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Alien or spirit being?

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:55 AM
Much of what is posted here can't be taken seriously IMO,-but this is a true
story. This event happend in the county of Finnmark, Norway, and before I tell the story itself, please let me describe the county of Finnmark:
This county is the northernmost region of Norway, and is located well above the arctic circle. Finnmark is not densly populated, only about 70.000 people live there in an area a little smaller than Ireland. That gives you a hint on how desolate this place is. It borders Russia, Sweden and Finland and is populated by Norwegians, Finnish decendants and the native population;-the Sami (Lappish) people. The story was told to me by a lappish woman in her mid-fifties, and the event was experienced by her late uncle when he was up on the tundra picking cloudberries. Since this region is scarcly populated, and mostly tundra you will spot people from a long distance, and while picking berries the man spotted someone approaching him and his dog from quite some distance away. He continued picking berries, knowing that he would soon enough get his chance at talking to this person approaching him. (You don't meet someone in places like that without having a chat about the weather and where to find cloudberries etc.)
After a while his dog started whining and acting funny. Usually the dog would welcome strangers, but now it was trembling and whining and refused to go and meet up with the approaching stranger. The owner of the dog though this to be very strange indeed and therefore paid attention to the approaching person.
The first thing he noticed was the small size of the man approaching them.
Lappish people tend to be smaller than the regular Scandinavian, but this guy was really short, no more than 5 feet. Well, he concentrated on picking berries again until the dog really started to display signs of fear and uneasiness, and then he looked up and caught sight of the strangest creature he had ever seen. The skin was black,-not like the skin of a negro, but BLACK. It's eyes where yellow and the thing that really scared him more than anything else was the pure evil that radiated from the creature's eyes. The dog was so disturbed that the man tried to calm it down, and when he raised his gaze the creature had vanished.

The first thing I asked the woman who told the story was if her uncle had been delutional or suffering from any kind of mental illness or nervous problems. I also asked if he had been fond of drinking. The answer was a no on both accounts. Her uncle had been a christian who hated drink like the plague, and he had never suffered from mental illness or nervousness of any kind.

I have no idea of what kind of creature this man encountered, but I think we can rule out hallucinations and the like since the dog obviously also saw the creature.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 12:41 PM
I just gotta say... drinking would never make you think you'd seen a jet-black evil-radiating being with yellow eyes anyway.
That said, I'm not sure I believe this story, and there's not really much to it.
Sure, could be an alien. What now?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:17 PM
The story is true enough, but how can you prove something that isn't videotaped? The only thing you can lean on is the integrity and credibility of the person who experienced it. Many of the people living there had stories of a similar kind, but you'd be lucky to get it out of them. These are people who unlike the kind you'd find on sites like the camelot project etc. aren't out to make a buck on wild stories. As for myself, I'm a hardcore sceptic who won't believe anything found on all those sites you stumble across on the internet.
These are made by scam artists out to make a buck. But when you meet ordinary sane people with INTEGRITY who have kept stories to themselves for years in fear of being ridiculed it's another matter.


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