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The appeals of World Religions

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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 07:36 PM
First off is Christianity, almost anyone(mortal sinners are out!) that believes in Jesus, goes to church, and is a good person will get eternal life, that is the selling point.

Islam, correct me if im wrong, believes Mohammed is the final profet and Allah is a distant but powerful and vengeful God. Selling points are family tradition, Islamic governments, historical contributions of the faith, and an angry God coming after you.

Buddism belives in the enlightened one that is at one with the nature and is all about being good to the Earth and nature. Selling points are beautiful Asian women, and happiness in finding your peace with the world.

Everyone has religion in some form, IMO it is human nature to seek out the unkown. Atheist have their own idealism, pretty much the same as religion.

I have tried to go to church but with the exception of a few most had no respect for there faith and going to church is for social commitments more than anything else. I am over trying to find a church, the attitude I feel from them is get out of here heathen, i guess i used the Lord's name in vain too many times or whatever and got bannished. I have a hard time believing in omnipresent, all powerful God that lets so many injustices go by such as the Native american getting raped for all they had and the holocast.

Religion applied right is one of the finest our species has to offer and it is a shame all the stuff done in its name.

Please if you have knowledge of other religions and practices and enlighten us all with it.

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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 07:43 PM
One more important note on it is religion thrives on the sense of family one gets from being a part of the church, mosque,.... That is the major reason why cults have been "succesful."

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