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TERRORISM: Iraqi minister escapes assassination attempt

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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 08:30 PM
Iraq's interim Public Works Minister Nisreen Mustafa al-Burwari escaped an assasination attempt after a group of armed men opened fire on her convoy in Mosul killing at least 2 of her bodyguards.

She is the only woman in the cabinet, which was chosen by the US-appointed Governing Council.

Her ministry is one of four due to revert to Iraqi control by 1 April.

A spokeswoman for US-led forces in Baghdad, Kristi Clemens, told the Associated Press news agency that Ms Burwari was returning to Mosul from a meeting in the city of Dohuk when her convoy was attacked.

Iraqi police said the attack happened at around 1100 local time (0800 GMT) in al-Karama neighbourhood of Mosul.

Iraqi minister escapes shooting

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