nobody else can.
This was probably a rant but I pray I got the message through, that’s all that matters to me right now. Let’s all do it for the future, for those that will come later, for the creator who made us all equal and gave us the choice of standing or falling (though we seem to be falling all the time). The creator gave us all we need to ensure good prevails, and by letting evil win we can blame no-one but ourselves. Let’s prove that we are more than “useless eaters” and remind the elite that we are also human. As they say “I am human god damn it, my life has value!”
Now let’s join in and discuss a way forward, ideas and anything else. There is got to be a way to take down the company and I am hoping all the brains here will try and find a way…

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