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The Absurdity of Attacking Someone in Public when You are the Liar - Darcy Burner Responds

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:53 AM

As Burner Takes the Lead, Desperate Reichert Campaign Starts Slinging Mud

Two days after a new Survey USA poll showed Darcy Burner leading Dave Reichert 50 percent to 46 percent in the 8th Congressional District, Dave Reichert has chosen to begin a dishonest campaign of personal attacks. The fact is, Darcy has been very consistent in saying that she has a degree from Harvard in computer science with a special field in economics. It is unfortunate that Dave Reichert has chosen to start these Karl Rove style accusations, especially since his own congressional biography has stated for the last 4 years that he has a BA from Concordia University, when in fact he attended for 2 years and has an AA. The fact that Congressman Reichert would falsely accuse Darcy of doing something that he himself has done is a sure sign that his campaign is getting desperate.

The story caught on, even though a lie, and then some other interesting facts came out about Reichert. Needless to say, bad move by the Republican and it's sad to see it has gotten to this - just say it, regardless of truth and someone will buy it. Ugggh.


posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 12:46 PM
I live in Seattle, so I'm familiar with these 2.

The other day i saw a reichart ad blasting burner for not having her degree. I thought, wow, who would lie about having a degree from harvard?

Now this. Thing is...the video doesn't once say that she obtained a degree from harvard, does it?

It just says she went there.
Guess reichart is right.

They both seem like a couple idiots, it's too bad they aren't in my district; I'd love the chance to not vote for them.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:07 PM
Reply to Liquidsmoke

The story is literally made up out of whole cloth. Burner has a degree in computer science and economics from Harvard, as her website says. Having gone to Harvard, I know how this works. You get a degree under one department, take classes in another, write a thesis joining the two, and that thesis is reviewed by professors from both departments. It's actually much harder to get a joint degree, but the registrar shows a degree only from one department because Harvard doesn't have minors. In fact, economics is a fairly easy degree to get, while computer science and economics takes a lot more work.

Indeed, here are the words of the same Harvard dean quoted in the Times' story:

"I'm the professor and ex-dean who was quoted in the story, and as it happens, also the guy who wrote the CS degree requirements. At the time Darcy was at Harvard, she would have needed, as part of her CS degree requirements, several courses in a technical specialization area related to CS. She fulfilled that CS degree requirement by specializing in Economics (which meant, by the way, that she couldn't have taken just the easy, non-mathematical Ec courses). So it's not exactly a minor (which we didn't have then, though we do now), and it's also not anything that the registrar would be able to certify (because it's an internal requirement of the computer science faculty). But it's something everyone getting a degree in CS had to do (though other students would have other specialties). The way Darcy is describing herself is accurate."

So, you are familiar with them, you live in Seattle, and you just determined that Reichert was right? By my OP? I hope you read what I posted above. Man, this is what is called "political dicussion?"


posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:17 PM
So, you are familiar with them, you live in Seattle, and you just determined that Reichert was right? By my OP?

All of the above are true.
Given that no where in your OP does it state that she actually has a degree, then yeah I determined that reichert may be right, not that i really care anyways. Now you come back with some new quotes that still don't prove much. You have someone who went to Harvard claiming that she has a dual degree "as her website says."

The ex-dean simply says "The way Darcy is describing herself is accurate." I'm not sure what the context is here. Is she accurate in describing herself as a graduate or as someone who was in a dual degree program(which seems to be in question based on how Harvard degrees worked at the time).

Bottom line: I don't know or care if she has a degree, but if she does, it really doesn't seem like it would be too much of a task prove that. Doesn't Harvard keep records, does she not have a physical degree handy?

Also, what's the deal with posting selective quotes from an unnamed external source, which doesn't even prove that reichert is a liar in the OP, and then complaining about the "political discussion" or lack there of in your thread.

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